Tonsillitis : 5 Best Solution, Preventions And Reasons


We all love kids In every prayer, there is a vow that God should give us their illness and give all our happiness to our children But there are many such diseases which occur in childhood itself. Tonsillitis is also one of those diseases. It is more common in most of the children because at that time the size of our tonsil is bigger And the outbreak of this disease is more in young age. Due to reduction in their size they are less visible in adults. today only know about tonsillitis.

What Is Tonsillitis?

There are two oval shaped tissues at the back of the throat which are normal and everyone has them from the time of birth their size is the size of a lemon and as the age increases, the size of the tonsils or tonsillitis becomes smaller and it remains the size of an almond helps in developing tonsil immunity they are needed more in childhood and when they are attacked by viral bacteria, they grow back in size. Infection caused by the attack of bacteria and viruses on the tonsils is called tonsillitis.

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Tonsils are of large size in children up to 7-8 years of age and do all the work of immunity but on increasing age, all the organs do their own work and the tonsils keep getting smaller in size. There is swelling and disease in the tonsil, which we call tonsil stones. 

Tonsil Stones

In the tonsils there are fissures which are called crevices the dead tissue, bacteria, and dirt get trapped in those crevices. Because of these bacteria, small stones are formed and white  grain is formed in tonsil This grain is equal to lentils. Both the symptoms of the disease and the preventive measures are the same. 

Symptoms Of Tonsillitis

  • Throat pain is a symptom of these diseases. Whenever virus and bacteria cause throat infection most of its bad effect emerges in the form of throat pain. It hurts so much that I don’t even feel like talking to anyone. 
  • In these diseases, there is trouble while sleeping. snoring increases in sleep due to enlargement of tonsils, its tissue starts disturbing while sleeping.
  • Have a lot of trouble while eating food When throat tissue grows and becomes stone have trouble swallowing because while swallowing the food, the gas collides with the tissues and stones, due to which  and hurts a lot .
  • Infection in tonsillitis increases due to increase in throat infection and this causes the body to react and due to this fever also occurs and due to fever whole body gets stiff which is very painful.
  • Headache in tonsillitis and the plateau of the tonsils this happens because when the tissue layer is thick, it stretches, which causes it hurts so much keep taking pain medicine for this pain which should not be taken mostly, they get more side effects.
  • Due to the formation of tonsil stones and due to tonsillitis, there is pus in the tissue of tonsil and bacteria start accumulating in this pus which increases the bacteria and don’t try to get it out by yourself, but see the doctor immediately.
  • Hoarseness in voice because swelling occurs in the throat due to the thick layer of tissue. The voice is not clear enough to clear the throat again and again.

Causes Of Tonsillitis And Tonsil Stones

  • Family history can be the cause of these diseases If the first chair in the family has had this condition, then the chances of it happening are high. 
  • Obesity also promotes these diseases obesity leads to high levels of cholesterol in the body because of which the tonsils have to face more difficulty in balancing the hormones more pressure affects the tissue and infection occurs in it.
  • If you do not take care of oral hygiene properly, then dirt gets accumulated in the mouth and messing up only leads to the inclusion of bacteria and viruses and when does the infection form. The mouth and causes of disease that’s why cleaning of throat, teeth and tongue should be done properly.
  • Sinus patients are more likely to get this disease. There is a risk of viral infection due to mucus in the throat. Due to which bacteria and virus can infect quickly and cause disease. 
  • People who are mouth breathers are more likely to get diseases. i.e. sleeping with open mouth or breathing through mouth bacteria and viruses from the external environment enter the mouth and spread disease by causing infection. 
  • Many times throat infection occurs due to seasonal illness and it increases day by day, which later takes the form of such a serious disease. 
  • Many types of chemicals are released due to acidity and the effect of these chemicals falls on the whole body and causes inflammation on the tissues. 
  • Drinking too much of tea, coffee and eating sour food also gives reasons for the occurrence of disease. Harmful chemicals such as caffeine and acid are generated from these things, which spread infection in the tongue and the whole throat gets affected by them.
  • The dirty habit of smoking gives rise to many diseases of the throat. The nicotine released from it causes swelling and infection in the tissues of the throat and is responsible for throat cancer Its smoke has a very bad effect on Tonsil Cavallari, it gets injured. In which bacteria starts growing and infection increases. 

Solutions Of Tonsillitis 

  1. Gargling with salt in lukewarm water is the best remedy for all kinds of throat diseases and infections. Gargle kills all the bacteria in the mouth and gets relief in drumstick. Warm compresses compress the inflamed tissue and reduce the tightness of the throat hoarseness of voice would have been right just the skin of the organ. 
  2. Take care of oral hygiene, clean your tongue, teeth and throat properly. In case of infection, rinse with mouthwash so that the smell does not come and the bacteria can be killed. 
  3. Explain to the children that do not share spoons or false food items and after treatment, change the teeth brush because the former bacteria can be in the brush. 
  4. Wash hands thoroughly with soap or handwash after eating teach all these instructions to children so that infection can be avoided.
  5. Yoga Pranayama can also cure disease in tonsillitis. It is also beneficial in frequent sore throat in viral infections. Skull shining breath (Kapalbhati)and ocean breath(ujjayi paryanam) are beneficial in this disease.


The boomers of this street are very painful but In the beginning itself, by taking care in eating yoga and adopting domestic remedies, it can be beneficial to a great extent. 


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