Effective Treatment Of Alopecia Areata That Regrow Your Thick Hair In 30 Days


Effective Treatment Of Alopecia Areata That Regrow Your Thick Hair In 30 Days

Everyone wishes to have a dense strong tall hair but at present in time everyone is troubled by the hair problem Be it untimely graying of hair and hair fall, breakage, falling or baldness of the hair. Hair has started turning white in old age itself. Or hair fall at a young age there can be many reasons for this lack of vitamins and nutrients, thyroid, stress, anemia Use Chemical-rich shampoo oil.

Hair loss can also happen due to hereditary or any major disease. Sometimes even a small problem becomes the reason which we ignore like dandruff, dust, exposure also cause hair problems .When someone tries to do the treatment by himself, then the situation gets worse. That’s why whenever you take any treatment, take it carefully so that nothing else goes wrong.

Let us know about the causes of hair fall and about the treatment. Every person has 100 hair fall every day but when it falls more hair or the situation becomes more dangerous then it is a sign of some kind of disease.

What is Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease hair loss occurs in patches  that is  some part of the hair is completely bald and the surrounding part is normal in this the cells of the body are destroying the hair many also associate it with fungal infection.

  • You can identify them either by looking at them, or you can see them in a magnifying glass can find out that this is Alopecia Areata. Alopecia areata bends is quite different from a normal force fall normal hair fall is called alopecia androzeneta.
  • It mostly occurs in the scalp area there is no itching or burning in can be on any hairy area sometimes it is not even known in the back area. They can see some regions on beard region also sometimes eyebrows also get affected.
  • Sometimes there are patches like small coins. Sometimes there are one or two or multiple patches in scalp and other areas.
    When your own immunity is against your own cells. in alopecia, it acts against the hair follicle producing cell in the areata.

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In males hair fall its main causes is alopecia androzeneta. The reason for this is the increasing in the androgen hormones this can happen on any hairy area.
1. Alopecia TotalisWhen patches cover a particular zone like scalp, it is called alopecia totalis.
2. Alopecia UniversalisWhen the patches spread from the particular zone to the whole body, then this condition is called alopecia universalis.

Causes of Alopecia Areata

  1. Autoimmune disorder autoimmune condition that is our immunity goes against own cells. When autoimmune disease attack the follicle cells that, make up the hair and starts destroying the hair.
  2. Stress stroke when someone suddenly gets a big shock, which is unbearable In that unbearable situation, due to stress the chances of increasing the level of this disease become more.
  3. Hormones disable alopecia areata can also be due to increase in hormones. When the Man hormone is disabled, testosterone hormone increases, which causes hair fall when female secret tilogenaflofiam hormones  then increased stress ,luck of nutrients due to which the antibody turns against the cell. The increase and decrease of hormones have a direct effect on the functioning of the cell.
  4. Genetic, family history. If someone in the family has had alopecia areata and has been very close to in a relationship, then such a person is likely to get this disease.
  5. Thyroid, blood sugar disease alopecia areata is also the cause of many other diseases such as sugar, thyroid slow down the immunity, it does not take time for the weakened system to get hurt.
  6. Collagen vascular disease when any type of autoimmune or generatic type disease occurs It protects the healthy tissue of the body. Collagen also has an effective joints, skin and blood vessels. Weakens the body’s immune system .

By the way, the antibody of the immune system attacks the follicle cell, but if it cannot destroy it completely, then complete treatment is possible patches come back after treatment in some case, But that happens when there has been negligence in the treatment.

How To Examine & Treat This Disease

  1. Skin biopsy and blood test to know the condition of the disease, the doctor has to examine it. If there are less affected areas, then it is known by blood test. Blood test is done for more affected areas, in which the exact condition is known.
  2. Diagnose and treat dear if someone comes to know about the end profession, first of all do not panic and see the doctor immediately. after knowing properly from the doctor, take the treatment given by him. Medicine or lotion, steroid Doctor medicine, lotion is given for less affected part. Steroids such as corticosteroids are given orally or by injection. Lotions are given to apply on the skin.
  3.  Promote hair groom This therapy is used to know the condition of the disease and to treat it. Promotes hair groom and attacks the immune system. And treatment is done by giving monoxide SAUBE ,DPCp steam. By applying this cream base foam in the scalp the groom hair.
  4. Correct and complete treatment do not panic if you or someone else gets an alopecia areata, it is curable. Understand like this, and the sick too the doctor should take complete treatment. Do not leave the treatment in between, so that complete treatment can be done.
  5. correct hormones dabble If hormones are going wrong then correct them take medicine to balance them keep the hormone balance stress free. eat well, listen to music, go out for a walk which pleases the mind and keeps the hormones in balance.
  6. Prevent nutritional deficiencies there should be no deficiency of overall nutrients in the body due to the lack of nutrients, the body reduces its immune system. When the immune system deteriorates, its level becomes high or low due to disturbance which gets the ability to attack the cell.
  7. Acupressure therapy nail acupuncture can be done for the disease of alopecia areata to do this, rub the nails together for 10-10 minutes daily by doing this, the blood circulation remains correct The dirt of that place is removed by the pressure.


First of all, whether the disease is big or small, there is no need to worry about it. Worrying increases the stress and instead of taking care of the disease, it See a doctor, take complete treatment and trust treatment.

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