Mosquitoes : 5 Dangerous Types Of Diseases If They Bites Us


There can be many reasons for a person to be ill. Because mosquitoes come from a very dirty environment and bite our bodies and because of these very strange diseases inside our bodies to avoid these strange diseases, we have to go to the doctor and take many medicines to get rid of these medicines. There are more than 3600 species of mosquitoes on this earth. This species is seen in very high quantities and this species spreads different types of diseases inside the human body. They are also called Macchar in the Hindi language.

Can Mosquitoes Be Harmful To Humans?

Yes, of course, mosquito is very harmful to our bodies because mosquitoes inject such diseases in our body which is very harmful to our body. Such Diseases are spread by mosquitoes such as dengue malaria, chikungunya, dengue, zika virus, head fever, West Nile virus and other diseases are spread by mosquitoes. Mostly female mosquitoes eat only because they need isolation to stay alive and the thing that keeps isolation alive is found only in our blood by these female mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes : 5 Types Of Diseases If They Bites Us
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Why Mosquitoes Bit Human Body?

As you must be aware that most female mosquitoes bite us and they need isolation to stay alive, they get isolation in the blood inside our body and as we know that isolation makes amino acids and amino acids make proteins because it is very important for any living being to live and because of this protein, the female mosquito develops its eggs.

What Disease Infected By Mosquitos If Bites Us?

1. Dengue

Dengue is also commonly known as break-bone fever. It is a kind of flue like a disease which is caused by mosquito bites. Dengue flu occurs when a dengue mosquito bites a healthy person. Many people do not show symptoms of dengue and they accept it as a common disease and start taking its medicines which do not benefit their bodies.

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Then there is only one solution for this.  For the person who is not showing any symptoms, getting the blood test done and then taking the doctor’s advice as to what medicines they should take for this disease. It usually shows some symptoms such as fever, vomiting, headache, nausea, rash and so on.

2. Malaria

Malaria is a disease that is caused by mosquito bites. This is a parasite bone that occurs only through mosquito bites. Malaria is caused by the bite of only a mosquito, which is infected with the Plasmodium parasite. When a mosquito bites into our body, its saliva comes in contact with our body, which carries our Plasmodium parasite inside the body and infects us.

Because of this, we get malaria which is the parasite that goes inside our labour and uses reports and spreads diseases inside the liver which damages our body. The symptoms of malaria are high fever, feeling sweating, pain inside the muscles, chill etc.

3. Chikungunya

Chikungunya is a disease similar to dengue in which all the symptoms are similar to dengue. Take pain in the angles and pain in the joints or maculopapular Rush Such things are also visible in this. This virus belongs to the alphavirus of the family of the Toga virus.

If the mosquito is infected with which virus and if it bites a person, it injects the virus inside it and infects it as well.  Due to this, the symptoms of this virus start appearing inside him. These mosquitoes mostly thrive in dirty water. Symptoms appear in this like High fever, joint pain, cough, cold, vomiting, headache, nausea, chill etc.

4. Zika Virus

The virus is a type of flavi virus that if a mosquito bites a human when it is infected, then the human also gets infected with this virus and it then shows its symptoms inside the human body. Zika also belongs to the flavivirus family. Zika virus is also spread by mosquito bites and the mosquito which spreads the Zika virus, bites only during the day, by which the virus spreads.

Zika virus remains in its centum for at least 1 to 10 days, which is similar to the dengue virus.  Its symptoms are also similar to those of the same dengue virus. Symptoms appear in this like high fever, vomiting, body rush, nausea, chill etc.

Mosquitoes : 5 Types Of Diseases If They Bites Us
Image By Pixabay

5. West Nile Virus

It is a single Stan RNA virus. this is a family member of the Flavivirus genus. This virus can cause fatal neurology diseases. This virus is also caused by mosquito bites which are mosquitoes infected.  If it bites a human, then this virus starts spreading inside that human body and infects it. This virus is caused by the bite of a mosquito called culex, which spreads the virus from bird to human.

If this virus gives blood to an infected person, then this virus also goes inside that person and he gets infected with this virus. This virus is related to dengue and Zika virus as it usually shows symptoms of these viruses. There are symptoms inside this virus-like high fever, cold, cough, swollen glands, vomiting, nausea, body rush etc.

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How Can We Avoid Diseases And Detect These Diseases Now?

There is only one way to detect these diseases. Blood test If we get the blood test done on time, then we can catch these diseases. If these diseases are detected on time, then we can take their treatment in advance without causing much harm to them and immediately after finding out, take the doctor’s advice and take treatment for these diseases from the doctor otherwise.  If you do not treat these diseases immediately, then they can also be harmful.

If we have to avoid these diseases then we have to stop mosquitoes.  By biting us otherwise if these mosquitoes bite us then we will have to face these diseases.  In today’s market, we get things like mosquito rackets that keep us safe from mosquitoes. These things protect us from mosquitoes for some time but mosquitoes stay away from these. We have to burn neem leaves in the house and pray in our house to avoid mosquitoes.  If we do this, mosquitoes will stay away from us and will run away from the house.



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