Burning Feet: 6 Best Home Remedies That Bring Instant Relief


Burning feet have become a common problem. This problem can usually be seen due to nerve damage and malfunction in blood vessels. Most diabetic patients may have such problems chronic alcoholism causes nutritional deficiencies and hyperthyroid hormone-related HIV-infected drug side effects. Diseases whose effects result in damage to nerves or vessels. It causes the burning feet toxins accumulated in the body can also cause burning feet.

Burning Feet: 6 Best Home Remedies That Bring Instant Relief
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Q1. How do I stop the burning sensation in my feet?

Ans1. To get rid of burning feet, the most important thing is to solve its cause. If it is excessive, keeping it in cool water gives relief. Some creams and lotions also bring relief.

Q2. Is burning feet on?

Ans2. Numbness in hands and feet under diabetes nerve pain when there is nerve damage.

Q3. Can burning feet be normal?

Ans3. Sometimes when the heart obstructs the blood supply and cholesterol accumulates on the wall of the arteries, there is also a sensation.

Q4. What are the early signs of heart blockage?

Ans4. The first symptoms are chest pain heart blockage Dizziness, Nausea, Shortness of breath, Sweating, and Weakness, Many types of problems come like this.

Q5. Will burning feet go away?

Ans5. Burning feet is a sign of serious illness Diabetes Malnutrition can be the cause of the nervous system.

Q6. Is Walking Good for Burning Feet?

Ans6. Blood circulation is massaged in the feet and it is beneficial for neuropathy.  Walking provides exercise which is beneficial for burning feet.

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Q7. What is nerve damage in the foot?

Ans7. When the nerves of the hands and feet get damaged, this mostly happens in people over 50.

Q8. What causes a burning sensation in the feet?

Ans8. This problem occurs due to a deficiency of Vitamin B5, B12, and Vitamin A for this these vitamins should be used.

Causes Of Burning Feet

Increased Thyroid

Sometimes there is a condition of tightness and tension in the veins even in the case of thyroid enlargement. Because in the veins and blood vessels, the cord of blood starts getting obstructed, which is the cause of burning feet.


Most of these diseases affect the nervous system of our body. Blood vessels for circulation of the whole body swelling and blockage start. So if sugar is being produced in excess in the body and it is not being controlled by insulin, then due to its effect, weakness starts coming into the nerves.

Alcohol Consumption

Many times when alcohol is consumed in large quantities, even then it has a lot of pressure. Alcohol causes abnormal reactions in the body as it increases the risk of infection and damage to the blood vessels of the liver and intestines and that’s why burning feet signifies that something has happened in the body and its symptoms start coming on the body.

Burning Feet: 6 Best Home Remedies That Bring Instant Relief

Nutrient Deficiencies

The body needs essential elements to carry out its daily routine. But when there is a lack of these things in the body due to many reasons that is, when the nutrients in the body do not constitute the nutrition items, then they are deficient. A deficiency of Vitamin B in these elements leads to burning feet because Vitamin is responsible for maintaining the nervous system and blood vessels. Its deficiency disturbs the nerves and is responsible for burning feet.

Hormones Changing

The effect of many hormonal changes in the body also affects all the nerves of the body. The effect of changing hormones on thyroid menstrual cycle and diabetes.

Accumulated Toxins

If you have to face any kind of problem then there must be some reason behind it. Toxic substances accumulated in many parts of the body can also cause burning feet. Because when any kind of filth starts to accumulate in the veins or in the blood vessels. So their efficiency is affected and this kind of problem arises.

HIV Infection

The effect of any kind of body wicker can also have a direct effect on such infection, the nerves and vessels of the whole body get infected and because all the pressure comes on the peri, it gets affected more.

Some Home Remedies

1. Treat The Reasons

To cure burning feet, first, you have to correct the cause that is responsible for it. Diabetes thyroid hormone or correct kidney or any other disease. So that due to the increase in these diseases, we can avoid facing such problems.

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2. Do an Ice Bucket Foot Massage

The best and most effective and relieving remedy is cause there’s a lot of effect in burning feet keeping feet in cold water for a few minutes makes them feel cool add ice cubes if possible and keep your feet in cold water for as long as you can tolerate. Do not force too much, it may cause harm instead of benefit. At the same time, the tension and tingling of the nervous also reduce. Along with this, the mind also relaxes due to its coolness.

3. Supply Of Nutrients

Many times this problem also has to be faced due to a lack of nutrients. Vitamin B supplements can be taken for the strength of the nerves. Because Nutrition is needed for proper work and lack of it gives trouble that’s why vitamin-rich vegetables should be eaten.

4. Stop Overdosing

Sometimes taking too much medicine also has side effects. Whenever there is a minor problem, he keeps taking medicine from the medicated store. mild pain or cold which has terrible side effects on the nervous system. Sometimes the blockage in them increases so much that they stop working. So leave your addiction to medicine and home remedies for a little illness, to stop their negative impact.

Burning Feet: 6 Best Home Remedies That Bring Instant Relief
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5. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a medicine in itself it has been used as medicine since ancient times. So drinking a pinch of turmeric powder mixed with lukewarm milk or water ends the stiffness and pain of all veins and is also effective in reducing blockage.

6. Nervous Exercise

To solve the problems occurring in the veins, they can be used for recovery exercises but it should be done according to the information of the specialist. This will remove the stiffness and weakness in them and the pain will be resolved.


There are many reasons why healing feet may occur. The effect of diseases occurring in most of the body also affects the power of the nerves and damage and weakness have started coming in them. What causes the problem of burning feet So to correct it, troubleshoot the factors responsible for it and prevent any nutritional deficiencies. Correct routine in which nutritional vibration exercise hormones balance and in view of this, even if there is a problem, then try to treat it in a domestic way.




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