17 Super Home Summer Tanning Reducing Tips That Really Works


Every season in our life has an effect on the body. Whether it is winter, summer or rain, all seasons affect our body so in the same way the summer season brings a lot of problems in which tanning is the biggest cause of trouble. Due to this, the color of half of the body changes. So we think about this tanning and know summer tanning reducing tips. 

What Is Summer Tanning? 

There are cells in our body called melanin which protects our skin. Less in white skin and more in dark to protect in the sun, these cells grow very much and the color of the skin changes, that is, tanning occurs. It occurs in those parts which are not covered face and feet and hand. 

Summer Tanning Reducing Tips 

1. Sun Protection 

Always avoid the sun because the ultraviolet rays of the sun cause the skin to produce more melanin, which is necessary to protect the skin from the accumulation of melanin that’s why always take measures to avoid sun before going to the outside.

Cover the parts of the skin where you are not wearing clothes. Gloves in hands, cap on head and mask on face and go out wearing socks and shoes to protect your feet from the sun. Then will be saved from the ultraviolet rays so tanning can be prevented by adopting some summer tanning reducing tips. 

2. Sunscreen Before Going To Sunrays 

Should be exposed to the sun’s rays only in summer or summer to get Vitamin D but staying in the sun for a long time, its ultraviolet rays have a bad effect on the body. 30 minutes before going out in the sun, apply sunscreen according to your skin type on exposed areas.

If you have to stay in the sun for a long time, apply sunscreen every 2 hours. Because for a long time the effect of sunlight falls on the skin in the form of tanning, then protection from the sun also helpful in a kind of summer tanning reducing tips. 

3. Choosing The Right Clothes 

How to wear according to the weather If you have to go out of the house in summer, then the best option is to wear loose cotton clothes only and the clothes should be such that the whole body can be covered and whatever part is open, it can also be covered completely.

Wear only cotton in summer because silk clothes over-stimulate the skin due to exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and have an affected effect on melanin. The mask and gloves covering the face and hands should also be cotton. so these few things reducing all these things come under summer tanning reducing tips. 

4. Avoid Going Outside 

If possible, avoid going outside so that the ultraviolet rays of the sun can be avoided. Take support of indoor or online work in summer as much as possible. If it is very necessary to go out, then take the means of protection with you, whenever you have to go out in the sun, do not forget to take the sixth with you.

To save the head, one should also wear a head so that ultraviolet rays can be avoided, it can be said only after taking care of all these things summer tanning reducing tips also success in our life. 

5. Turmeric

The use of turmeric is very effective because turmeric contains antioxidants which help in reducing the inflammation of the skin when the skin is exposed to the sun by reducing the bacterial tanning of turmeric, it gives color to the skin.

Curd mixed with turmeric should be applied, its antibacterial properties do not allow tanning to come back after removing it. Summer tanning reducing tips turmeric has a great contribution. 

6. Yogurt 

It is also a very good antibacterial substance because it contains good bacteria which can remove all the spots on the skin. It contains lactic acid which removes dullness of the skin and removes tanning.  

7. Honey 

Honey is also good in reducing skin Its antioxidant elements moisturize the skin, which prevents the effect of sun rays. This is very natural with the no side effects. 

8. Milk 

It contains Vitamin C and lactic acid which helps in removing skin blemishes and tanning. Its beta hydroxy acid removes dead skin and grows new and being antibacterial kills bacteria. 

9. Coffee

It helps in preventing the production of melanin in the skin. It is very beneficial in reducing tanning that’s why this is a best summer tanning reducing tips.

10. Star Anise 

It is a polyphenol antifungal antibacterial substance is beneficial for healthy skin. In this contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which works for skin tanning by making a paste for this and applying it together with rose water gives very good results, the skin becomes soft. It contains an element called anethol which helps in flushing out toxins from the skin do it by boiling it in water or even in food. 

11. Nutmeg

It have antioxidant or antifungal substance which is found in Vitamin A, which gives oxygen to all the cells of the body, due to which the toxin comes out and removes tanning from the skin. Apply one thing mixed with aloe vera and milk in its powder, it will clear the tanning completely.  

Apply one thing mixed with aloe vera and milk in its powder, it will clear the tanning completely. Then summer tanning reducing skin tips benefits from  spices  

12. Aloe Vera

Its importance in itself, it helps in making vegetable as well as increasing the glow of the skin and removing all the scars, wrinkles and tanning.  

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13. Tomato 

It contains Vitamin C sodium fiber and antioxidant lycopene which effectively cuts off sun tanning. 

14. Orange 

It is the treasure of many goons. It contains Vitamin Sorbitol and Beta-Carotene which reduces skin damage and removes tanning. 

15. Potatoes 

This vegetable also increases the skin tone, it contains Vitamin C and B, which helps in correcting the skin tone, it contains starch, it massages on the skin. Potatoes are also helpful in summer tanning reducing tips. 

16. Papaya

There is a lot of benefits of applying on the skin with food. It contains lycopene and beta-carotene, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which reduces tanning by removing free radicals from the skin and reduces all skin problems. 

17. Pomegranate

It is very helpful in reducing freckles, spots and tanning of the skin anti aging and tanning by reducing skin related disorders due to potassium sodium and antioxidants effective in summer tanning reducing tips.



These all the summer tanning reducing tips really works. So as we have come to know that tanning is a very stubborn problem which does not take the name of going away quickly, but if its prevention is done beforehand, it can be saved to a great extent and even if tanning occurs, its permanent treatment is possible with domestic and natural food. So by implementing all these things, you can apply summer tanning reducing tips. 







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