6 Best Ways To Prevent From Brittle Nails Naturally


The problem for most people is that their nails are hard and brittle nails. There are many reasons behind this, Sometimes it happens due to dryness in the nails, and sometimes it happens due to lack of nutrients. When there is a lack of water and blood in the body, even then the problem of brittle nails arises. Today we have talked about the solution to overcome this problem. 

Q1. What causes your nail to be brittle? 

Ans1. Sometimes keeping it too wet or too dry also causes the problem of brittle nails and a deficiency of nutrients and water in the body also causes.  

Q2. Is it okay to have brittle nails? 

Ans2. Sometimes such is a sign of growing age and sometimes a problem. 

6 Best Ways To Prevent From Brittle Nails Naturally
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Q3. How do I strengthen my nails? 

Ans3. Nails can be strengthened and protected by taking nutritious food, taking care of nails and avoiding chemical products. 

Q4. What causes brittle nails with ridges? 

Ans4. When there is a lack of nutrition in the nails, ridges begin to form, which is a matter of concern to keep brittle nails and ridges right, control disease hormones and start consuming a diet rich in all vitamins iron minerals. 

Q5. What do hard brittle nails mean? 

Ans5. Brittle nails are not a sign of good health. This lack of proper nutrition is a side effect of some diseases or a symptom of a lack of water somewhere. 

Q6. Brittle nails are calcium deficiency? 

Ans6. Brittle nails can be a sign of calcium deficiency and iron vitamin nutrients or can also be a symptom of some diseases. 

Reasons For Brittle Nails  

1. Lack Of Vitamins  

Due to the lack of vitamins in the body, the problem of brittle nails occurs. When Vitamin B7, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, and Zinc Calcium Deficiency of all vitamins cause problems with brittle nails. When these vitamins are consumed less, then their direct effect falls on all the parts of the body and in the same way nails also break due to a lack of vitamins. When necessary nutritious For example, if we take less food, then we do not get the vitamins and minerals that are available from them, and the lack of these things affects the health of the nail. 

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2. Insufficiency Of Water 

The glow of the body and the lack of water also affects the health of the nails because when the amount of water in the body is less, the nails do not get enough moisture and dryness starts coming into the nails which become dry and lifeless. When due to some reason the water present in the body gets spent in other body fluids and does not reach the nails. So the nutrition and moisture the nails receive remain incomplete and the nails become brittle. 

3. Lack Of Hygiene 

As the body needs cleaning, in the same way, all the parts should be cleaned separately. Keeping the nails in this condition, there is a need to clean them on a special basis. Its lack of cleanliness also further promotes its brittle When any particles of dust, germ or remnants of food get stuck in them, then they weaken the strength of the nails.

6 Best Ways To Prevent From Brittle Nails Naturally
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4. Soaking Nails In Water 

In many professions, such work has to be done in which hands have to do most of the work of water. The job of many people is that of dishwashing or cleaning, house cleaning, swimming gardening, while doing these works the hands should be kept in water continuously. Due to this, the nails have to absorb more water and start getting raw due to excess moisture and after losing their strength, they begin to weaken and break down. 

5. Due To Diabetes 

Sometimes the effect of some other diseases also affects the health of the nails and diabetes when a person is suffering from this disease, there is an imbalance in the level of sugar, that is, the increase in glucose also affects the health of the nails. When there is an imbalance of glucose level in the body, then the nutrition of the nails stops and the glucose increases, due to which starts to weaken and there is a problem of breakage. 

6. Effect Of Hormones 

Changes in the hormones produced in the body also affect the health of the nails. When hormones are imbalanced, many chemical changes occur in the body, which has a direct effect. Stress, tension and anxiety are also born due to hormone change, due to which many bad times come out which also has an immediate effect on the health of our nails. 

Ways To Prevent Brittle Nails 

1. Eating Nutritious Foods 

Include such a diet in the food which contains nutritional elements. Give the body all Nutrients, Minerals, Vitamins, and Potassium to keep getting calcium and iron and there should be no shortage For these, green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruit, almonds, cashews, raisins, and walnuts should be taken. Include all kinds of milk, curd, eggs and protein-rich things in your diet. So that the nutrients obtained from them keep on getting to the nails and they get a kind of shining and strength.  

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2. Take Care Of Nail 

It is also important to take care of your nails to prevent them from becoming weak and brittle. It is also important to keep them clean Whenever you do any work in which your nails are dirty, wash them thoroughly afterwards should be washed by rotating the knuckles of the fingers. After washing the hands thoroughly, dry the nails with a clean towel so that there is no moisture left in them. Tends to break if kept too wet After drying it properly, apply a good moisturizer so that it remains smooth. Use gloves while working with water for long periods of time to avoid soaking your nails. 

3. Hormones Under Controls 

It is also very important to balance hormones to maintain the body. Because the imbalance of hormones affects the entire body part as well. Keeping the balance of hormones properly does not produce a chemical that harms the body. Therefore, whenever there is a disturbance in the hormones, there is a chemical change in the nails’ nutrition and a problem of nail beetle that’s why stopping hormones from being imbalanced. 

6 Best Ways To Prevent From Brittle Nails Naturally
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5. Maintain The Diabetes  

As we know that the direct effect of diabetes is also responsible for deteriorating the health of the nails. When there is an imbalance of glucose levels in the body, then also the nails get damaged for this, by controlling diabetes, you can maintain good health of your nails. 

6. Avoid The Use Of Chemical Products 

Due to many technical fashions of the modern era, nails start getting weak by applying them on the nails. To avoid this choose the right product and do not use any such chemical product on nails that harms their health. Always apply good brand polish on nails should never stick fake nails by using the technique of excessive polishing, which damages the nails. 


Apart from the reasons mentioned, many other reasons also promote brittle nails but when proper prevention of diseases, a balanced and nutritious diet can keep them shining and strong by taking care of the safety and cleanliness of the nails. Gloves can be used to protect them from being in too much water, they can be kept safe by avoiding chemical cosmetics and can be made strong by using a good amount of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. 








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