Depression : 5 Best Possible Home Treatment


Sometimes we wonder who ever used to meet everyone with so much love now suddenly why has he started living like stranger then it comes to know that he has become a depressed or in depression, that is, now he likes to be alone instead of talking to anyone. It shows that the depressed person has no interest in anyone, so let us know why this happens and how it will be saved. 

What Is Depression? 

When a person starts feeling sad be sad at any moment if something good is happening, then you have to suffer from the stressed. it’s a mental disorder. overthinking something in the mind causes depression.

Symptoms Of Depression  

1. Always Be Sad 

The patient of depression always remains sad, whether it is a festival or a matter of happiness like a loved one’s wedding or party, but the mind remains upset. No matter how much you try to happy your mind, you do not find any happiness anywhere rather, anger comes from anger.  

2. Lost Of Interest  

Don’t feel like doing anything I have become disinterested in things I used to be interested in doing earlier. 

3. Change In Appetite Or Overeating  

Some people get the problem of hunger like no one feels hungry at all and many people feel more hungry and eat more if they feel anything wrong. In depression, there is a desire to eat mostly sweets, then the patient increases the weight by eating more and when there is very little appetite, then the patient’s weight should be loose. 

4. Sleeplessness 

Sleeplessness is a common symptom in depressed patients. Doctors give them medicine to make them sleepy. At the time of sleeping, nagging thoughts keep coming in the mind, which become a hindrance in sleep. Even when sleepy, getting up suddenly or waking up very early and not being able to get enough sleep. 

5. Negative Thoughts 

Think negative about everything and mistaking myself for everything. The feeling of guilt starts coming that I have spoiled everything, now there is nothing else which can do such useless things in the mind. Starting to become hopeless thinking like this I have done very wrong thing, now there is no solution for this.  

6. Lack Of Concentration 

Can’t work with full dedication in any work while doing any work, full attention remains disturbed, some other thoughts keep running in the mind. Don’t know if you want to control your mind If you are doing some work and your mind is engaged in something else, it means that the mind does not get peace anywhere.

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Types Of Depression 


1. Major Depressive Disorder

When you are in a state of depression for most of the days, your mind does not work in any work and likes to be alone have started sleeping more or can’t sleep at all.

2. Persistent Depressive Disorder

In this, I do not feel like under any oath, distance is made from social activity and when depression has been present for more than 2 years, then the condition is called persistent depression. The stress level decreases and body feels weak useless thoughts keep coming to mind. 

3. Prenatal Depression

In women, pregnancy lasts for four weeks before child birth. At this time, thoughts of anger, sadness and hurting yourself and the child keep running in the mind have trouble taking care of the child. 

Reasons Of Depression 

1. Genetic Reasons  

In some people, genes are also responsible for depression by the way, genetic resin cannot be called the reason because many types of genes are responsible for the formation of this binary but in spite of this it has been observed that if there is a problem of depression in the family then there are more chances of it happening. 

2. Sudden Passed Of A Loved One 

Sometimes sadness fills my heart even after leaving someone dear to me all of a sudden mind is not ready to accept. 

3. Serious Illness 

When medicines have to be taken for a long time due to some serious disease, then the side effects of the drug can only cause depression.  

4. Brain Structure  

Release  more stress hormones cortisol hormone is produced which has a wide influence on the development of the hippocampus due to which it is of small size in depression patients so from this part of the brain, the signals of cataracts are received and when there is a disturbance in its function then  the brain is also effective in increasing depression. 

5. Hormones Disable  

Sometimes hormone imbalance also causes depression. Stress hormones are changed in high amount and not control which In such a situation the brain goes into depression. 

6. Chemical Change  

Sometimes the chances of depression also secrets of brain chemical  dopamine serotonin. These chemical hormones have a direct effect on our thinking and we start feeling dull. Irritability starts coming, if it persists for some time, then it is okay, but if it continues like this, then depression is caused by chemical changes. 

Solutions Of Depression

1. Stop Overthinking 

The patient who does the most in this disease is overthinking, due to which unnecessary chemical and hormonal disturbances occur in the mind. If the structure of the mind is also affected one should not keep thinking unnecessarily one should understand the mind a little and leave the negativity thought and move towards positivity. 

2. Perfect Routine Follow 

Good routine is very important for good health being lazy leads to happy hormones secrets so wake up early every morning and do proper exercise and eat fruits and vegetables that rally good hormones. Although these things do not cure the disease, but to a great extent it will help in brain hormones and chemical release. 

3. Take Interest In Your Hobby 

If the patient does any work of his choice, then there will be concentration in the mind, brain happy hormones are released and this reduces the stress level to some extent. 

4. Participate In Relative And Social Work 

Your  should go to the birthday party or wedding of the relative so that he can meet everyone and get pleasure from meeting everyone. Should do social service work to relieve stress so that happy hormones are released.  

5. Meditation 

Meditation to divert the mind from  It is a very effective remedy, it makes the mind stable and stress hormones are not produced, but happy hormones are released, which drive away the stress. 


By the way, there is no special role of good routine in this disease, it is more important than understanding your mind by yourself. When you will control your mind, stop worrying, focus on interesting things and remove stress, then only you can get freedom from depression. 




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