Say Goodbye to Ankle Pain: Expert Advice and Solutions


Many people face the problem of ankle pain because of this, they not only get hampered in daily exercise but also cannot do many other important works. Even many people have difficulty standing. Due to some kind of old injury heredity and sometimes it is also due to leg sprain, the reason for ankle pain. The best way to avoid this, Any kind of pressure should not be put on the ankle so that you do not have to suffer from any kind of injury. 

Say Goodbye to Ankle Pain: Expert Advice and Solutions
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Reasons For Ankle Pain 

Leg Sprain 

Many times while doing some work, while staying at home here while doing some small work, during sports, then suddenly leg ankle turns inside,  that the leg gets sprained and at that time there is swelling and pain in the leg, we treat it in many ways at that time, such as by tying the pain bandage and trying to cure it by applying many types of balms.

Many times this pleasure gives relief at that time, but later it always has to face pain like an old injury. Due to this old pain in the leg, there is always pain, due to this ankle pain, we are not able to do many things, even if we are not able to stand properly. The strength decreases due to the old injury in the leg, due to which there is always suffering from ankle pain. 

Achilles Tendon  

The Achilles tendon has also been considered among other causes of ankle pain. The Achilles tendon is attached to connect the bottom part of the calf muscle to the topper of the heel bone. When repeated pressure and movement fall on the calf muscles and there is a complaint of swelling on the tendon. While many people do the work of sitting all day or suddenly there is work pressure on them, which increases the pressure on the ankle.

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In the same way, if someone has to run to go to increase his then his sender also falls on the ankle which starts feeling swelling and pain this pain and swelling also reaches the hip bones and goes through the pain calf muscle all over the leg. This pain is released due to a lack of strength in the calf muscles. If it is not treated at the right time and the college also starts getting affected and the collagen protein starts to degenerate, the chronic disease starts and the condition of tissues damage. The onset of this disease is due to the sudden increase in running strength setting too long and standing for too long. 

Increase in Uric Acid 

Many times the pain in the heel is also due to the increase in the amount of uric acid in the body, it increases due to the excessive consumption of uric acid protein in the body, when our liver does not digest protein properly, it becomes uric acid. Because if excess protein goes into the body, then the liver is unable to use it properly and this protein turns into uric acid if it is not able to escape properly. Consuming more protein reduces the absorptive power of the intestines and it is not able to digest it properly. 

Blocked Blood Vessels  

Sometimes blockage in blood vessels can also be the cause of ankle pain. When there is a blockage in our blood vessels due to a wrong diet or any injury or any other reason, then the flow of blood does not reach all the organs properly. Due to obstruction in the blood vessels, extra pressure has to be given to the body parts due to which pain starts in them. 

Haglund Deformity  

Many people have an abnormal deformity of the bone and tissue in the foot that causes the bone to grow and when this large bone rubs against the shoe, the soft tissue becomes inflamed or irritated. This problem arises due to the growth of the bone on the back side of the bone. This is mostly due to wearing hard and closed-type shoes. 

Say Goodbye to Ankle Pain: Expert Advice and Solutions
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Uncomfort Shoe 

Sometimes wearing the wrong shoes also causes ankle pain. Wearing high heel shoes does not make the feet comfortable and due to this the blood circulation in the soles of the feet does not take place properly, wearing spi boots along with makes them hard in the feet and due to this rubbing in the tissue of the feet. Such shoes sometimes also cause the bones to grow, due to which tissue damage can occur, and there are also tendon arthritis diseases. 

Solution Of Ankle Pain 

Treatment Physiotherapy 

There can be many reasons for heel pain, sometimes it can range from normal to chronic. So don’t try to treat them on your own most of the time. Physiotherapists should be shown when the pain reaches an intolerable level, they will provide you with the same type of treatment according to the pain.

If there is any internal injury or any infection in this type of ankle pain, then the physiotherapist will suggest you an alternative. The physiotherapist will tell you the exercises according to the pain and by doing them you will get instant relief from pain. If there is chronic pain, the physiotherapist will relieve your pain by giving tens, ultrasonic baths, and hot and cold compress alternately. 

