Vitamin D Deficiency : 2 Best Tips To Get Vitamin D


Vitamin D is very important for our body Vitamin D deficiency also causes calcium deficiency in the bones.  

What Is Vitamin D? 

Vitamin D is an substance made in the body which is obtained from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

Vitamin D Has Two Forms Vitamin D2 Or Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D2

Vitamin D2 is found in many foods such as mushrooms. This vitamin comes from animal sources such as salmon meat.

Vitamin D3

The only benefits of this Vitamin D3 is the presence of calciferol anti foam or sun’s ultraviolent rays was in contact with cholesterol to make Vitamin D3.

Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency  

1. Weakness  

Vitamin D deficiency leads to weakness in the body because when there is a deficiency of  the bones, the bones become weak. 

2. Osteoporosis  

Due to the lack of Vitamin D deficiency, there is weakness in the bones and the possibility of bone fractures increases. bones start to crackle have trouble getting up suddenly 

3. Heart Diseases 

Heart attack due to Vitamin D deficiency the risk of heart disease and heart failure is high due to low O.S.D. levels increases the risk of heart attack Vitamin D maintains the amount of calcium in the body Vitamin D deficiency occurs when there is less exposure to sunlight. 

4. Mood Change 

Due to the lack of this vitamin or Vitamin D deficiency, the hormones get disturbed and if they are not able to do their work properly, then in such a situation our moods keep changing Sudden mood change becomes so bad that it comes to the point of depression. 

5. Memory Loss  

Vitamin D deficiency also affects the memory, it can also affect the memory hormones of the mind, such as the release of dopamine, which makes the memory weak or forgets everything. 

6. Headache  

Due to the Vitamin D deficiency the brain becomes unable to fight against bacteria-increasing , and by taking more pressure, the brain nerves get disturbed and headaches keep on happening. 

7. Decreased Immunity  

Vitamin D directly fights the cells present in the body which are responsible for bacteria. If there is no proper intake of Vitamin D, bacteria can cause attacks the Immune system and increases disease. 

8. Chances Of Getting Diabetes 

Vitamin D regulates the amount of insulin in the body or whenever there is Vitamin D deficiency leads to poor insulin level or body can’t converts insulin to glucose. Due to which the amount of sugar increases in the body and became to chances of type 2 diabetes.

Benefits Of Vitamin D 

1. Immunity Strong 

Vitamin D strengthens cells that fight infection. If these vitamins are in the right quantity then it keeps the immunity system right and body will help in removing all the virus and bacteria. Vitamin D protects the cells which helps fight diseases and protects against diseases. 

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2. Bones Or Muscles Strong c

When Vitamin D is in the right amount in the body, it absorbs calcium properly, which does not allow calcium deficiency in the bones and when the right amount of calcium is available to the bones and muscles, then the bones and muscles become strong. 

3. Beneficial Brain Development 

By getting the right amount of Vitamin D, brain development hormones develop in a better way. Vitamin D maintains the  oxygen level in blood so that the functions of the brain can work smoothly. It keeps the amount of calcium correct, which strengthens the bones of the brain. 

4. Auto-immune Disease Reduce 

Vitamin D3 is made when sunlight hits the skin by consuming it in the right amount, diseases like auto-immune can be fought an incurable disease like psoriasis can also be controlled with the help of this vitamin it is beneficial in defeating cancer. This vitamin keeps the balance of immunity which controls the diseases related to it.

5. Reduces Obesity 

As Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium in the body, which helps in taking advantage of all activities related to calcium as calcium protects the heart from disease, so when we take Vitamin D in the right amount, calcium is saved and and helps to eliminate all heart problems. 

6. Diabetes Control  

When the right amount of Vitamin D is present in the body, This vitamin removes bad cholesterol from the body and helps in reducing insulin and Vitamin D removes bad bacteria and allows good bacteria to flourish, which controls insulin levels and prevents the risk of diabetes. 

How To Get Vitamin D 

1. Sun Exposure 

The best source of Vitamin D is taking sun rays because when we take sunlight our skin’s cholesterol Combines with ultraviolet rays of the sun to form Vitamin D3 the best way to get sunlight is to sit or lie down in the sun for 30-40 minutes.

But to take sunlight properly, if possible, wear at least clothes because sunlight should be born directly in the skin and apply sunscreen only on the face and not on the body, otherwise the sunlight will not reach the skin.

Cholesterol Vitamin D3 production is cut off by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Nowadays all the work has gone indoor, even children do not go outside to play, so they do not get sunlight. So whatever work you do, be sure to stay in the sunlight for some time. 

2. Vitamin D2 Needs To Be Consumed Through Food. 

  •  Green Vegetables 

Mushroom along with Vitamin D, Vitamin B is also found in very good quantity in it. The amount of calories in these is less, so that it can be eaten in plenty and there will be no problem of increasing Vitamin D is also found in abundance in oranges along with vitamins.  

  • Animal Based Source 

Eating salmon and tuna fish It is very good, Vitamin D is found in abundance in it. COD liver should also be eaten, in addition to vitamin D, there are other vitamins as well or eating red meat is also beneficial with Vitamin D and calcium in very high amounts, which helps in bone growth and helps in reducing inflammation. Eggs are also a good source of Vitamin D. It contains protein carbs and all other nutrients along with Vitamin D. 

  • Dairy Products 

For Vitamin D, more things made of milk and milk should be consumed like Curd, buttermilk, cheese, butter should be consumed along with Vitamin D, calcium and protein are also found in the right amount in them.  


To take Vitamin D should be taken in the right amount so that there is no Vitamin D deficiency in the body or there should be proper development of the body, if sufficient amount of sunlight is consumed then all the diseases can be avoided. Vitamin D deficiency causes the many of issue of our health so don’t be ignore.







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