7 Effective Remedies Of Pimples With Vegetables


Who doesn’t want to be clean and spotless nowadays it is common to have pimples on the face not only do they stain the clean face, they are very painful as well stubborn pimples do not come out even after several attempts. Sometimes the work can’t claim that work can only be possible with the things present in the house. So let’s take a home trick to remove stubborn pimples from the root. 

Our skin has a hair follicle and a subcutaneous gland that secretes sweat and when it gets blocked in the mouth, the dirt  keeps growing cannot come out it appears as a pimple. 

Reasons For Pimple 

1. Heavy Dose Of Tea & Coffee  

Pimples are also caused by drinking excessive amounts of tea or coffee because they contain caffeine which excites the sebamed glands which makes sebum which is the natural moisturizer of the body Then this gland starts producing more oil and causes pimples.  

2. Pollution  

Chemical dirt, dust, black smoke from factories present in the environment our skin makes all the difference. All the snakeskin is born in the skin of the snake or the snake in the mouth does not come out in the spring or the snakeskin comes out in the spring. 

3. Smoking And Alcohol 

When a large amount of alcohol is consumed, and alcohol is released nicotine and many types of acids are released which directly damages our cerebral nerve and due to this, more sebum starts to be produced.  

4. PCOD Problem  

When filth accumulates in our intestines, then this filth And when even having a cerebral nerve cannot make an oath correct, then this dirt does not come out and sometimes this dirt comes out through the skin in the form of pimples. 

5. Hormone Levels Disturb 

Our hormones get disturbed due to the wrong ways of daily routine and due to which many chemicals are released and these are also caused by pimples. 

6. Bacteria Infection 

Many a times, due to any kind of filth in the body, bacterial contamination takes place that bacteria causes infection and infection has a direct effect on the fodder because the signals

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come from the mind itself and its nearest organ is the face. So the face catches all the signals and the direct effect of these signals comes in the form of dirt. 

7. Fatty And Oily Food  

When we eat fattening and oily food then it is a lot of fat data. Fast food made from starch and heavy fast food takes a lot of time to digest and oily grow cholesterol in the skin and these fatty foods have different effects on different parts of the entire skin. Something like a papule on the skin and a pimple on the face oil free soap and wash face continue don’t scratch acne. 

8.  High Stress Level 

Due to our increasing tension, there is a bad effect on the skin by taking stress, the body releases  dopamine hormones, which produce more sebum and cause skin diseases. 

Remedies To Remove Pimples 

1. Change Life Style 

First of all, the causes which are responsible for getting rid of pimples should be removed completely like daily lifestyle should be improved. Fatty and oily food should be brought into the routine life of exercise pimple should not be scratched and don’t touch face again and again with dirty hands. P.C.O.D. remove the problem of and also solve the stress level. 

2. Stop Use Expiry Date Products  

Sometimes cosmetic creams of expired date are also responsible for pimple growth. Despite the expiry date of beauty makeup these lying for years, women do it to them, so they should stop doing it. To reduce their chemical side effects, they should be discontinued. 

3. Use Papaya As Remedies  

Papaya is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamins antioxidants present in it removes all the problems of anti-inflammatory gun particles.  All the diseases of the body are caused due to upset stomach. Papaya should be consumed. Papaya contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C in sufficient quantity.

Which removes skin oil and helps in reducing pimples and anti-inflammatory enzymes are found in it, which removes acne, so it will help in pimple pain. anytime anti-aging there is an element which hydrates the face skin i.e. does not allow the moisture of the face to decrease.

It contains called phenols and requires less on free radicals on face so papaya should also be eaten so that the stomach remains clean and applying the papaya as a face pack is also beneficial. 

  • Mix papaya seeds, rice flour and honey and apply on face and neck. Soaking this pimple for half an hour is beneficial in acne and pimples.
  • Mix a little sandalwood powder and rose water in papaya paste and apply his cold effect will remain in the pimple.
  • Apply papaya paste and let it dry, wash it after 15 minutes, it is very beneficial.  

4. Benefits Of Banana In Removing Pimple  

Eating banana and applying it on your face will much be beneficial. Iron is calcium and potassium, it removes constipation by which the stomach will be clean, which removes the mess of the whole body then eat banana daily and banana remedy. 

  • Mixing sugar in mashed banana and massaging the face removes all pimples and pimples.  
  • Mashed banana can be applied by mixing honey and curd in it, this remedy is helpful in reducing skin disease
  • Banana peel should be mashed on the face and given therapy like a massage, so that all the spots and pimples on the face can be removed.  

5. Applying Tomatoes On Your Face

Carotene potassium in tomatoes works as a blood purifier, which cleans the body’s dirt and if dirt is removed from it, it helps in reducing pimples. Saying tomato and applying it on the face will be beneficial. 

6. Green Coriander & Basil Leaves

Neem leaves have antioxidant and antibacterial properties drinking whose drink removes all the harmful chemicals and gives beneficial to the skin. Grind them and drink the juice in hearty water today and apply undiluted cheer on the skin. Removes unnecessary oil from and dries pimple and removes their infection.

7. Apply Cucumber On Your Face

Cucumber has antifungal and antiseptic properties which removes all the toxins and throws them out of the body and healing power to so drink cucumber juice daily and grind cucumber and apply its paste on the face and make the skin bacteria free. 

So these are some home remedies and ingredients which are very useful and also beneficial. By taking these, it detoxes the body completely and by removing dirt, it does inflammation. Except chemical treatment, adopt natural methods and improve your life with truth, so that you can get rid of diseases like pimples. 


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