7 Best Ways That Prevent From Jaundice Completely


Jaundice disease is going to happen in children and adults this situation comes when the liver cannot process the waste material in the blood and for this reason, this waste affects the body, due to which jaundice occurs.

What Is Jaundice

It is caused by a disorder that causes the production of bilirubin or prevents the liver from eliminating it. Bilirubin builds up when red cells are broken down and the liver filters the waste material from the blood, turning it into conjugated bilirubin. When a person comes out of the stool, too much bilirubin is excreted in the body, which leads to hyperbilirubinemia, which causes yellowing of the skin or eyes.

7 Best Ways That Prevent From Jaundice Completely
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Causes of Jaundice

1. Gall Bladder Or Pancreatic Gland Cancer

When a person gets cancer of the gallbladder or pancreatic gland, then the flow of bile stops and causes jaundice.

2. Blood Release Disease

It can also occur when red blood cells break down due to increased levels of bilirubin. Because when the liver takes out more bilirubin to remove the waste, it damages red cells and results in jaundice.

3. Constipation

When there is too much constipation problem in the body, then the body cannot get out and the waste material Chemical gases are produced from it, which mixes with the blood and also makes the blood dirty in order to clear this blood, the liver starts producing more bilirubin for this reason, when the condition of hyperbilirubinemia is formed and causes jaundices.

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4. Use Of Alcohol

Sometimes excessive consumption of alcohol is also one of the causes of jaundice. Because alcohol consumption leads to liver damage, liver function is affected. When alcohol accumulates in the liver, some changes take place. Many changes start coming into the body after a second of alcohol. Red cells are damaged in getting it out of the body, more bilirubin starts to form and the liver load increases and liver damage causes jaundice.

5. GallStone

In the body, the liver makes bile and that bile comes to the small intestine through the gallbladder so that the food can be digested it is connected to the gall bladder where many times stones are formed and when If the gallstones slip into the gallbladder, then there is an obstruction in the flow of bile, because of this jaundice can occur.

6. Consumption Of Oily Meals

Fried or oily meals are effective on the liver very much, So much food affects the work of the liver and it becomes complicated to get rid of waste. Abscess condition increases the amount of bilirubin which causes diseases.

7. Hepatitis Infection

The most common cause of jaundices is hepatitis infection caused by eating any kind of contaminated drink or food. The risk of jaundice increases if the outside open food or drink comes in contact with an infected person or consuming any kind of stale food or drink increases the chances of Hepatitis A, B, or C. In these, hepatitis A is caused by internal intake while hepatitis B is caused by drinking contaminated or infected food or drink from outside.

7 Best Ways That Prevent From Jaundice Completely
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8. Side Effects Of The Medicines

Sometimes there is a possibility of jaundice due to the wrong effect of the medicine. Whereas in view of the side effects of the medicine, the infection in the liver increases or the function of the liver is affected and when the waste is not expelled, a large amount of bilirubin starts to build up. So in that situation the chances of getting jaundice increase.

Prevention Of Jaundice

1. Avoid Street Food Or Drink

It is also caused by Hepatitis B In which deaf-contaminated or uninfected drinks and goods are the main reason. So to prevent this from happening, first of all, stop street food and drink completely. There will be no risk of jaundice from touching an infected person or from a bacterial infection in the external environment. Food or drink should be prepared cleanly at home and no food should be taken from outside.

2. Drink Purify Water

Do not use any food or drink from outside and even at home, only pure water should be taken in it. Because there are many types of bacteria in the unfiltered water, which are helpful in spreading the disease and polluted water takes a long time to digest in the blood. Consumption of such water increases the amount of bilirubin and causes jaundice.

3. Drink Proper Water Or Glucose

If anyone ever complains of Jaundice, drink plenty of Glucose or clean water. Because there is a loose mission in it, then to keep the body hydrated, the intake of water and glucose will prevent dehydration.

4. Avoid Spicy Foods

Any kind of spicy and fried food should not be consumed. Such food damages the liver and affects its metabolism. It takes a lot of time for the liver to digest such food, or it takes a lot of time to get rid of the waste, which is why it is necessary to avoid consuming nutritious or nutritious food. Stop using spicy and fried food completely.

5. Cure Stone

Sometimes the reason for this problem is the presence of stones in any part of the body. Because due to the presence of stones, the excretion of waste and urine from the body becomes difficult and disease starts to form. So to avoid this situation it would be better to get the stone removed first. So that the waste can easily come out of the body and disease can be avoided.

6. Quit Alcohol

Drinking alcohol promotes jaundice, so alcohol should be stopped completely. Alcohol affects the liver the most, so stop drinking it.

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7. Prevent Constipation

Constipation is the root of many diseases, one of them is called Jaundice. When there is difficulty in passing stool or waste could not come out of the body, So there is more effect on the intestine and liver and there is a risk of this due to liver failure.

People Also Ask 

Q1. What are the leading causes of jaundice?

Ans1. When bilirubin starts to build up in excess in the body and red cells start getting damaged and affects the liver due to which there is cholera.

Q2. What are the 3 types of jaundice?

Ans2. There Are 3 types:

  • Pre hepatic
  • Hepatocellular
  • Post hepatic

Q3. How long does jaundice last?

Ans3. It is a bacterial infected disease, it is caused by the increase in the amount of bilirubin in the body and it gets cured by itself in 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

7 Best Ways That Prevent From Jaundice Completely
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Q4. What foods are good for liver repair?

Ans4. Many foods give proper nutrients to the body but help in the elimination of waste. The main ones are berries, beans, whole grains, nuts, and cruciferous vegetables, which act as a cleanser for the body with extra nutrients.

Q5. Can sunlight help jaundice?

Ans5. It occurs due to an increased amount of bilirubin and sunlight helps in correcting the side effects of hyper bilirubin.


Jaundice is a common disease and can be controlled by consuming clean food and water. It is usually cured only if contaminated food and sausage and fried mail are avoided. Do not consume alcohol and stay away from any such factor, which will increase the amount of bilirubin in the body. then this gets cured by itself.











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