Effective Treatment Of Melasma Will Remove Your Spots In 1 Month


This Treatment Of Melasma Will Remove Your Spots In 1 Month

Hello guys today we discuss the treatment of melasma in English. Our skin absorbs the ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun to make a vitamin D. The skin produces melanin to protect the lower layers from harmful UV rays. produces melanin to protect the skin from sun rays. This process is called melanogenesis. This complex process includes melanocyte and adrenocorticotropic hormones, which are the causes of melasma 

Melasma Is not a dangerous disease there are many treatment of melasma and It is not painful or Itchy but these are ugly of beauty. Some of the brown and black patches appear on the face and hands and or underpart, underarms. Its have seen so ugly and bad. Women are much more effect then man to this condition.

In this melasma disease brown and grey patches showing on nose and cheeks much more rather then full face. No any side effects of melasma but these are made down low  feeling.

Many Reasons Of Melasma And Pigmentation 

In women, melasma often on its after pregnancy and lack of blood. Melasma is common skin disorder causes of exposed the sun.


1. Drug Oral Contraceptive Pills   

Women usually use coarse-grained pills to keep their babies in the womb for a long time. Taking more pills can disturb the balance of hormones and lead to side effects appears as melasma.

2. Pollution

Another reason pollution is also the main thing in this dirty dust ,smoke of factories, damp environment is responsible for melasma.

3. Hormones After Menopause 

After that women have to take progesterone, due to which melasma starts to develop.

4. Usually After Pregnancy

Pregnant women this time have increased hormone estrogen and progesterone these hormones reasons of Melasma.

5. Ultraviolet And Infrared Radiation       

The ultraviolet rays of the sun also worsen the disease. The upper part of the body is damaged a lot and the whole tissue gets damaged as a result, the production of Melasma. Genetics about 50-70% people telling that anyone else in the family affect by that disease.  

6. Chemical beauty products   

Some beauty products of chemical and steroids mix and react phototoxic reaction. These reaction out of body tragedy of melasma.

7. Lack Of Blood      

Due to some disease, there is a lack of blood in the body more blood is produced during pregnancy any serious disease like blood cancer, blood comes out from the body.

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What Type Of Melasma

There are three types of Melasma.

1. Epidermal:- These type melasma has a dark blue color appears obviously black line these melasma and to well after treatment.

2. Dermal:- These melasma has light brown color, appears no under black light and don’t well by the treatment.

3. Mixed melasma:- These melasma, the most symptoms mix of three light brown, dark brown patches and black under light. These melasma also response by treatment.

Diagnosing & Treatment Of Melasma

1. Cream Base Medicines For Best Treatment Of Melasma

Cream base medicines in different types of melasma skin application advice on using cream It is given and also very beneficial and freckles are cleared to a great extent.

2. Oral Meditation Treatment Of Melasma

This type of freckles is caused due to hormonal imbalance, so such freckles can be treated with antiheroes for which oral medicine is given.

3. Laser Treatment Of Melasma

Freckles and pigmentation are also treated by laser light. Appointment is required for this method. This therapy should be taken by a specialist. If disease are few of condition and new beginning it’s takes a 1-3 sitting. Otherwise it will take a long time if the disease is old or more.

4. Chemical Peeling Therapy Treatment Of Melasma

Some of doctor recommended to patient these therapy. It is therapy that looks like a paste of chemical has been applied on the face, so that all defected part peel some time touch face softly hand, because the chemical use made sensitive skin. Rub some best moisture protect the coast from the melasma

We have come to know the treatment after getting melasma. But melasma can be prevented by taking some precautions.

Precautions Of Melasma

1. Exercise

Melasma, pigmentation, these are all diseases of our spring, but we don’t have any other disease, they stick to our body with toxins. Spring comes in the form of melasma on the face therefore, it is necessary to take. Exercise a one hours a day. These exercise help to our change the temperature the body and helpful to remove toxin outside the body.

2. Drinking Water Properly   

We should need to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water drains your body’s exposed to excess sodium, potassium or other chemical toxins these effect our body organs illness like melasma. So please drink water fulfill and take a good health and all disease run out from the body.

3. Healthy Diet

We should always take green leafy vegetables, nuts, almonds, milk in our diet by which nutrients are replenished in the body and if at all nutrition not reached every body organs they didn’t done self work like that not pass out the toxins from the body and it toxins come out the body results melasma.

4. Maintain Hormones

To cure melasma, first of all hormones should be balanced because hormonal imbalance can lead to many types of diseases which makes melasma crazy.

5. Stress Free Life

Many types of problems keep coming in life. They should be settled peacefully with a calm mind. Many people get lost in worrying unnecessarily. One should not do worth thinking and should use the command peacefully. Irritability, anger, longing, all these feelings give rise to anxiety and anxiety disturbs many types of wrong hormones which causes melasma.

6. Maintain Body Weight    

Increasing body weight is the root of every disease Increasing weight, which causes problems in work, also gives rise to internal diseases. Many types of dirt get accumulated in the grown fat because obesity It happens because of not being able to digest food properly. So when there is toxins abode in the fat body we should the body weight already maintain.


So here we have learned about the causes and treatment of melasma and also know that Its prevention is the only way, otherwise if the cause of melasma If you are present then get any treatment done, eat oral pills Melasma will keep coming back. There is only one remedy for its root cause. Purity of body and mind as long as the head inside the body is clean and the mind is not person, no treatment of melasma is possible.

That’s why good food, exercise, enough water for body improvement and stress free for mind purification, stop overthinking, do sometime  meditation

In this way, by paying some attention to our body, we can prevent every internal and external disease from coming and save the body from getting sick. But there are many treatment of melasma available in country and take a appointment of you doctor for best treatment of melasma.

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