5 Best Ways To Reduce Hips Fat Naturally In Just 30 Days


Hips fat is a very embarrassing and derogatory condition there can be many reasons for this. Sometimes physical activities or genetic reasons and wrong eating can be the main reason for this.

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Q1. What causes hips fat?

Ans1. A bad diet in which sugary food is fried and less physical activity is also responsible for hips fat.

Q2. How do you lose hips fat?

Ans2. Reducing hip fat can be cured by controlling the diet first, exercising and changing hormones.

5 Best Ways To Reduce Hips Fat Naturally In Just 30 Days
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Q3. Why do girls have wider hips?

Ans3. Estrogen is the development of such hormones in the female, which helps in making the bones of the hips wide in size which is useful for reproduction.

Q4. Can I slim my hips?

Ans4. Lower body exercise is very important to reduce hips fat. It is equally important to control your diet so that toning and muscle build-up can happen.

Q5. How can I slim my hips without exercise?

Ans5. If you want to slim your hips without exercise, then keep control of calories and drink lemon water. Reduce the consumption of tea and coffee and eat nutritious food.

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Q6. Why do girls’ hips increase after marriage?

Ans6. Changes in hormones after marriage and the wrong diet help in increasing hips. Women have more work pressure and mental stress starts doing more eating.

Reasons For Hips Fat

1. Genetic Factors

Many people come to their bodies and go exactly to their families. When there is a structure according to the width of the hips in the family, then the figure will be according to the family history. So when the bones of the hips are like this, then they will be seen as fat.

2. Sugary Foods And Drink

Most people like sweets too much they use often sweets or sweetened drinks. All these foods increase the amount of glucose in the body, which converts into fat and this is the reason why body fat increases. Because sugar is made from the production of a chemical called sucrose, which is very harmful to the body it contains a lot of sugar and the glucose made from it also promotes diabetes. Insulin cannot control the increased glucose to such an extent and body fat keeps on increasing.

3. Hormones Imbalance

Many times the direct effect of changes in the body is also due to hormones. In women, estrogen is produced to control insulin, which absorbs glucose stored in the body and pushes outward without affecting the body after marriage in women, the balance of this hormone gets disturbed due to which glucose is not able to control and this glucose starts converting into fat. It has been seen that most of the female’s body hips are fat after marriage. 

4. Fatty Foods

Most of the people like outside food and fast food only. Spicy and fried foods take more time to digest and more glucose is formed. If more energy is wasted in digesting food, then the sugar obtained from it does not get absorbed and gets converted into fat and this type of food increases fat fatty foods include items made from potatoes and oily and spice-fried items such as burger momo chowmin which are also made from refined flour.

5 Best Ways To Reduce Hips Fat Naturally In Just 30 Days
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5. Lack Of Physical Activity

People who do not do physical work at all, sit in one place after eating food. Do not do any walking, no sports or any kind of work, then the amount of glucose increases in those people and gives birth to obesity and because of this the hips fat also increase. 

6. Sitting Still

Sitting for a long time in one place is also a major reason for hip fat. When sitting in one place for a long time, all the energy gets accumulated in one place, that is, when there is absorption of glucose in the blood, then it goes to the lower part of the body. In this way, fat increases in the lower part of the body’s hips fat.

Ways To Prevent Hips Fat

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Always diet should be such that all vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium, carbohydrates, magnesium, protein, and all elements should be present which gives strength to the body to fight against all diseases and fulfils all the deficiencies and also maintains iron. When there will be all the nutrients in the body, then there will be no hunger again and again and there will be no obesity.

2. Stop Sitting Still

Always stop yourself from sitting in one place for too long If you have to sit for a long time, take a little gap in between and take a walk. Due to which this little absorption of energy goes to the whole body, instead of gathering in one place, obesity increases. So whenever you sit in one place, take a little break in at intervals of 15 minutes and take a walk. 

3. Avoid Fatty Foods

Avoid spicy and fatty food from the outside as much as possible. Foods made from potatoes or flour take a long time to digest that go into the digestive tract and this type of food increases the glucose level in the body, so this type of food should be eaten at all.

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4. Fat Loss Exercise

If fat has increased in the body So to reduce it, some activities should be done and for this, the best activity is exercise and yoga. Due to this, the proper blood circulation of the body has been done. Maintenance of glucose is also good and fat does not accumulate in the body. There are many exercises to remove fat from the body, in which there are many special useful exercises to remove hips fat.

  • Squats
  • Side lunges
  • Fire hydrant
  • Wall sits
  • Banded walk
  • Wall sits
5 Best Ways To Reduce Hips Fat Naturally In Just 30 Days
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5. Stop Sugary Foods And Drinks

Any kind of sweet food and sweet drinks should be reduced. Eat natural sweets as much as you can take fruit grapes, mango apples and sweet drinks, Coconut Water, Muskmelon Water, etc., which will also give nutrients along with energy.


Correcting the wrong lifestyle, and consuming nutritious food hips fat can be reduced by some activities and exercises and a special type of exercise is very beneficial to remove the fat of the hips fat can be removed easily by all methods.



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