11 Best Ways To Treat Your Hair Dryness At Home


Everyone has to face the problem of hair dryness. Looks lifeless hair dryness and completely frizzy in appearance or is it useless to see what is visible in the stars, or is the scalp too weak, or does it feel dry such problems can happen due to many reasons, let us know about the ways to keep the hair nourished, which can make the hair soft and shiny. Washing too much takes out the natural nutrients, which also makes the hair dry. So take care of cleaning the hair but very delicately.  

11 Best Ways To Treat Your Hair Dryness At Home

1. Healthy Diet 

To keep the hair healthy and shiny, one should consume a lot of nutrients in the diet. You should eat protein, vitamins, and calcium-rich things in your food, for this green leafy vegetables and fruits, should be consumed. Soybean nuts and walnut beans should be eaten for protein both and products made from both should be eaten Fish or other items containing Omega 3 will also have to be consumed and Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are also very important for healthy hair. When the body is nearer from the inside, the shine will appear automatically. 

2. Take Care Of Hygiene 

The scalp needs a lot of cleaning to keep the hair shiny, always needs to be cleaned at the right time. Avoid the effects of all kinds of pollution chemicals. The dirt accumulated on the scalp from the dirty environment should be cleaned on time. Hair must be washed twice a week but should not be rubbed excessively, due to friction there is a possibility of damage to the scalp. 

3. Use Mild Shampoo 

Do not use any hard or chemical-based shampoo to avoid rough hair, such shampoo removes the essential natural oil from the scalp of the hair or damages the hair. To avoid this, clean the hair with mild shampoo only. It is possible that the shampoo made from homemade herbs should be used only so that the shine of the hair will remain intact. You can prepare a mild shampoo by grinding amla and dried apricots and mixing the powder made from it to clean the scalp. This functional shampoo is made of herbal and vitamin-rich substances, which provide essential vitamins and also give shine and growth to hair with partial washing. 

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4. Oil Massage 

Hair needs to be maintained with essential nutrients as well as circulation, oil massage should be done in the hair, after humming coconut or mustard oil, massage it on the scalp with light hands. Isse oil will be applied to the root of the hair’s scalp or will nourish the existing fiber in the hair, which will give shine to the hair’s scalp and the dirt particles accumulated in the hair will also come out, which get accumulated on the scalp. Massage therapy relaxes the mind, which helps in increasing the shine of the hair.  

11 Best Ways To Treat Your Hair Dryness At Home11 Best Ways To Treat Your Hair Dryness At Home5. Don’t Use Warm Water 

In the winter season, hair should be washed with lukewarm water, due to which the protein keratin of the scalp comes out with hot water, due to which the hair becomes fizzy that’s why to take lukewarm or cold water only. Hot water removes the natural oil of the hair and makes it dry, so to avoid this, pour cold water on the scalp if natural oil is also damaged, then to avoid hair dryness, clean the scalp with light hands and avoid hair dryness. 

6. Choosing A Fine Comb 

Always choose a good comb to prevent hair from getting hair dryness. Buy a brush or comb of the best quality possible. Because if you use a hard or local comb on the scalp, then friction in the hair damages the scalp and causes hair dryness. The hair is damaged by the old hair or comb and The hair should always be combed lightly from the circle itself, brushing too fast also makes the hair dryness and lifeless.  

7. Sun Protection 

You should avoid direct sun rays because sunrays contain ultraviolet rays which damage the cells by going into the scalp and coming in direct contact with Sun increases hair dryness, so whenever you want to come in contact with the sun, cover your head completely. By covering the head properly with a cloth, protect it from the top as well so that it can be completely protected from sun rays and hair shining does not end. 

8. Drinking Enough Water 

The effect of not reaching the right amount of water to the body is visible on the whole body. If the body is nourished then its effect will be visible on the entire body. So when sufficient water reaches the scalp, the functioning of all its cells increases and the natural oil produced in the hair works well when the required minerals and nutrients are available to all in the right quantity, then natural nutrition comes into the hair dryness and the hair becomes shiny.  

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9. Exercise 

It is also very important to exercise regularly to bring shine to the scalp. Due to this, the blood circulation that the body gets is good and at the same time, there is proper circulation of blood in the whole body, due to which essential nutrients are available in the body and proper circulation of blood in the body keeps fluid on hair scalp and hair remains shiny and reduce hair dryness naturally. So to keep the blood circulation right, at least 45-60 minutes of routine exercise should be done daily. 

10. Use Of Aloe Vera  

Cowpea has been used since ancient times to solve all hair problems. Due to its anti-flaming antibacterial properties, it reaches the essential nutrients on the surface of the hair and removes all the bacteria and the acid present in it brings shine to the hair, due to which the hair dryness becomes shiny. Applying cowpea pulp on hair roots and leaving it for half an hour and washing it with clean water is essential for shiny hair. 

11. Avoid Chemical Use 

Avoid using any kind of chemicals on hair cause hair dryness, they damage hair from roots and make it dry and dull. Avoid chemical products used in any kind of curly hair styling or hair colour. 


So there are some very natural methods by which the hair can be saved from becoming hair dryness and lifeless and natural shine can be brought into them. Radiant health forces can be found by changing a little lifestyle and adopting a healthy routine.



11 Best Ways To Treat Your Hair Dryness At Home




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