Train Ice 

If the pain in ankle pain is caused due to any reason, then applying it with ice is a very beneficial remedy. Cold training changes the temperature of that part so that blood vessels also come into normal position. Applying ice provides instant relief from swelling and irritation and relieves pain. 

Get Enough Rest  

Most heel pain is caused by too much pressure being put on it, here it is caused by overuse. When interest is left for too long by a runner at a very high speed for a competition test, Here again, the weightlifter lifts too much weight the excess of the entire weight falls on the heels Here again the weightlifter lifts too much weight so the excess of the entire weight falls on the heels.

Due to this, there is swelling in the tendon and pain and strain can happen that is there is a great need to relieve the pain caused by the pressure of extra work. So that the body part has time to heal so don’t do any work until the pain is relieved and take rest in bed for 6 to 8 days. 


Ankle pain of the foot is felt in such a way that it is not tolerable, therefore for whatever reason there is pain in the ankle, it is neither possible to walk nor do any other work. So if there is a sprain here there is swelling, then it hurts even to move it, the best solution for this is to keep the beads tied to the painful area with any creak bandage or any other cloth so that there is no more pain in that place. Because if more feet are moved, then it will feel more pain and by being captive, it will get rest and time to recover. 

Elevation Ankle 

In case of ankle pain, it should be kept in elevation mode. The ankle seat with sciatic pain should be kept raised above it by sitting on a chair so that the reduction of blood flow in it will bring relief to the pain and reduce the feeling of pain, as well as reduce swelling. Elevation mode is a very good technique that will prove to be very effective in ankle pain. 

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There can be many reasons for ankle pain, in many ways in many cases it happens even by walking fast by slamming the feet, If there is an injury inside, then a doctor should be consulted immediately, and if the injury is due to a slight flexion of the foot, then it can be easily done at home. 

Say Goodbye to Ankle Pain: Expert Advice and Solutions
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Always Choose The Right Shoes 

Many times when choosing the wrong shoes, it causes a lot of trouble to the heel. Many wear heeled shoes, and many wear very tight shoes, due to which there is a lot of pressure on the soles and when they do not get the right space, there is a lack of blood circulation in them. See, there are many types of problems, due to which tissue damage and problems like tendon Achilles can arise that’s why one should always choose flat shoes which should be soft so that due to their hard rubbing, there is no damage to the tissue and bones. 


Excessive pressure on the feet causes pain in most of the elements. We should not put so much pressure on our feet for any work that it causes ankle pain, no extra exercise should be done here, lifting too much weight, otherwise, with mild pain in the feet. If any such problem arises then it is easy to see what can be done so that the injured places. I should do the exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist and Swelling and pain can also be reduced by tying with such a bandage. In case of severe pain, In case of excessive pain, see a doctor so that can be protected ankle pain. 


Q1. Why does the pain in the ankle of the foot? 

Ans1. leg ankle pain can be caused by several reasons, most commonly sprains, overuse of feet, high heels, or lack of physical activities. 

Q2. What happened if your ankle hurts? 

Ans2. There are many reasons for the pain of the Ankle in which many times the injury, and strength can lead to swelling, stiffness, and excruciating pain that makes you unable to stand, walk, or do any work. 

Q3. What disease is caused by heel pain? 

Ans3. There can be many reasons for pain in the Ankle and its long-term existence invites many diseases, most of which happen due to malfunction in physical activities. 

Q4. Can increase uric acid cause heel pain? 

Ans4. Yes, taking more protein increases uric acid and using more alcohol, red meat also accumulates uric acid under the sole, due to which accumulation of waste material causes heel pain. 

Q5. Should I see a doctor for ankle pain? 

Ans5. If there is any severe swelling or if there are a lot of injuries, the pain is increasing a lot, and is looking very deformed, then the doctor’s advice should be taken immediately. 

Q6 Why do I have pain on the inside of my ankle? 

Ans6. Many times there is pain on the inside of the ankle due to an injury. 

Q7. Why do I have pain under my ankle bone? 

Ans7. Sometimes due to swelling in the tendon, there is pain in the lower part of the feet because it is attached to the sole from heel bones sometimes ankle sprain is also due to this pain. 

Q8. Why there is a pain in passing without any injury? 

Ans8. many times pain starts even without any injury, most of the situation can be due to autoimmune diseases. 



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