Warning Anemia Can Affect Your Pregnancy – 3 Preventions Tips


Warning Anemia Can Affect Your Pregnancy

Smooth running of the human body to do all the work all the organs have to work in a double manner. They need food for the functioning of the organs and they get this dose in the form of blood so to do any work in this way blood is required .The reason for the blood is the head, which keeps all the parts of the body together. It transport oxygen, nutrients hormones, heat, protective substances and clotting factor.

How Is Blood Made?

Blood is made up of four things:-

  • Red Blood Cells (RBC)
  • White Blood Cells (WBC)
  • Plasma
  • Platelets

RBC is produced by our blood but this RBC works to make hemoglobin in our body. Hemoglobin also acts as an oxygen carrier in our body and blood also reaches the body. When the amount of red blood cells decreases in the body or the hemoglobin because the level of blood decreases, we can say that there is a lack of blood in the body and its very bad.

If a woman has less than 12 grams of hemoglobin, then less than 14 grams of hemoglobin in the blood is considered “Anemia”

Plasma is the liquid part of blood the remaining three particles are solid form. Plasma vows to make all three solid fairies move, because they are so solid they cannot move by themselves. 

What is Blood?

Blue a liquid connective tissue between various blood vessels Flows continuously in the organs. This mace, sticky, red color is bitter It is made up of plasma and erythrocytes.

  • Controls the temperature of the blood body.
  • Removes bacteria from the body through sweating
  • Blood hormones and food carry essential elements to the cells.

Causes Of Anemia

1. Low Intake   

Taking less amount of iron in food for growing baby live iron is needed and it is wasted can’t take, but eat things like momos, burgers, all these things become more cooked as the iron present in them gets depleted. 

2. Eat Foods That Body Needs

In this situation iron is required in large quantity and if it is taken in small quantity then iron deficiency occurs like during pregnancy, the pregnant woman keeps on giving her blood to her foetus that’s why iron tablets welled given to pregnant women, if they don’t take the tablet then there is iron deficiency.

3. Loss Of Blood     

Due to some reason, the release of iron from the body deficiency occurs anemia. Sometimes there is a lack of bleeding in women during fast menstruation or in any case if the delivery time is more than anemia also occurs due to bleeding or any other disease. bleeding internally, or any surgery due to excessive bleeding in the body the blood gets less.

So Let Us Know What Happens Due To Anemia And What Are Its Symptoms

1. Heart Disease 

Due to lack of blood in the anemia blood is not able to reach the feelings of the heart and because of this it does not know how to do the work of comforting properly and the risk of heart stroke increases heart somehow give to be pumped proper blood is needed, which is due to anemia It is not possible.

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2. Pica

Pica common symptoms of anemia, compulsive eating disorder in which people eat non food items. People wants to eat such wrong things like dirt, paint, cardboard and coal etc.

3. Weakness Or Fatigue

Due to lack of blood in the body, all the organs are not able to work due to lack of blood in the body the liquid goes to the maximum and oxygen does not reach all parts. Due to low hemoglobin, laziness and tiredness remain in the body.

4. Breathing Difficulties   

In anemia there is problem of shortness of breath because of the lack of blood, oxygen in all the organs can’t reach properly and can’t breathe properly but always in breathing trouble happens also shortless breating causes sleeping issues.

5. Headache     

Anemia lose blood and oxygen does not reach the brain because of the blood not there is no oxygen enough for the or the mind to do its work, because the mind sends a message to all the organs and makes them work too much pressure is a headache. 

6. Chest pain  

Oxygen to the heart muscle from lack of blood It does not reach and the pumping function of the heart is affected due to this, chest pain persists.

7. Palle skin   

When there is anemia, the whole body appears yellow, whereas there is more yellowness in the eyes and cheeks.

8. Muscle Tension 

When there is a lack of blood in the body, then high pressure in muscles due to lack of water as a result, the problem of cramps arises.

9. Complications During Pregnancy

Pregnancy due to iron deficiency to the body prone to premature delivery, as well as babies being underweight is born because of iron deficiency does not get proper nutrition and the child’s don’t know if there is development, which is in the trouble of the child have a harmful condition.

Many diseases of kidney, liver, heart, stomach can occur due to anemia. that’s why it should be done on time.

Prevention Of Iron Deficiency Anemia

1. Iron Rich Food  

We need more and more iron food red meat should be eaten under iron food. The amount of iron is also high in sea rice etc. Should be taken fish, red meat intakes beans, dark green vegetables and dried food, tofu, soyabean, paneer Iron is present in sufficient quantity in all of them. egg, milk, rice, should be taken.

2. Intake Vitamin C       

Iron low to absorb in the Body Vitamin C is needed that’s why Vitamin C should also be taken along with iron. So that iron can be absorbed well in the body and any there should be no shortage of any kind. Amla, jamun, lemon, beetroot should all be eaten in sufficient quantity.

3. Eat Seeds To Correct Anemia 

soybean seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, flaxseed, cashew nuts, all these seeds increase the level of hemoglobin or maintain oxygen levels .

  • Pomegranate is considered to be the most beneficial fruit in blood loose.
  • Iron is found in abundance in apples and spinach.
  • Soaking raisins in water and eating them also helps in making iron.


In this way, anemia can be avoided by keeping a few precautions in food, and diseases caused by it can be avoided.

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