Wide Rib Cage: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


The ribcage is a very important part of the human body. Protects the internal part of the body like the liver, heart and kidneys protects them from any damage and also helps us in breathing. It is a group of 12 pairs of bones, there are 24 bones in this gauge cage but many people have complaints of disease wide rib cage. Because due to this, there are complaints of breathing and pain in those people, and also they have to face a lot of difficulties while choosing clothes.

Many times there is a complaint of pain in the ribcage it is seen due to a defect in any internal organ, because many times when gas is formed under the pancreas, due to some kind of problem in the liver, kidney damage, etc. If the pain in the rib is upwards then it indicates a cardio problem. Wide rib cage happens due to many reasons most of it is believed to be heredity and it can be cured by physical and physical pain to a great extent. 

Reason For Wide Rib Cage 


Wide rib cage symptoms are mostly genetic, in families most people have the same figure. It is mostly seen that whoever has this kind of problem in the family, then this goal is visible in the coming generation as well. Because most children have this due to their genetic properties because their structure is based on the structure of the parent. 

Rib Overload 

Many times, when too much weight work falls on the chest, then the possibility of rib cage bangs also increases. Because the bones do not gel so overweight and they keep getting stolen from their place by taking the form of deformity. Because when more weight falls on the chest than tolerance, then it becomes almost very possible to get deformity in the tail. This happens in those people who mostly work overweight, due to which when the full pressure of the weight comes on the shoulders and chest, it starts deforming the bones, due to which white leakage occurs. 

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Heavy Exercise 

Heavy exercises also lead to wide rib cage many gymnasts do such heavy exercises to improve their game, due to which there is also a change in the ribcage structure. Because many such heavy exercises strengthen the muscles and also develop the bones. This helps enlarge the cage, the master can make himself perfect for his games with this kind of technique. For this only such size is done which helps enlarge the cage. Various exercises are done

1. Push-Ups 

Many times with the help of push-ups athletes’ Heavy push-ups are done in different ways by sitting, standing and lying down, due to which more pressure falls on the ribcage and they develop bones and help them to be wide so that maximum pressure can be read on the chest site and the Ribcage helps to be exercised. 

2. Shoulder Exercise  

 Heavy weight-lifting exercises for the wide rib cage and this, shoulder strength is also very important. Therefore, while doing gym exercises, the first exercise to strengthen the shoulders is done for heavy weight lifting and when the shoulders become strong then only heavy weight lifting can be done so that the strength of RibCage can be done.

It is very important to make the shoulder strong for weightlifting, otherwise, the shoulder cannot play so much weight that it strengthens the chest and the muscles. So after strengthening the shoulder, the rib cage gets strengthened and their bones increase so that they start warding off on their own. 

3. Breathing Exercise 

When athletes exercise chest strength for their sports, they also use breathing exercises. Because with this exercise, when the breath is done in and out at a fast pace, then there is strength in the muscles and it also starts developing itself. these effects of bones also start developing themselves. Thereby increasing the width of the cage which is beneficial to the athlete in their game. Because the strength and development of these bones are very important for the bodybuilder game. 

4. Heavy Body Weight

Sometimes when the body weight is too much, then due to that also wide ribcage. Because it has a direct effect on the muscles and bones, and due to the pressure of excess fat, they get strengthened and due to this, there is a change in the ribcage structure. 


The wide rib cage becomes due to genetically heavy body weight and heavy weight lifting. Many people want to do wide ribcage to improve their provisional career. Many types such as weight-lifting bodybuilder gamers need to have a wide rib cage. To do this, they resort to a high-pressure exercise diet. Due to this more pressure falls on the ribcage and strength comes in the muscles and bones. which helps in building a wide rib cage.  


Q1. What is the bone between the ribs called? 

Ans1. The bone between the ribs and its called sternum. 

Q2. What is a rib cage called in Hindi? 

Ans2. Ribcage is called ribs in Hindi which is present in all animals and humans and protects the eternal organ.  

Q3. Why do I have a paired rib cage? 

Ans3. There can be many reasons for having a stolen rib cage, in this, lifting more heavy weights and heavy exercise can be done differently. 

Q4. Are big ribs normal? 

Ans4. Many people have wide ribcage like reason from genetics and many people can become the reason for all these related diseases and chronic diseases. 

Q5. Can removing make your waist smaller? 

Ans5. Sometimes due to muscles and soft tissue, when there is any problem in the chest, it can be corrected by surgery. Also, it can be cured with the right diet and exercise.  

Q6. Are Wide Ribs Cage Good? 

Ans6. Many people need a wide rib cage for their profession for this, they can be to aerobic swimming, hacking, climbing, and breathing exercise. 

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Q7. What is my rib cage size? 

Ans7. Ribcage size 32,36,38 depends on the bra for size and correct measurement, inches have to be measured from the inch of the last corner. 

Q8. How do you know when is your wide rib cage? 

Ans8. A wide rib cage can be detected by getting the test done with X-rays and a CT Scan machine and the symptoms related to this happening also start coming. 

Q9. What type of body has a large rib cage? 

Ans9. The body whose B/F is 10% to 10%, despite their short height, the cage appears large because they have more muscles and weight than other people. 

Q10. Are broad shoulders an attraction to a girl? 

Ans10. Broad shoulders look good on all boys and girls. If it is a workout or gymnastics, their shoulders must be strong and connected so that they can work in weightlifting as well as bodybuilding. 





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