No Child Try IVF And Enjoy Happily Moment With Your Child IVF 100% Works


No Child Try IVF And Enjoy Happily Moment With Your Child IVF 100% Works

Motherhood means the happiest moment in the life of any woman. The most important and happy moment for any family is when In the courtyard of the house, there is a squealing tribe of small children.

But sometimes such happiness is not found in some premises. Many women are not able to have children. But Now a child can be had through IVF that is to have children and complete the family there is hope for the childless couple.

What Is IVF And Why IVF Was Started

IVF treatment was started in 1978. When a woman tube have blocked there is no treatment other than laparoscopy or binocular operation and despite the operation, the woman was not able to conceive that’s why the IVF technique was invented.

What Is Natural Child Birth

When the egg comes inside the fallopian tubes from the woman body, the egg meets with the sperm and a fetus is born. In 3-4 days this embryo enters the uterus and sticks in the uterus and continues to grow for 9 months and comes out through delivery due to inconsistency

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When Couples Are Facing The Problem Of Infertility 

1. First of all the husband and wife get some tests done by the doctor.
2. Simon analysis test is done in men like (Sperm count, quantity, quality of sperms, how many are alive, their ability to fertilize test in men).
3. Get some tests done in women like-

  • EMH test how are the eggs being made 
  • How many are being made tube test In this, you are tested whether you are closed or not Uterus test. 
  • How is the membrane of the uterus in this test Somewhere there is no fetus Or there is no clot It can be checked.

How To Make Fetus In IVF

  • Eggs are made by giving an injection to the woman. When the eggs are made, they are taken out by injection by making the woman unconscious .
    In laboratory, the egg is fertilized with the sperm of its man the embryo is ready in 3-5 days this embryo is inserted into the woman uterus 3-5 days embryo is in a test tube that why this technique is also called test tube baby. It does not require any incision or stitches In IVF.

Some Causes For Infertility


  1. Low sperm quantity and quality in man the lack of sperm in men and the quality of sperm have an effect on infertility due to low sperm or due to its quality, the embryo does not form.
  2. Movement of sperm when the sperm of men are alive or moveable is also a fact due to decrease in the speed of sperm, it is not fertilize with the egg and on embryo is not formed and there is a decrease in getting a child.
  3. Married at an older age In earlier times, marriage used to go only in 20-25 years, but nowadays marriages happen in the race of career. Nowadays the age of marriage has become 28-30 years with increasing age, the ability to produce eggs and sperm decreases, due to which the problem of infertility is increasing.
  4. PCOD or PCOS in most women most of the women have the problem of PCOD and PCOS this is also reason of the infertility.
  5. Tube block many women & Fallopian tubes get blocked due to inflammation, blockage, clots and sperm and egg don’t mix and even if the egg is fertilized by the sperm  it cannot enter the uterus due to which infertility occurs.
  6. Hormones imbalance worsening of hormones is also a big reason hormones are responsible for the formation of eggs and sperm. Hormonal imbalance In this, either the embryo is not formed or the embryo is not formed in the uterus or the egg or sperm is produced in such a small quantity that it is not used for pregnancy.
  7. Stress level our hormones seem to be disturbed due to mental stress or due to stress, the body’s strength loss occurs estrogen hormones do not produce any fat in the uterus and causes the problem like miscarriage arises.
  8. Bad lifestyle our daily lifestyle food has a lot of effect on our infertility lazy life.  
  9. consumption of fast food, excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine disturbs all the organs of the body their ability to work is impaired the process of making eggs and sperm also slows down.
  10. Obesity many a times its also becoming the cause of childlessness cholesterol increases on the body due to obesity which causes fat sometimes this is the reason for fat on the uterus or swelling in the tube.

Some Tricks For Natural Pregnancy And Childbirth

1. Drive away obesity Make the body healthy by eradicating obesity. Fertility speed can be increased by diagnosing the diseases and problems caused by obesity.
2. Exercise or yoga One hour exercise should be done every day so that all the organs work properly this makes the body dynamic and healthy. All diseases are destroyed sarvangasan and Supatbarjasan are also beneficial in eradicating the interference.
3. Green vegetables and fruits eat good habits food to be healthy green fruits and vegetable good food increases the will power of the body and increases immunity. It is helpful in fighting all the weaknesses.
4.  Away from stress keep your mind away from all kinds of worries and worries and find a solution for them. Don’t let unnecessary stress grow a healthy body resides only in a healthy mind.
5. Hormones balance keep the hormones in balance for this, eat well, be active, keep the mind happy so that there is communication of good hormones so that we can get the good factor for fertility .

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken After IVF

  • How much to travel – Travel as short a distance as possible. Avoid two wheeler travel can damage the fetus avoid long distance travel.
  • How much rest – There is no need to take any kind of bed rest after the surgery. Resting in bed all day will make you feel more tired. By doing some light work, blood circulation remains fine.
  • How much work Even after this technique, you can do your routine work. lightly. Do not lift heavy weights, otherwise there is a risk of miscarriage. Do not mop while sitting If she does a job, she can go to work, but don’t sit for long.
  • What to eat Eat homemade proper food only, fast food from the market, do not eat spicy food Consume apple, grapes, banana, green vegetables, coarse grains avoid alcohol and stop smoking completely. Tea reduces phlegm all these hinder the immunity.
  • Timely checking up and take care of your health keep getting regular check ups done to the doctor at the appointed time and kept taking the medicine given by the doctor.

If understood correctly then becoming a mother is not a stiff. This happy moment can be achieved with the help of today’s modern technology IVF. It is possible by taking a little precautions a little patience, a little care. IVF is a latest technology that works perfectly for child less women. But some time IVF not success due to some reason or you not follow rules so don’t worry go to you doctor and check.

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