4 Super Ways To Avoid Heat Wave This Summer


Heatwave is that position of heat in which the temperature of the climate goes above 40 degrees Celsius This type of weather heat wave occurs in humid climates and extremely hot climates making it unbearably sticks. It is mostly caused by the environment with a smoother climate which is due to excessive heat. 

Q1. What is the criterion for declaring a heat wave? 

Ans1. When the concentration in the weather increases so much, the temperature rises more than in front of a heat wave. 

Q2. What is a warm night? 

Ans2. The heat rises to such an extent that it becomes unbearable. When the temperature rises too many degrees above normal when the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius Such a wave lasts for 3-4 days. 

4 Super Ways To Avoid Heat Wave This Summer
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Q3. What is a heat wave in India? 

Ans3. When the temperature in India goes up to 40-44 celsius degrees and becomes unbearable. 

Q4. What defines a heat wave? 

Ans4. This is the time when the atmosphere of warm humidity increases for most of the 2-3 days with high humidity and heat. The pressure potential in the atmosphere increases when the warm air rises to the surface of the land. 

Q5. Why are you at risk of heatstroke? 

Ans5. It mostly affects people already suffering from some disease. kidney liver heart can harm diabetes patients. 

What Is Heat Wave? 

hot weather conditions that last only for 2-3 days it can be wave concentration or dryness In such a situation many people have to face heat stroke due to heat. 

Symptoms Of Heat Wave 

1. Headache 

Due to excessive heat, the head becomes heavy and when any work has to be done in the sun, there is a headache because the nervous system of the head has been disturbed by the heat at the time of heat wave, such heat comes out from the sun, which contains more ultraviolet rays, which gives instant heat to the mind and headaches persist. 

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2. Heat stroke 

This is such a problem when excessive heat causes heat stroke. When the hot air of the wave moves, it comes in contact with the stroke. In this, the whole body becomes hot due to fever and vomiting started, and the patient does not want to eat anything.  

3. Fatigue 

Reaching its peak temperature has a lot of side effects on human life. The temperature of the climate is so scorching hot, dull, irritable, tired, and lethargic don’t feel like doing anything. The functioning of the human body is affected Our body becomes a victim of laziness when it does not move in the opposite environment. Excessive heat leads to fatigue and does not agree to do any work 

4. Vomiting 

When there is a lot of heat with an air of such concentration, then mostly many people start complaining of vomiting. Because when the heat of ultraviolet radiation is applied to the earth, the human body the illness of every day starts to increase. 

5. Dizziness And Fainting 

If someone has to work in such a dangerous summer, if he has to leave the house in the spring,  weak immunity someone who will faint from kidney liver or heart disease are more prone to such problems. 

4 Super Ways To Avoid Heat Wave This Summe
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6. Dehydration 

In conditions like heat waves, there is more absorption of water by the body. If water is consumed in less quantity, then the body starts dehydrating. In this, water also comes out of the bones, due to which there is a lack of water in the bones.

While more water is required in summer because there is more perspiration during summer and when the condition of a heat wave is created then the absorption of water from the body despite the need for more water, not being able to consume it leads to dehydration in the body, due to which one starts feeling faint and weak. Because the Sunray of this time is very harmful and coming in contact with it will definitely cause dehydration of the body. 

7. Body Cramps 

Due to the heat, there is a problem of cramps in many parts of the whole area but it is so painful that the cramps bother you all might 

8. Body Rashes 

Becomes sticky in the environment due to intolerable heat and humidity which causes rashes on the body. 

9. Heat Exhaustion Body 

 The body finds it difficult to adapt when there is a sudden change in the weather. So due to such a situation, the body starts getting tired and experiences a lot of trouble. 

10. Depression 

Such heat causes a lack of water in the body, which affects the work of the body’s organs and because of this, the blood supply stops till the end and questions start to arise. 

11. Parkinson’s Diseases  

At the time of a heat wave, the organ system of the body starts having side effects on its work and due to this many diseases start occurring. Parkinson’s disease is also one of these, in which the body parts are not able to function properly due to disturbance in the function of the organ. 

Ways To Avoid Heat Wave 

1. Sun Protection 

Heatwave is a hot place with high concentration and it is mainly due to strong harmful rays of the sun. Because when the pressure area and the pressure point of moisture increase, then, as a result, such a situation is created which is due to the light rays of the sun, so as much as possible avoid sun exposure. Even if you have to go out in the sun, take things with you to protect your umbrella cap and in the heat wave season, wear only light or soft clothes and take a water bottle with you to avoid dehydration. 

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2. Avoid Alcohol And Caffeine 

Avoid any kind of alcohol or caffeine as much as possible because by consuming them, all the body’s water is spent in digesting them and due to the expansion of chemicals in the body, there is a decrease in the nutrients of the body and the body’s organ is not able to absorb water and the problem worsens in the condition of dehydration. 

4 Super Ways To Avoid Heat Wave This Summer
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3. Leave Spicy Food And Eat Cold Food & Drink  

You should not take any kind of fast food or spicy food, it increases the chances of a heat wave because when such things cause heat in the body. By eating like this, the immunity of the body starts decreasing and the body has to face many diseases due to heat waves. Rather give him cool food and cold drinks during this time. Grapes, Orange, Lemon Water, Coconut Water, Lassi, Buttermilk, Curd etc. 

4. Keep a Cool Environment 

The climate of the place where you live should be kept cool as take the help of a fan on the cooler so that the feeling of heat is reduced. If there is a stomach, then keep it in a cool environment, and give them food and drinks with a cold effect. so that there is no trouble or illness from the heat. 


The environment of heat waves is such that it is very painful to bear that unbearable environment for 2-4 days and it can be tolerated only by keeping it very sensible and calm. So pass these difficult days by keeping many things in mind so that they can be avoided. 








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