Purple Cabbage: The Ultimate Daily Staple for Health And Disease Prevention


Green cabbage is rich in vitamins or nutrients from the same purple cabbage is also rich in antioxidant Vitamins, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K. These are good in taste and effective in controlling diseases. Many types of diseases can be controlled with this cabbage it is capable of eliminating many other minor diseases from the root. The antioxidants and vitamin present in it increases the immunity of the body improve digestion reduce the sugar level and prevent diseases like cancer. It is very beneficial for hair and also for the bones it can be consumed daily and it is also very tasty in food.

Purple Cabbage: The Ultimate Daily Staple for Health And Disease Prevention
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Nutrient Value As Per 90 Gram Of Chopped Purple Cabbage

Calories 29
Protein 1 Gram
Carbohydrates 7 Gram
Fiber  2 Gram
Vitamin C & K 56%-28% Of Daily Value
Thiamine 5% Of Daily Value
Vitamin B6 11% Of Daily Value
Vitamin A 6% Of Daily Value
Potassium 5% Of Daily Value
Riboflavin 5% Of Daily Value

Benefits Of Purple Cabbage

Reduces Inflammation

Purple cabbage is very tasty to eat it is found in excess of sulforaphane which proves to be helpful in reducing any type of inflammation in the body. Many kinds of inflammation in the bones are benefited by eating this cabbage, So this cabbage is very beneficial in removing the swelling of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis occurring in the body. Nutrients present in it help in reducing the inflammation caused by the disease and gives protection from the damage caused by them.

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Helpful In Weight Loss

Purple cabbages are rich in fiber which is very helpful in reducing the growing fat in the body. Due to the high amount of fiber it is easily digested Therefore, the accumulated body fat starts reducing because the antioxidant properties of cabbage start expelling the deposited fat. Due to which weight loss starts, then cabbage should be eaten to get out the toxin accumulated in the body and reduce fat.

Purple Cabbage: The Ultimate Daily Staple for Health And Disease Prevention
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Beneficial For Skin

Potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A are found in purple cabbage. There is an anthocyanin polyphenol in its purple colour fruits and vegetables are very healthy for health. Because they have anti-ageing properties and an abundance of antioxidant elements full quality in their correct freckles pigmentation dark circles and looseness of the skin and also helps make skin soft clean and fair.

Diabetes Control

An element called anthocyanin polyphenol is found in cabbage which controls the sugar level in diabetic patients. Because of this the amount of insulin in the body increases which helps in controlling sugar. Even before the amount of glucose is formed in the body the absorption of sugar is done and they go out of the body directly. Because of this the amount of sugar in the body remains under control and helps in reducing diabetes.

Cancer Prevention

Cabbage is a power plant protein that provides protection against cellular damage its Antioxidant such anthocyanins kaempferol. It is found in higher quantities than in green cabbage. Which is able to fight against diseases like cancer prevent the cell of cancer tumours and also help in recovering cancer cases. Contains Sulforaphane is also in good quantity which is helpful in fighting cancer.

Strong Bones

cabbage is rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants it is rich in Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Zinc, and Potassium. Due to so many elements that strengthen the bones become strong and flexible. The Vitamin K present in it generates extra power in the bones which helps in recovering from pain and swelling with age digestive system perfect.

Cabbage has a lot of fiber in it which helps make it easier for our digestive system. Because it has a lot of fiber it gets digested quickly and it doesn’t take much effort to digest the food. The prebiotic present in it improves the digestive system. Soluble fibre helps flush out bacteria from the gut and helps the gut become strong and the digestive system is better.

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Purple Cabbage: The Ultimate Daily Staple for Health And Disease Prevention
Image Courtesy: Pixabay


Purple Cabbage is a vegetable that is rich in taste as well as companion properties. There are many types of vitamins in it which are very helpful in curing diseases it proves to be very helpful in diabetes cancer kidney disease inflammation and skin diseases. It can be eaten as a vegetable salad dessert because it is a treasure of qualities so this cabbage can be eaten daily So that along with improving health the ability to fight diseases can also be increased.


Q1. What is the benefit of purple cabbage?

Ans1. Purple Cabbage is rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins, it keeps many diseases away from the body. Reducing any kind of inflammation occurring in the body, doing the work of the heart disease improving the functioning of the intestines and working to eliminate diseases like cancer.

Q2. Is this Purple Cabbage Healthier than Green?

Ans2. There is Vitamin A & K in both purple and green cabbage but it is 10 times more in purple cabbage, as well as beta-carotene lutein and zeaxanthin. These are all antioxidants that help in fighting the diseases occurring in the skin and improve the immune system.

Q3. Can you eat purple cabbage daily?

Ans3. Yes, purple cabbage can be eaten daily cyanidin which is present in it protects against cholesterol prevents inflammation and also controls diseases like cancer and diabetes by consuming it daily.

Q4. Is Purple Cabbage Good for the kidneys?

Ans4. Purple Cabbage is a plant-based protein and high in fiber which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals and is a beneficial vegetable for those with kidney disease.

Q5. Is cabbage good for hair?

Ans5. Vitamin A and antioxidants are present in cabbage which increase the growth of hair making them long thick and black by directing its juice can be applied.

Q6. Which colour of cabbage is the healthiest?

Ans6. The darker the colour of any vegetable the more Antioxidant are found in it So instead of green cabbage there are more anti-oxidants in purple cabbage because its colour is deep and many types of colours are present in it, So going purple is nutrition vitamins and antioxidants

Q7. Can you eat cabbage at night?

Ans7. Food should always be eaten by 7:00 in the evening because eating food late is not able to digest properly due to which sleep is also disturbed and the stomach is also upset so it cannot be eaten at night.

Q8. Does cabbage lower creatinine?

Ans8. Cabbage juice significantly reduced shisha-induced hepatic and renal impairment by lowering the serum concentration of urea-creatinine

Q9. Is cabbage good for uric acid?

Ans9. Cabbage is a vegetable rich in vitamins and sulphur, it flushes out waste substances from the body and also helps in flushing out uric acid and mucus.

Q10. Is cabbage cold or hot for the body?

Ans10. Cabbages are rich in antioxidants and vitamins By eating this along with filling our stomachs and gives a cooling effect.


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