Knocked Knees : Symptoms, Causes And 3 Best Remedies


Knocked knees are a very serious problem and disease. There can be many reasons behind its occurrence and many times such a condition also comes from birth. Mostly 2-8 Symptoms are found in children of the year, which recover with age but when the disease surrounds, children of 2-13 years are more affected than this and with increasing age, standing straight.

The knees appear to be locked together and the feet are turned outwards. In this disease, the gap between the knees remains very few inches and they are seen to collide with each other. Distortion is visible even when standing straight there can be many reasons behind this happening and they can also be dried in time.

Q1. Can knocked knees be corrected?

Ans1. It can be cured with proper treatment and exercise. Effective treatment can also be possible with calcium and Vitamin D supplements.

Q2. How are knocked knees a serious problem?

Ans2. Knock knee is a common problem in children and sometimes it gets better on its own and sometimes it needs medicated treatment.

Knocked Knees : Symptoms, Causes And 3 Best Remedies
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Q3. Are knocked knees allowed in Ips?

Ans3. In this type of problem, selection cannot be done in IPS physically because in such a situation running cannot be done but very hard performance is required in IPS.

Q4. What age does knock knee correct?

Ans4. This jam can occur in children at an early age and goes away with age but under any circumstances, if the age is not correct till 12-16, then only treatment is required.

Q5. What are knocked knees?

Ans5. This is a situation when both the knees collide with each other while standing straight and a distance starts to arise between the knees. It can occur in both legs or only in one leg.

Causes Of Knocked Knees

1. Deficiency Of Calcium And Vitamin D

The biggest reason behind getting a disease like Knocked Knees is calcium and Vitamin D deficiency. Many times when the child is in the mother’s womb and it does not get proper nutrition, that is, there is a lack of calcium-rich things, even then such a problem occurs. because the bones do not get enough calcium and due to lack of calcium, the bones become deformed even after birth.

If there is a lack of calcium in the diet, they also can suffer from this disease. Many people who are not able to take Vitamin D even due to not being able to consume sunlight or even if they are not able to take it from any other source, still have to face this problem.

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2. Infection

Many times this problem can also be faced due to various types of infection in the bonus or body. When swelling due to infection starts deforming the bone, but due to not paying attention in time, it makes the whole bone brittle.

3. Old Injury

Whenever someone gets hurt in the old bones and due to this the pressure of the whole body falls on a particular part. The posture of the body is done in the wrong way, due to which a gap starts appearing in the middle of the ankle. When bones get hurt then due to their pain.

4. Crooked Bones

Sometimes when there is a crook in one of the hip bones from the foot, there can be a problem of knocked knees Such a thing can be done even from the birth of a child, or it can be done even after the birth of a child or due to some accident it is also possible in old age. Even when the full pressure of the bonus falls on the feet all these reasons affect the skewed bonus and the problem of conned bonus arises.

5. Bone Tumour

Many types of bone disorders and disease effects also cause Knocked Knees. for any reason, when bonus can be due to some kind of tumour when someone in your bones So there is so much unbearable pain due to which it becomes difficult to bear the body weight and full body.

Due to the weight pressure on the feet, the posture of the feet starts changing and deformities start coming in them also, due to a tumour in the bonus, one side of the part starts getting deformed, due to which such a problem also occurs.

6. Genetic

Sometimes this problem can also be congenital. When there are such cases in family history, then most are more likely to happen on the basis of family history, there can be a possibility of knocked knees.

Knocked Knees : Symptoms, Causes And 3 Best Remedies
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7. Arthritis Diseases

Sometimes bonus disease can also be the reason due to arthritis disease, there is a disorder in the bones, there is intense pain in them, due to which they are not able to do any work. This disease also causes curvature of the bones because in Arthritis there is a weakness in the bones, due to which the bones cannot bear the weight pressure and causes the knocked down knees.

8. Heavy Weight In Children

This problem can also be due to increased weight in children. When the weight is increased in childhood, then a full load of weight comes on the bones, due to which the bones have to face the problem of reducing the curves. The direct effect of increasing the weight spoils the positions of the feet and the knees start getting joined together.

9. Kidney Failure

Sometimes kidney failure also affects knocked knees. When any kind of infection in the kidney affects so much that the condition of kidney failure is created, then the toxin is not absorbed properly in the body. In toxic products, bones are affected or enter the chemical toxic waste and due to this deformity starts coming in the affected bones.

Symptoms Of Knocked Knees

• Knee pain

• Ankle Or Foot Pain

• Sore Joined

• Limp Walking

• Knee Instabilities

Some Remedies Without Surgery Recovery

1. Seek Treatment As Soon As Possible

If the deformity of the bone is treated in time, then its treatment becomes possible. Because when age is short, the bonus is softness So if you start exercising from the age of 8-13, then its treatment is quick and effective.

2. By Changing Foot Wear

To correct this disease, a special type of footwear is required, so that the effect of extra weight pressure on the ones does not fall on the bones and the damaged texture of the bonus also starts improving.

3. Exercise Or Yoga

Exercise and yoga are very effective for correcting bone-knocked knees for this the help of a physiotherapist can be taken and regular exercise and yoga postures prove to be very effective. You can add all of these to your daily routine for the best result.

(1) Running

Running as much as possible helps a lot in improving knee posture. Starting with work, one should run for 5-6 kilometres daily so that Due to the pressure coming on the feet, the texture of the knee will start to soften.

Knocked Knees : Symptoms, Causes And 3 Best Remedies
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(2) Sit-ups

With this exercise, you have to sit and rise by putting the body weight on the toes of the abdomen, due to which the texture of the knees starts to dry up and become correct.

(3) Lunges Exercise

For this, sit and put full pressure on the paw of one leg and do the same with the other leg full pressure should be on the toes so that blood circulation improves the knee.

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(4) Butterfly Yoga

To do this yoga, sit on the ground with your legs crossed. Holding the toes with the hands and moving the knees up and down like a butterfly with this yoga, the blood circulation will be good and the knee will get strength and along with this the deformity of the bone will be cured.

(5) Keeping The Leg At 90 Degree Exercise

Place the feet on an overhead object in such a way that an angle of 90 degrees is formed with this, the problem of knocked knees starts to be completely corrected.


If the problem of knocked knees is detected at a young age and treatment is taken, it can be cured soon. Many times it is not taken care of considering it as normal, as if it is automatically corrected in children of 2-4 years but in children of 6-12 years of age, if there is a visor, then treatment is needed immediately and exercise and yoga should be started because it can be cured by regular exercise and yoga.















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