10 Natural Ways to Increase Hair Growth


Most people have the same problem how do we increase hair growth? Even after using many types of serum, conditioner, and shampoo hair growth does not increase because its main region is affected due to internal parts of our body. When there is no proper blood circulation in the hair, there is a lack of nutrients or due to any other disease, the growth of hair decreases and due to this, the growth of hair stops and the hair becomes thin and weak. Due to our wrong eating and absolutely bad lifestyle, lack of nutrition, and use of chemical products, Due to which hair growth stops, if all these reasons are managed then hair growth can happen. 

10 Natural Ways to Increase Hair Growth
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Hormonal Balance 

Many times, due to hormonal changes in the body, the growth of hair stops, to correct this, first of all, we should pay attention to balancing hormones. When the balance of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body gets disturbed, then leads to the accumulation of many harmful hormones in the body. This has an effect on the function of the whole body, due to which the blood circulation in the body is also affected.

Due to this neither the nutrients reach the hair in the right amount nor the circulation of the blood properly. Along with this, there is also a lack of hormones available for the need of hair to increase hair growth, all the hormones in the body should be operated properly.

Balanced Lifestyle 

In the routine of modern life, sleeping at the wrong time and getting up at the wrong time has become very useless habit. in our fashionable world, improper eating habits have also become a major reason for preventing hair growth. We ourselves are the biggest reason for stopping the growth of hair by using many types of wrong resources. When there are fashion foods items that don’t give proper nutrition to the body’s Sedentary lifestyle there is also a problem with blood circulation. Therefore, by choosing the right lifestyle, we can increase hair growth. 

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Take Plenty Of Nutrition  

Many times, due to not eating properly, there is a lack of nutrition in the body, it is seen in most women when they complain of anaemia because the food is not given nutrition properly. If we consume a lot of protein, green vegetables, soya, meat, almond, Spinach pomegranate beetroot milk, by taking in proper quantity then. Blood and nutrition reach the right amount in the body and the is increase hair growth naturally. 

Avoid Chemical Products 

We use many types of shampoos and conditioners available in the market to wash hair, which are chemical and harmful to the health of hair, so first of all these things should be kept away from these chemical products. Because such chemical products go into the scalp and cause dandruff and infection and which is the main reason for stopping the growth of hair so only natural herbs should be used, for hair washing after making a paste of Harita, Amla, Shikakai.

Boiling it and washing the hair with it, hair growth also increases. At the same time, people are also protected from outside chemical products, like hair can be protected from any kind of infection. So always use natural things to wash hair and avoid chemical things. 

10 Natural Ways to Increase Hair Growth
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Drink The Right Amount Of Water 

To keep the body hydrated always, the right amount of water should be consumed. Because sometimes hair loss is also possible due to lack of water. When there is a lack of oxygen and nutrition in the right amount of the scalp of the hair, then the right amount of blood circulation does not happen. Due to this the movement of the increase hair growth stops the scalp needs to come in sufficient quantity to keep it hydrated. So by drinking a sufficient amount of water, natural moisture will remain in the hair growth and will increase hair growth. 

Avoid Stress 

Either stage affects the whole body any kind of stage increases the level of hormones in the body and affects the estrogen level. Which proves to be very useful for increase hair growth at the same time. Happy hormones stop increasing when the level of happy hormones estrogen and endorphin stops in the body. It affects the whole body these hormones disturb the circulation, proper nutrition and blood in the scalp and when there is a lack of these things in sufficient quantity.

So hair growth stops, so it is most important to be free from any kind of stress as much as possible, and avoid any kind of worry, stress, or tension. For this, we can be stress-free by engaging in some other work that is enjoyable. By talking to someone we know or going for a walk, So that all kinds of stress can be reduced from the mind so that if the stress is less then it will increase hair growth. 

Exercise And Yoga 

Due to proper blood circulation in the body, there is very good energy circulation in the whole body and when the blood circulation is good in the whole body. Then there will be freedom from all kinds of diseases and it will help in increasing the growth of hair If the right amount of burning and oxygen reaches the body. Then it also increases the growth of hair, so it is very important that at least 45 minutes of daily exercise and some methods of Yuga Purusha can do. Even there are special types of yoga to increase hair growth, following which we can increase hair growth. 

Control All Diseases Of The Body 

There are many other types of diseases in the body. The result of this also affects the body and hair growth stops. Diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid all these diseases have negative effect on the body. Due to this hair growth is also affected therefore, as much as possible, many other diseases occurring in the body should be controlled. Thyroid, diabetes, and blood pressure should be checked regularly so that they can be corrected in time and their wrong effect can be reduced. These diseases should not have any negative effect in stopping the increase hair growth. 

