10 Attractive Benefits Of Chia Seeds In Our Body


Everyone has to stay good and young but nowadays, at the beginning of age weakness in the body, lethargy, lack of strength, and even memory loss have started and for all these symptoms to appear, while everyone wants to remain young even in old  So along with good fruits and vegetables, seeds are also beneficial for him.

In this context, one seed is very important, and that is chia seeds contain thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and many types of antioxidants are found in abundance in it, which are very beneficial for health. So do you know what is the importance of Chia seed? 

What Are Chia Seeds? 

It is the seeds of the Salvia hispanica plant. It is found in Mexico and Southwestern United States, and it is found in brown black and grey colours.  

Chia seeds are known as Tukmalanga in Hindi their effect is cold, it has omega 3 and 6 Vitamins A and C proteins, calcium, iron, and Vitamin k many types of nutrients are found, and it is considered a superfood.

Per 100-gram quantity contains

Protein: 56.58 gram 

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 16 gram

Sugar: 0.1 gram

Carbohydrate: 38.1 gram

Dietary Fiber: 11 gram

Fats: 32.1 gram

Calcium: 500 mg

Omega 3 Fatty Acid: 17.83gram

Potassium: 407mg

Mono Unsaturated: 2gram  

Benefits Of Chia Seeds

1. Improve Digestion 

Its biggest advantage is for digestion, the fibre present in it helps in digesting the food properly by digesting the food properly, its nutritious elements reach the body and harmful fat and cholesterol are not allowed to affect the body and immediately get out directly from the stomach, that means the oil and fat of the food does not affect the body and only nutrients reach it. 

2. Weight Lose 

Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants which reduce appetite means that it suppresses appetite and when hunger subsides, the body will convert the extra stored fat into energy which will reduce obesity along with the removal of fat, the substances associated with it prevent the accumulation of oil and sugar in the body and comes out it from the body that is, it prevents fat and sugar from entering the blood and immediately removes them from the body. So when fat will not be able to go into the intestine, then obesity will reduce. 

3. Diabetic Prevention  

So the way of working with chia seeds is a different technique, it does not work directly, but it works on that fact like diabetes will prove to be very beneficial for patients by consuming this, the sugar eaten will be directly out of the body through faeces. This means it prevents sugar from going into the blood but does not allow it to stick to the walls of the intestine or directly expel it from the body.  

4. Lowering Cholesterol 

The presence of omega 3 in it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the body If someone already has a deposit of cholesterol that prevents it from freezing completely. Cholesterol is reduced to heal the wound in the body then Onega 3 does not allow blockages by preventing the formation of a layer of calcium on it and chia seeds are rich in fibre, which helps lower cholesterol. So the body part like the intestine prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and removes it from the body. 

5. Empowering Women 

Women have to work more than their capacity and they start feeling tired soon. Because by doing so much work, their nutrients get frozen, which due to negligence is not able to pay attention to this. In such a situation, the consumption of chia seeds is very beneficial. Amino acids Omega 3 and 6 are both found in it, which increases the energy level in the body.

Along with fibre, calcium or antioxidant helps to detoxify the body or strengthens bones due to the presence of calcium sources. Which reduces weakness in bones in women So eating a spoonful of chia seeds after soaking them daily, you get all the nutrients, so its use is very beneficial. 

6. Beneficial In Hair Strength 

Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants which prevent premature greying of hair. Phosphorus in it increases strength and strengthens and magnesium and omega 3 make it shiny and dense and prevent dryness by stopping its amino acid to consume, soak a spoon in clean water and can take it as a drink and a paste and can also apply it on the scalp both ways are beneficial. 

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7. Cancer Suppressor 

Chia seeds contain soluble fibre when we soak them in water. It contains anti-linoleic acid which helps in fighting breast cancer and many other types of cancer. omega 3 is sufficient to reduce the appearance of cancer on the body, and magnesium also reduces the risk of cancer in women.  

8. Bone Strength  

Because chia seeds are rich in calcium and magnesium which strengthens the bones and also removes the weakness of the muscles due to which the bones get brittle. Having high amounts of iron improves blood circulation in the bones or makes the right amount of cortisol in the bones, which keeps bones from getting weaker as they age. 

9. Beneficial In Gym Workout 

The use of chia seeds is beneficial for those who work out because they contain a lot of calcium, which strengthens the bones during a workout. omega 6 helps in weight loss, it will give a lot of benefits to your workouts, and with the help of protein, it can consume a lot of muscle mass.

Good fat is found in it, which is very necessary while doing muscle mass so that fitness is maintained and made strength body mass so at the time of working out, drink it in a shake or protein drink to lose fat and gain muscle mass for this, after soaking it in any homemade drink, it will be of great benefit and all the nutrients will be available to the body.  

10. Glowing Skin  

These seeds are very beneficial for the skin due to the presence of amino acid, and antioxidant calcium magnesium in mine. Having the right nutrients and minerals nourishes the skin and makes the skin glowing by removing dryness. The calcium and protein present in it remove all the problems of the skin and remove pimples, acne, freckles, and melasma. 

How To Use Chia Seeds 

  • First of all, soak them in clean water at night and grind them in the morning and drink it like a smoothie and drink.
  • Roast these seeds on a griddle without adding oil and after cooling make powder and drink it daily by adding one spoon to milk. 
  • Roast them and mix them with dry fruits and make them like laddoos and you can eat them for breakfast.
  • You can drink homemade by adding a teaspoon of powder to any drink, like lassi,  milkshake,  buttermilk, sharbat or any energy drink. 


No matter how you consume chia seeds, it will definitely benefit you because it is a superfood, it is a hooligan’s treasure. All the nutrients are in huge quantities, so be sure to consume them daily. Excess of everything is bad, so do it in limited quantity, it is the killer of many diseases, and it is a treasure of many vitamins. It can be consumed up to two spoons daily and will get a lot of benefits. 










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