13 Best Treatment & Prevention Of Dandruffs That Remove Your Dandruff Permanently


Most of the people start worrying about their clothes, jewelry and hairstyle long before going to any program or function. But when someone has dandruffs in hair, the fun of the preparations gets spoiled and because of this the whole program has shame and cover your head And also causes dandruff itching pain and hair fall home remedies to get rid of dandruff. 

What Is Dandruff

The white layer on the scalp of our cells starts becoming inactive and starts coming out in the form of a crust.  

  • Fungal infection also reason of having dandruff when a fungus names Malassezia is born, it eats its food from the dead skin of fat from scalp itself And this releases acidic element which becomes dandruffs.  
  • Genetic It also has a direct effect on the cause. If someone in the family has this disease, then the hope of getting it increases. 
  • Stress or any stroke also becomes its reason. Cortisol hormones cause stress and the mind does not get oxygen and blood circulation, the skin becomes dead and white layer become starts to form due to dandruffs.  
  • Low temperature or damp place due to living in the head, moisture also remains in the head.Due to dewy moisture, there is accumulation of bacteria on the surface of the scalp, which starts forming layers. And these white leaves are only dandruffs.
  • Lack of cleanliness also causes dandruff twice in a week hair should be cleaned, when this is not done, the layer of dirt keeps on accumulating on the scalp and even it causes red spots and itching.
  • Dandruffs starts to flourish due to lack of immunity when our body suffers from any disease, it directly affects the immune system and it becomes weak. And its beneficial effect becomes the cause of dandruffs. 
  • Dandruffs is also formed by using chemicals. Dust on any dust that contains chemicals like shampoo lotion or gel, it increases dandruffs fiercely on the scalp. 
  • Hormones disable It also leads to increase in dandruff these hormones have a direct effect on brain cells and in these cells, the blood circulation gets obstructed and the scalp gets filled with hair dandruff. 
  • Wrong diet, the blood circulation gets obstructed and the scalp gets filled with hair dandruff.  

By taking wrong diet, proper nutrition is not available to the scalp and immunity also starts tweaked. The nutrition received by the sacrifice is not complete and due to lack of nutrition, the scalp does not get the essential oil and scalp will be dryness the layers of the scalp start to becomes dandruff.  

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Some Prevention & Treatment Of Dandruff

  1. Take care of the scalps’ health hair should be washed once or twice a week so that no bacteria can grow. Many people do not take care of cleanliness and while taking medicines to remove dandruffs, dandruff does not disappear. 
  2. Take lemon or curd and apply it all over the scalp with the help of cotton and leave it for 20 minutes. After that wash with the shampoo prepared by you. This paste will remove all the doiness and due to the antifungal property of lemon curd, all the bacteria will be killed.
  3. Don’t washes hair with the hot water because hot water removes natural oils from the scalp or makes the scalp dry and produces melanesia which is responsible for dandruffs and makes its home on the scalp which is impossible to remove.
  4. Sometimes due to lack of nutrients, the scalp gets damaged and many bacteria are encouraged. Therefore, it is important to include fiber, vitamin and calcium in all the vegetables in the diet like green vegetables, seasonal fruits, so that fiber and vitamins are available in abundance. Eat eggs and meat fish also so that calcium is available to the scalp and it can maintain the hold of the hair firmly on the scalp.  
  5. Don’t eat food that has chemical color or cheese made from flour, fast food, cold drinks, the chemicals present in them are harmful to the body and these chemicals. They disturb our cells and due to improper digestion of food, there is a deficiency of nutrients and due to which there is dryness in the scalp and dandruff increases. 
  6. When you wash your hair every night before pure scalp, use natural oil like mustard, coconut oil, which helps in circulation of blood or removes dead skin cells. Helps in smooth functioning of blood vessels. It hinders the absorption of nutrients and even when nutrients are deficient, the scalp turns into dandruffs. 
  7. The shampoo given by the doctor should be applied on the scalp for 15-20 minutes to remove some of the dandruff, otherwise the upper part will come back or it will come back or don’t use too much oil if you want to spread the bacteria and comb too hard to cause. Scalp cells get damaged and more manipulation leads to dandruff and comb the hair with a light hand daily so that the blood becomes curd and the scalp gets enough circulation.
  8. By doing yoga, proper circulation of blood reaches the cells of the head. Oxygen also reaches in sufficient quantity through exercise. Due to which the natural moisture of the scalp is maintained and the scalp does not dry and the risk of dandruff is reduced. Alternate nostril breathing rapid breathing technique of pranayama these remove all toxins and chemicals from our body and have access to full blood.  
  9. Prevents dandruff from occurring, but even if it occurs. Take an equal amount of Amla Shikakai, remove its seeds and grind it coarsely and boil it in enough water to reduce half then made its consistency of shampoo cool it and. Wash your hair with this shampoo twice a week This will become a natural shampoo without chemicals, which will remove all the diseases of your hair and make your hair long, thick and soft.  
  10. The paste of fenugreek seeds is very beneficial, to make it, soak fenugreek seeds overnight, grind them finely and sieve, and if there is any, add curd, otherwise only fenugreek seeds will be used. 
  11. Paste of neem leaves will also prevent this disease. You can apply a few drops of lemon juice mixed with honey in it, you will get relief in dandruff. 
  12. Cook a lot of fenugreek seeds in mustard oil and cool it and apply it all over the scalp.  
  13. Warm mustard or coconut oil, then add lemon juice or else it will dry the scalp and kill the bacteria of dandruff.  


Knowing about dandruffs showed that the most important way to remove it is to keep the scalp properly cleaned so that bacteria can grow in it and do not keep too dry and too oily skin so that the oxygen level in the scalp does not deteriorate by taking such health measures, you can get rid of dandruff completely.  

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