Avoid Beauty Tips 

Adopting any kind of cosmetics or technique also has a very bad effect on the hair. In the affair of fashion, we adopt the methods of ironing, bleach, colouring, pumping, using chemical products and hard methods lead to weak growth of the hair. So as much as possible, do not use any kind of fashionable method on the hair. Keep the hair simple do not curl or bend it forcefully. All these have a very bad effect on the hair, they start getting weak and the problem of hygiene starts arising. Therefore, leave the hair as it is natural so that there is no bad effect on their power to increase hair growth. 

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Control Weight  

The effect of body weight is also known to be effective in inhibiting hair growth. Because when body weight increases, it increases the amount of fat and cholesterol in the body, which is considered bad for the absorption of protein. Due to the accumulation of fat in the body, the amount of blood and oxygen starts decreasing.

The toxin accumulates in the blood vessel in the body from the fat and when it goes from the scalp. It affects the growth of hair there and that just invites dandruff and hair fall. Therefore in order to properly conduct blood and oxygen in the body. The fat in the body should be reduced, so that there is no obstruction to increase hair growth. 

10 Natural Ways to Increase Hair Growth
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Sometimes we ourselves become responsible for stopping hair growth. Due to our bed life style, sleeping at the wrong time, eating wrongly, using chemical products and using very wrong method, coloring, pumping, bleaching on the hair in the pursuit of fashionable to stop their growth. Therefore, to increase hair growth, choose the right ph balance shampoo.

If possible, do a power wash with natural herbs. Drink plenty of water so that the body remains hydrated properly and Maintaining better moisture in the scalp. One should also exercise and do yoga in the proper amount of blood and oxygen supply in scalp and Eat should  good diet the right amount so that the nutrition can get in hair which can increase hair growth. 


Q1. Which food is good for hair? 

Ans1. All types of protein or biotin foods are needed to increase hair growth, in these, salmon, guava, Spanish iron, sweet potato, cinnamon, salmon, fish, meat, and milk and all kinds of nutritious elements are necessary. 

Q2. How to increase hair Volume? 

Ans2. To increase the volume, one should avoid applying all kinds of wrong methods and chemical things to the hair taking a healthy diet, drinking water in proper quantity and a Must do exercise and yoga. 

Q3. Is it possible to grow hair back naturally? 

Ans3. Re-growth of hair depends on its follicles but if the follicles of hair have stopped or have been damaged, then it is not possible to grow hair back. 

Q4. Which foods stop hair fall? 

Ans4. Foods rich in protein and biotin are beneficial in increase hair growth. Other must include Spanish, sweet potato, dairy products, oats, avocado, and eggs. 

Q5. How to reduce hair fall? 

Ans5. To save hair from falling, it is necessary that it should not be tied tightly, nor should it be styled in any trend way, nor should fashionable things be used on it. 

Q6. Can thin hair become thick again? 

Ans6. Many treatments can be done to make the thin hair back thick and thick. Domestically, we can work on this by drinking good water, eating properly nutrition, avoiding chemical products exercising, here again with the advice of the doctor, many types of treatment 

Q7. Can onion juice regrow hair? 

Ans7. Many people have tried applying onion juice twice a week and have found very good results. It can be said that hair can be regenerated with onion. 

Q8. Can yoga regrow hair? 

Ans8. Due to a lack of blood flow in the scalp, the hair also starts falling. Yes, Blood circulation is correct by yoga, due to which the body remains hydrated the scalp being moist along with yoga. mental health is also good, the balance of hormones is created, due to which yoga helps increase hair growth together  

Q9. Why is my hair getting thinner? 

Ans9. This is due to heredity, and hormone disbalance, many times with ageing, generic hair starts burning on its own and it also happened to hormonal changes many times. 

Q10. Is milk good for your hair? 

Ans10. Protein calcium is found in abundance in milk Vitamin D is also there which increase hair growth and follicle score to grow new hair. It also has vitamin B6, biotin and potassium. 

Q11. How can I promote my hair growth naturally? 

Ans11. Exercise and yoga should be done properly. Don’t use the wrong chemicals shampoo use conditioner, take omega 3 fatty acids and consume Vitamin C, eggs, milk, spinach, and salmon fish. 

Q12. Is rubbing nails good for hair growth? 

Ans12. By applying nails, blood and oxygen are conducted in the right amount in the body, so that in this action, good moisture is formed and dandruff does not happen and it is very beneficial for increase hair growth. 

Q13. How much hair loss per day is normal? 

Ans13. It is normal to lose at least 50 to 100 hairs daily this condition is called Telogen effluvium in medical language. 




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