What Is Hay Fever, 5 Best Ways To Avoid It


Hay Fever is the main reason for cough and cold in summer. This symptom comes to many people in summer. This mostly happens to weak metabolism people. Most of the symptoms are seen by those with sinus disease and sometimes we drink cold water directly from the heat whenever this symptom and disease occurs.

What Is Hay Fever?

Hay fever is an allergic disease these are caused by common allergies. This disease has symptoms like normal cold, cold and fever although there is fever in its name, but usually there is no fever in it. In this, the body starts making antibodies against some normal harmful things.

The body considers these things to be harmful when such antibodies enter the body and the body comes in contact with such things. So the body feels like an allergy and the body reacts to it and we see symptoms like cold and flu. This is what we call hay fever in medical language. Rushes also a biggest factor to represent the hay fever are present in the body or not.

Common Cold And Flu

Cold and flu is a viral disease in which symptoms like normal fever, cough, cold appear. In this, symptoms like normal fever, sore throat and runny nose are also visible and it lasts for 5 to 7 days. If we do not treat it at the right time, it can last for more than 5 to 7 days.

Sometimes there is pain in the body inside this viral disease and headache is normal inside it. This comment and cold flu is caused by coming into the infection of an infected person. The only cure for this is to keep distance from the infected person and keep taking its medicines from time to time so that its symptoms do not spread much and it gets cured at the right time.

If we ignore the common cold indigenous viral disease, then it gives birth to a big disease like asthma and then we have to take treatment and medicines for diseases like this asthma throughout our life.

The Time Of Hay Fever Is Highest?

Hay Fever depends on the thing, what are you allergic to? Most people are allergic to the pollen Grain. This Pollen Grain breaks down and plays in the atmosphere especially this Pollen Grain spreads during the spring season.

So some people get this virus in the spring season because it spreads mostly in the spring season. Those who are allergic to animal hair get this allergy at any time. Many people are allergic to cockroaches and small insect waste material. They also get this hay fever at any time of the year.


  • Cold
  • Runny noise
  • Sinus
  • To have a sore throat
  • Mild cough
  • Symptoms appear immediately after coming in contact with the thing you are allergic to.

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How To Differentiate This Hay Fever From Common Cold And Flu?

1. Hay Fever

  • There is no fever in hay fever.
  • Hay fever is caused by allergy.
  • Hay fever usually does not cause body aches.
  • Hay fever is caused by coming in contact with something you are allergic to

2. Common Cold And Flu

  • There is have fever in common cold and flue.
  • Common cold and flu is a viral disease.
  • Common cold and flu cause body ache.
  • Occurs in 5 to 7 days after coming symptoms in contact with a person infected with common cold and flu.

Risk Factor

  • Hay fever is not a fatal disease.
  • This Hay fever affects the quality of life.
  • Don’t mind your work.
  • Sore throat or pain.
  • Heaviness and pain in the head.
  • running nose.
  • Due to all these things, the productivity of a person decreases.

Rescue and Cure

  1. Do not come in contact with anything you are allergic to.
  2. If the symptoms of this hay fever come inside you, then the doctor gives you anti-allergy medicines. Due to which you get relief inside the hay fever.
  3. These people get these symptoms in a particular season, So, doctors give these people a prescription only after the start of the season, which has to be taken only after the start of the season.
  4. Cleanliness is necessary to avoid any disease.
  5. You must have good nutrition.
  6. Your water intake should be good during hay fever.
  7. Avoid coming in close contact with people.

Diet To Eat

Inside this fever, we should eat good nutritional food because we need nutrition to maintain this fever. You can use to less water for wash rice because in rice have more nutrients but we can wash rice in again and again then much nutrients are flow in the water.

Mostly we can eat more nutrients in vegetable and fruits maintain hay fever. Many people not like vegetable then doctor and dietician suggests to eat fruits and drinks healthy juice to body consume more nutrients for body will be healthy and fine.   

  • We should drink more and more water to avoid dehydration.
  • We should keep drinking hot water so that there is a sensation in the throat.
  • We should eat good nutritious food so that energy remains.
  • We should eat more and more vegetables and food.
  • We should also drink fruit and vegetable juices so that the body remains strong enough to fight fever.
  • We should drink hot vegetable soup.

Treatment For Prevention Of Hay Fever

  1. To overcome the problem of nose opening inside this fever, it is necessary to take a bath of hot water, because if we take the bath then only our nose will open and we will feel good.
  2. We need to gargle with warm water to get rid of sore throat and throat pain during this fever. So that the infection of our throat goes away and the pain ends.
  3. We should drink more and more hot water so that whatever person bacteria is inside us, it gets over.
  4. Doctor’s advice should be taken and the medicine he suggests should be taken so that this symptoms does not spread much earlier.
  5. We should leave cold water and drink normal water so that the symptoms of our disease do not increase and we do not suffer much.


There are some home treatment of fever but if this not work go to your doctor for best treatment before its to late because this issue increase time to time.


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