Piles Treatment : 7 Natural Effective Ways To Remove Piles From The Root


7 Natural Effective Ways To Remove Piles From The Root

Tiredness is forbidden in today’s fast-paced world, similarly falling ill is also forbidden. Because it is very difficult to take even a day’s leave and on that one has to work while sitting at one place from 7 to 12 hours. It is bound to fall ill in such a situation. If the disease is like piles then Can’t even sit for a long time and have to face a lot of trouble.

So let’s know about piles, and how to solve it.

What Is Piles

Piles is a disease in which the anus where the stool passes is covered with a thin layer mucosa It is said. In this initial phase, its upper surface gets cut which if not taken care of the lower layer by cutting it, it reaches the muscles this is called fistula or piles.

Symptoms Of Piles

1. Pain and swelling in anus

Piles disease there is unbearable pain and agony while passing stool in Anus. There is a feeling and there is swelling in the anus because of this, the skin in the inner or outer part of the anus becomes it feels like hanging in the spring of emerald which gives a feeling of pain in the sitting.

2. Blood In The Toilet Pot Or Paper

Piles are of two types one is big piles, the other is bloody piles. Blood comes out while passing the stool in bloody piles due to the wound in the anus, due to the pain of stools, slow blood starts coming.

3. Itching And Burning    

In the disease of Piles, there is a problem of burning and itching in the anus. Because sometimes this happens due to not cleaning properly. We are not able to clean properly due to pain or it becomes the cause of itching.

4. Crack and wounds in Anus area  

In Piles illness ,end of large intestine and in the line between the anus crack which turns into a wound.

5. Skin tag

In this type of illness becomes a skin tag in the anus area. Due to constipation, contraction of the muscles occurs due to passing stool with pressure and it starts gathered, then it’s in the shape of a tag in and out of the anus.

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Discharge Of Mucous From The Anus

Mucus comes out from the anus in most of the initial stages, this condition is formed when mucus accumulates on the anus. After this, pus starts forming and starts coming out. Therefore do not ignore it and see the doctor immediately.

Reason Of Piles

1. Constipation

Constipation is the main reason for piles passing stools with more force during cobs due to which the muscles of anus get stressed. Due to hard latrine cracks occur on the walls of the anus and a wound is formed. This reason takes the form of piles.

2. Diarrhea

Sometimes there is diarrhea related to stomach disorder because of which one has to go to the washroom continuously and due to frequent cleaning there is a possibility of getting piles.

3. Obesity       

Obesity is also one of the reasons for the formation of piles bad diet causes obesity because of this, the inner part of the stomach remains weak and this latrine makes it tight. When a fat person insists on having a stool, damage to the muscles is bound to happen.

4. Vaginal Delivery       

At the time of normal delivery in women with the stretching of the vagina, the anus gets stretched with the stretching of the lucid lining of the anus, the blood circulation is increased and blood there is pressure on the blood vessels. This reason also promotes piles.

5. During in pregnancy       

During pregnancy, the size of the uterus increases, blood circulation becomes faster. Due to this, there is swelling in the muscles. And due to hormonal disturbances, there is also a complaint of constipation which causes piles.

6. Family History

If any member in the family has been suffering from this disease, then the risk of getting UOS disease increases. This is also one of the reasons for having piles.

7. Sitting And Standing For Long Periods Of Time       

Prolonged sitting the full power of the body goes to the lower part and due to the full pressure there the pressure on the blood vessels and muscles increases in case of improper circulation of blood, the skin of that place gets compressed and gets damaged and becomes piles.

8. Eat Spicy Foods     

Eating more fried food, junk food, flour food made from it is delicious in the taste point of health they have a very bad effect. This type of food is very difficult to digest and due to this the stomach lining becomes weak such food increases constipation and causes piles.

Diagnosing And Treating Piles

Palace happens due to many reasons, but it should be diagnosed as soon as possible. Because it can be the reason for the formation of some major disease. Due to piles anti cancer, herpes, tuberculosis, HIV & aids, If the fear of becoming remains, then there is a way to fix something.

1. Sits Bath & Hipbath     

One of the most effective ways to cure piles disease is to sit in a tub filled with lukewarm water. Muscles relax with lukewarm water. Blood supply becomes bad. Muscle contractions are reduced.

Take a clean tub fill it half full of lukewarm water. Now in the defecation posture, bend your knees and lower your buttocks. Dip and sit keep such a part in water that the buttock gets warmth.

2. Treat Diarrhea 

If you are having loose motions at any time or if you keep getting more and more then it should be treated immediately because Piles can work to increase due to repeated defecation, the skin gets infected and leads to the disease.

3. Drink lot of water    

Adequate amount of water should be drunk by drinking less water, the food does not get digested properly and does not get digested properly or the waste of the body becomes like a tight rope, or it damages the skin when it pass out.

4. Eat Properly Fiber Food    

Eat right food to digest quickly stop eating junk food and eat fiber food.

5. Avoid Caffeine   

when to consume coffee all these caffeine products cause digestive power of the body, weakness of the muscles, pressure on the muscles.

6. Don’t avoid nature call  

nature calls means when you feel like going to the washroom you have to go immediately at that time but being engrossed in some work, we keep harassing that we will settle down for some time. This is a wrong thing, many diseases get medicine

7.  Avoid excessive straining 

Whenever we go to the washroom and try to pass stool, this is also a wrong way, Do not put pressure on the muscles, otherwise the warts may not come out too much.

  • Properly clean the body’s part the buttocks area of ​​the body should be cleaned properly so that there is no chance of infection.
  • In case of severe pain, use the treatment prescribed by the doctor cream on the wound.
  • Apart from all these methods, doctors use botulinum injection. In this method The injection is given directly into the anus, so that the puncture wound of the muscle heals quickly.


By taking some precautions and measures, such a dangerous disease can be avoided.

There will be hope from everyone that disease should not be allowed to come by adopting right food and lifestyle.


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