9 Powerful Spices That Can Drive Away Our Bigger Diseases


9 Powerful Spices That Can Drive Away Our Bigger Diseases

No matter which part of the world the country goes to different spices are used to enhance the taste of the food and all the places of island continent, spices are used to enhance its taste in medicine & beauty places in making fragrant things or in any other way. The types of issues may vary according to places and resources, but their importance is immense.

In India, spices are even exchanged with other countries the business of spices very earlier time of India .India has established itself in the business of spices. It is so difficult to even imagine food without any spices along with the taste spices have a great importance in the medicine.

There is such a huge production of spices in India that it is difficult to describe their characteristics and properties. Know the properties of some spices, which are beneficial from the point of view of health.

1. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is used as a spice in food but many qualities are found in it which help in curing our diseases. The effect of nutmeg is hot, it is used in making medicines in Ayurveda. Nutmeg oil is also extracted If oil is used in food, you can add 1-3 drops in the morning and 1-3 drops in the evening in most of the diseases, given in morning and evening. In case of insomnia, taking 2-4 pinches of nutmeg powder in cow’s milk reduces the chemicals produced in the brain.

Lack of sexual arousal, heaviness of stomach, digestive disease, toothache, pus from gum, bad smell of teeth all get cured. All diseases of the brain and lack of memory, it is used in digestion of food in case of vomiting and all the problems of lack of eyesight will be removed.

Itching in the vocal cord of the throat, gargling with lukewarm nutmeg powder water in ends the infection, swelling. mixing aloe Vera or milk in its powder and applying it on the face then spots, pimples, melasma, wrinkles will all be cured.

2. Clove

It is a small fruit Its most useful ingredient is uzinol due to which all the properties there with is anti-infective it is useful in killing germs and It reduces pain. Chewing cloves in toothache applying clove oil gives relief.

Reduces sugar level in diabetes. Dilutes the blood of heart patient. Vomited because of its smell It is used in the medicine to repel mosquitoes. There is relief sore throat in swelling, cough. It is used in digestion of food in case of vomiting.

You can take 3-4 cloves daily. Or you can take half spoon powder throughout the day.

3. Turmeric

This spice contains an antioxidant called curcumin. Taking turmeric daily keeps our immunity strong. Magnesium, oil, mineral, iron and other elements are also found in turmeric. Consumption of turmeric water is beneficial for the heart due to its antibacterial and antioxidant a properties also blood purifier.

Prevents cancer from happening. Prevents clotting in the heart organs like liver, kidney which are toxin cleaners get cured all turmeric is used in cosmetics product.

4. Fenugreek

The solution to cure the increasing disease Debts in our country is hidden in the spices itself fenugreek be reduced if it is use daily. It contains calcium, mineral, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex will be available. Zinc, Omega Acid, Phosphorus, Zinc, calcium Many nutrients are found. 

Fenugreek cleanses the blood and controls cholesterol level also Increases good cholesterol level heart stock fenugreek cleanses the blood, controls cholesterol level and Increases good cholesterol levels gives strength to the liver the properties of anxiety liver are secreted.

Being rich in calcium, it gives benefit in knee and back pain even for the skin Where does the glow come from Increases the testosterone hormones of men, due to which there is a new freshness in them In women who breast feed its use brings good results hair fall because they contain a lot of nutrients Increases the testosterone hormones of men, due to which there is a new freshness in them It also cures obesity, sexual disease.

3 months in winter by taking grains and water soaked overnight can 10-15 days in between take 1 month in summer stomach related patients, Low sugar patients pregnant lady, heart ulcer patient, take fenugreek only after doctor’s advice.

5. Fennel

Fiber calories, protein, carbohydrates are used in this spice. It helps in digestion also It prevents the problem of gastrin in the stomach. It removes organic problems and It helps in removing constipation and eliminates the problem of frequent thirst also prevents sinus problems Gives relief in sore throat. There is an element name nitrate which control blood sugar Its gastric elements cool the stomach and Its water should be drunk.

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6. Black pepper

It contains an element called papyrine which improves digestion metabolism and helps in weight loose. Ginger and black pepper have strong benefits in cough, cold and sore throat and clears the chamber of the respiratory channel. Antioxidant civility works to clean the channels of the organs due to its antioxidant properties, it is used in the treatment of joint pain.

Due to the carminative properties of black pepper help in indigestion. Vitamin c , there are calcium, potassium which washes the light of the eyes. Clears the tail of the respiratory channel removes cholesterol from the arteries and keeps them clean, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack .

7. Cinnamon 

Maintains glucose in diabetes helps in diseases like dementia. Due to the presence, elements shinodermhide supports the circulation of blood. It lowers cholesterol also It helps in not becoming constipated in the intestines & Pimples, freckles and wrinkles disappear by applying a mixture of cinnamon and honey on face.

8. Salt

Salt is also included in the list of spices there are many types of salt-rock, black, white all of them have their own qualities. Black salt water improves digestion by activating enzymes that digest natural salts, hydraulic acids and proteins. It contains mineral cortisol and underline which works on stress hormones. There are healthy minerals present in it, which protect against diseases by acting as antibacterial. Salt gargle kills bacteria.

9. Red Chilly 

Red chill contain vitamin C & It contains capsaicin which relieves pain due to this, metabolism is controlled, which prevents the formation of gas. Fibroin which helps in the formation of plates is produced heart prevents clot formation.


It is very difficult to describe the world of Spices. It is such a poisonous treasure that it cannot be contained in so few words. So the quality of some spices is only strong everyone has different importance. Consume them in certain quantity, excess of everything becomes harmful. Get the right benefits by using right quantity

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