Leprosy Disease Can Be Fatal For You Don’t Ignore It And Treat Fast


Leprosy Disease Can Be Fatal For You Don’t Ignore It And Treat Fast

Leprosy is a sin it is not a curse. Everyone must have seen this slogan written in any public place at some time or the other because in our country, there is a thinking about leprosy disease that affects only a sinner which never gets cured and the leprosy patient dies but there is nothing like this.

This disease can be completely cured and it is an infectious disease. It does not mean any sin this disease mostly occurs due to malnutrition so let’s us we understand about this in detail:-

  1. What Is Leprosy
  2. Transmission of Leprosy
  3. Causes Of Leprosy
  4. Symptoms Of Leprosy
  5. Treatment Of Leprosy
  6. Ways To Prevent Decay

What Is Leprosy

Leprosy is a progressive infectious disease caused by mycobacterium disease mainly affects the skin the peripheral nerves, mucosal surfaces of the upper respiratory tract and eyes. This disease can happen to people of any age be it a small child or an elderly person. Leprosy disease should be treated in the initial stage itself, otherwise it becomes difficult.

Transmission Of Leprosy

Leprosy is an infectious disease bacteria come out of the body of the infected person in case of fever or cough and by entering someone else infects him. It takes a long time to germinate also It takes 3-5 years to germinate. It may also take 1 year to 20 years for its symptoms to appear.
Most of the leprosy spreads through the nose and mouth, but bacteria also come out from the patient wound and infect another person leprotic life forms ulcers that also spring out from the skin (Hybrids spread).

Causes of Leprosy

leprosy disease is seen in a malnourished person when there is little chance of being alive in a healthy person. Leprosy disease sweats more in those parts of the body, whose temperature is less than that of the body part like eye, nose, skin & palm fingers and our nerves.

Symptoms Of Leprosy

1. Numbness in part of the body In leprosy, that part of the body whose temperature is less when it comes, that part becomes numb like eye, particle, nose, finger Nerve. No felt at these affected places. Neither any heat nor any kind of injury is felt.

In such a situation, if there is any kind of injury in these organs, then it is not detected at the right time and infection keeps on happening in them. And while increasing life, these organs are destroyed as you must have seen the fingers of the victim being bitten because When the condition worsens, the disease becomes incurable.

2. Do not blink an eye leprosy bacteria It becomes difficult to blink the pupil of the eye in leprosy disease. The patient cannot do it even if he wants to. When the nerve of the eye becomes very weak, then the person does not know how to blink even if he wants to.

3. Effect on skin sensation Partial or complete loss of cutaneous sensation in the affected area ,the initial sensation is usually light touch.

4. Hypopigmented patches large rashes appear on the affected part of the leprosy patient. The color of these spots appears to be lighter than the color of the body.

5. Thickening of nerves thickening of the nerves is due to inflammation in them. Leprosic virus also has a bad effect on the nerve and when there is nerve damage it gets accumulated and cannot work properly.

6. Presence of knots faces and a thick lump can be felt in the direction of the ear due to inflammation in the affected nerve, it becomes thick gathers at one place which takes the form of a lump.

7. Deformity in hands and leg due to weakness in the nerves of the parts of the body with low temperature, deformation occurs in those parts. The hands and feet get stiff and turn away. 

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Treatment of leprosy

  • Physical examination signs and symptoms such as hypopigmentation gel loss of sensation can raise a thought for leprosy. If a person goes to the doctor with complaints of numbness or rashes, then it is detected by testing it.
  • Bacteriological Examination examination of skin smear, nose smear indications about leprosy disease. On coming positive and negative in the test, it is detected to be positive.
  • By doing some other tests it can also be known whether leprosy disease is there or not.
    –  Hydramine examination
    –  Leporine examination
    –  Skin biopsy
  • MDT (the combination of many antibiotic) that used for the best treatment of leprosy disease. That is, there is multi-drug therapy in that
    multi-drug therapy rifampicin, depocilone, clofazimine ,ethionamide or prothionamide type medicine included.
    MDT for giving medicine, division is done on the basis of symptoms and signs of the disease.
  1. Possibility leprosy disease In this a person with 1-5 wounds is selected, but his treatment lasts for 6 months. The patient should leave his hesitation, shyness and come forward and get his treatment done. Rifampicin 600 mg once a month, Dopson daily 100milligram.
  2. Multi leprosy disease Those with more than 6 wounds or involvement of more nerves are kept in that category. Their treatment lasts for 12 months. They are given rifampicin 600mg for one month Dopson 100miligram daily ,or clofazimine 30050mg daily after one period
    Please take the medicine under the supervision of the doctor. Do not self-medicate.
  3. The doctor will give the right treatment only after seeing the condition of the patient, which will be the best and effective for the betterment of the patient.

Ways To Prevent Decay

Rehabilitation This is also an important fact in the direction of treatment for leprosy patients. Rehabilitation for the patient to recover from treatment so that he can lead his life again as before he should be reinstated back to his place of work and live like a healthy person.


Any disease can happen to anyone whether it is a children or the old age peoples but it can be avoided by giving timely help. It is possible to cure it if given time, take the situation seriously and immediately treat and give mercy. If there is such a patient near you, then inform him It is
absolutely free of cost treatment by the government.

The social organizations towards the rid Leprosy of Indi. Don’t give wrong message for any disease. Leprosy is also a virulent disease and its treatment is possible It has nothing to do with any. Leprosy treatment is “life-changing”.

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