7 Best Treatment Of Abdominal Pain That Relaxed You Instantly


The problem of stomach ache usually goes to everyone abdominal pain occurs due to many reasons sometimes it happens due to wrong eating that when Sometimes this abdominal pain is a sign of a major disease, such as ulcer stones or uterine malformation’s let’s know about abdominal pain and its solution.

What Is Abdominal Pain?

The pain in the upper part of the pub’s bone below the ribs is called abdominal pain. This pain can also be from the upper skin and can also be muscle pain or it can also be due to disease in any internal organ. There is pain even if there is a disease in the internal organ like liver, kidney or pancreas or holo organs like intestines, gallbladder, urine can also cause pain in the bag.

What Are The Types Of Stomach Ache?

Abdominal pain can be of two types:- 

  1. Acute Abdominal Pain
  2. Chronic Abdominal Pain

Acute Abdominal Pain

When the pain comes suddenly and is very sharp that in the emergency one has to go to the hospital, then such pain is known as octal pain.

Chronic Abdominal Pain

When the pain is persistent and has been happening for a long time Little by little it has always been happening and gradually it has increased, then it is called chronic pain.

Pain In Which Part, Related Diseases And Solution

  • Pain in the right upper abdomen can be due to liver and gallbladder problems. It causes loss of appetite due to swelling on the top of the stomach. Sometimes there may be pain due to lumps or cysts in the liver. Liver pain can go to shoulder abdominal bloating decreased appetite weight loss 
  • Pain arising in the upper part of the abdomen can only be due to infection in the pancreas or bad posture of the spinal cord. 
  • Pain in the right side of the abdomen can often be due to kidney stone or infection or colon or small intestine or urinary tract disease or infection. Abdominal bloating decreased appetite weight loss  Kidney pain can range from a few minutes to a continuous one.
  • lower right side abdominal pain due to the malfunction of the colon and ovaries, pain can occur due to inflammation or pus in the appendix. 
  • The pain in the middle of the abdomen due to gallbladder or uterus or infection in the urine bag and sometimes due to stone in the gallbladder, pain can also occur. There may be bloating due to inflammation and infection in the gallbladder Infection or P.C.O.D It can also be the cause of pain women also have period pain.
  • Pain in the lower left side of the abdomen is caused by diverticulitis. It hurts suddenly with such a fast. It is caused by infection in the large intestine. 
  • Pain in the lower abdomen is caused by IBS mean irritable boul syndrome brown syndrome constipation and cramps persist in this and in this more gas starts forming in the stomach and constipation and diarrhea start. There is no communication between the organs of the retarded and the infinite. 

Symptoms Of Abdominal Pain

  • Feeling nauseous or nauseous
  • Sudden onset of severe pain
  • Excessive belching
  • Flatulence or heaviness
  • Burning sensation in urine
  • Weight loss 
  • Heartburn

Treatment Of Abdominal Pain

1. Yoga And Exercise 

There are many reasons for stomach pain, if the navel of the stomach is niggle, then yoga done with it is beneficial. pawanmuktasana, uttanpadasana, mandukasan all yoga benefits in stomach

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pain. pawanmuktasana, uttanpadasana harm all yoga benefits in stomach pain with all kinds of exercises, our digestion is correct and all the diseases of the stomach are controlled. Exercise and yoga will remove all the problems of gas and constipation.

2. Acupressure Therapy

To reduce abdominal pain, hit the acupressure point, if there is too much pain in the knee, then you will get a lot of benefit.

3. Eat Green Vegetables And Fruits 

If there is abdominal pain due to liver failure or kidney or pancreas then there is a lot of trouble when the waste gets accumulated in these organ. When the organ  is not able to do its work properly and it becomes swelling occurs in it.

In this case, sprout should be things they contain sulforaphane which reduces inflammation of the organ. It detoxes the body and organs it has antibacterial antifungal and also anti cancer. Beetroot heals enzymes and removes liver filth, prevents fatty liver and cures infection of pancreas kidney.

4. Home Remedies For Stomach Ache

Turmeric contains an element called curcumin that reduce inflammation coriander and fenugreek powder is also beneficial in flatulent pain. Coriander cures all types of gas and constipation immediately. After roasting cumin, celery and fennel on a griddle, grind it and mix black salt according to taste and take it with half a spoon of water. Many times after the operation there is pain due to formation of gas, such pain will disappear with this remedy.

After roasting celery on a pan, adding black salt and lemon, take two pinches, it will give instant relief in stomach pain. Consume jaggery after eating, it will help in eliminating toxin.

5. Detox Stomach

When dirt starts accumulating in the abdominals, it becomes a clot in the blood and when the wrong kind of food gets hidden in our gut and reaches the blood, it causes many diseases. So fasting will be very beneficial for cleaning the stomach. Fasting for at least 16 hours will detox the stomach and when it is cleansed, no disease will surround. 

6. Drink Lots Of Water

The disease of all the stars is caused by the accumulation of sewage, because whatever is eaten, it does not get digested water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Because morning saliva is of alkaline nature beneficial in cleaning the stomach. So drinking water will lead to proper digestion and all the dirt will come out and the pain of the stomach will reduce. 

7. Abdomen Pain Relief Drink 

Drinking half a teaspoon of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of mint juice and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water ends any kind of stomach pain. Prevents infection due to the antifungal and antibacterial properties of ginger drinking a pinch of ginger, asafetida and black salt in water will provide relief in stomach pain. Lemon water also helps with any indigestion.


So there are many causes of abdominal pain, intermittent and chronic, which can be treated with medicines only on the advice of a doctor. It has suggested effective remedies for some mild pains like indigestion gas pain. whatever will be helpful


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