10 Super Benefits Of Tea And Coffee That Blow Your Mind Completely


10 Benefits Of Tea And Coffee That Blow Your Mind

Tea and coffee in daily routine life, we need to drink along with food then be it water or any other beverage. We need some drinks in breakfast lunch or dinner. Some people start their day with tea, coffee, juice or hot water or some soft drink. In our country, the day usually starts with drinking tea or coffee. Today we will discuss about these two drinks Tea and coffee are very popular drinks in our country.

1. History Of Tea And Coffee 
2. Benefits Of Tea And Coffee
3. Disadvantages of Tea And Coffee 
4. How Much Tea And Coffee Should Be Consumed

First Of All Let’s Discuss About Tea

History Of Tea  

There are many stories about tea in history. Chinese emperors used to drink hot water on an empty stomach in the morning, once some tea leaves fell in it and the taste of the water changed, which was delicious and aromatic that’s why everyone started using tea leaves. Sufi saints started liking this leave water because it used to bring freshness and energy to them.

In this direction, a Sufi Baba Busan brought tea to India before the east India company both monks brought tea to Japan, Bhutan, Nepal and India. In 1834, lord  William Bantric of the east company found assam in the form of a black drink. After discovering tea in assam, a plantation was built in 1 year from where tea production started in Japan, Darjeeling, South India.

After leaving India in 1947, the Tea board was formed in 1950. Due to which India became a big tea exporter 70% of the production is done in India alone. More than 50 varieties for dozens of recipes. Tea is used in herbal capsules, medicines or to correct the immunity system.

What Is Tea 

One type of tea is obtained from the plant Camellia scientists leaves are used boiled in water and dipped in hot water. Tea contains caffeine and polyphenol antioxidants. It also contains a chemical called tannin. There are many types of tea black tea ,red tea ,sage tea, white tea, green tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea, Ginger tea etc.

Benefits Of Tea

  • Benefits in heart’s disease drinking black tea reduces LDL cholesterol level & controls the heart are prevents the blood from clotting.
  • Cancers are possible by including it in daily diet ovarian, lungs reduce oral cancer.
  • Consuming tea in limited quantity is beneficial in digestion. The digestive power gets the benefit of having many antioxidants.
  • Antioxidants present in tea reduce dementia aging of the brain and Alzheimer. Antioxidant catechin prevents the risk of cancer.
  • The antioxidants present in tea help in reducing fat antioxidant EGCG decrease bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Thinness comes due to the reduction of obesity-increasing cholesterol.
  • The antioxidants present in green tea reduce fatty liver & reduces liver inflammation. Prevents liver cirrhosis and fibrosis reduces the risk of liver cancer.
  • The polyphenol antioxidant present in the tea helps in making the skin soft and shiny the free radical of the antioxidant food prevents stains.
  • The dopamine present in tea refreshes the mind by reducing stress due to this the body feels relaxed and feels relaxed.

Disadvantages Of Tea 

There are benefits of drinking a limited amount of tea but if you drink it in excess you also have to face the disadvantages.

  • The caffeine and polyphenols present in tea act as antioxidant instruments. Increases the heart rate which increases the risk of heart attack.
  • Excess of tea also causes brain diseases. Polyphenol antioxidant increases brain’s chemical serotonin in dopamine. Due to which there is irritability, laziness, exhaustion the risk of brain damage and brain cancer increases.
  • Due to the caffeine present in tea, it becomes addictive to drink it. Such a pond starts feeling restless without it. if is necessary to stop your routine work and drink tea.
  • Drinking tea in excess of the limit causes diseases like lack of sleep. The caffeine and caffeine in tea reduce sleep-inducing. Due to not being able to sleep after drinking it, students who study at night consume more of it but due to excessive consumption continuously, they become victims of insomnia.
  • Taking tea in excess can cause the nicotine present in it to shrink the lungs and there is a complaint of lung cancer every now and then.
  • Tea hinders the absorption of iron, which leads to iron deficiency and iron becomes deficient. Chances of anemia increase.
  • A lot of tannin is found in tea Its excessive consumption causes yellowness in the teeth.

Now Let’s Talk About The Coffee And Its Benefits And Harms Of Coffee On The Human Body.

History Of Coffee

Ethiopian it has 7th century khalid, a goat herder in the century, used to see his goat becoming more energetic after eating red berries.700 A.D. sufi in ethiopia reached seaboard in mica, yemen in 15th century from here Iran reached turkey, Egypt. and reached the whole of Arabia. Quanah in Yamen, Ranveh in Turkish Called Koffie in Dutch and Coffee in English. Coffee was promoted by Sufi saints. By drinking it, they could stay awake till late night, so they liked coffee very much. People used to take coffee while returning from Mecca. A Haji brought it to Karnataka and from here it spread all over Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 97% of coffee is produced in Kerala alone.

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What Is Coffee

The medical name of coffee is Coffea Arabica red berry which is the fruit of coffee. Berries are dried and roasted to make powder and coffee is drunk by mixing water with milk. Coffee contains Vitamin B2, B3, magnesium. Coffee non-alcoholic flavored or safe drink there are many types of coffee Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha, Turkish, Macchiato, Irish.

Benefits Of Coffee

  • Coffee has the ability to heal many liver diseases due to the antioxidants present in it. Lowers chronic DAS of the liver fat present in the liver reduces collagen. Reduces the risk of liver cancer to reduce liver disease, doctors themselves recommend drinking coffee. Brings pathological changes of liver cells & reduces inflammation of the liver.
  • It helps in reducing heart related disease, reduces stroke, reduces inflammation from heart cells.
  • Chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, folic acid present in coffee is very useful for the skin. It removes wrinkles and fine lines of green. Protects from photoaging caused by staying in the sun. Sufi has antiseptic properties which are cleansing and moisturizing.
  • The linoleic acid present in coffee helps in quick healing of wounds.
  • Black coffee without sugar helps to remove toxins from the body and does the work of cleaning the body.
  • The risk of reducing type 2 diabetes is greatly reduced by drinking coffee. 
  • Fast relief works for the swelling that comes under the eyes & Coffee’s face pack also helps for this.  
  • Coffee acts as a bonus pain reliever.
  • Coffee draws out some of the body’s water, so it reduces swelling in the body. 
  • When the blood pressure is very low, it becomes normal by drinking coffee.

Disadvantages Of Coffee

  • Coffee is a stimulant which acts on the bones and weakens the bones. Chances of weakness of bones increase. Numbness starts in bones.
  • Insomnia restless sleepiness Anxiety is created which creates difficulty in sleeping and this condition increases insomnia.
  • Coffee contains cafestol chemical which increases cholesterol level & cholesterol increases fat and promotes obesity.
  • Due to the chemical chemicals of coffee, it is a very stimulating drink. In this the pressure capacity of the blood increases due to which the blood pressure becomes high.
  • The caffeine present in coffee makes the heart clot bigger & blocks blood vessels. Blood does not reach the heart and there is a possibility of stroke.
  • Coffee increases the metabolism rate of the body and affects the power of digestion and food is not digested quickly.

How Much Tea And Coffee Should Be Drunk?

Antioxidants called caffeine and polyphenols are found in both tea and coffee a cup of coffee has 90 mg of caffeine, while tea has half the 45 mg of caffeine compared to coffee. Drinking tea and coffee in a limited quantity has many benefits and drinking more than the limit will cause more harm you can drink 2 cups of tea or 2 cups of coffee daily In liver disease, doctors only make coffee a little bigger. So you can take more coffee only on the advice of a doctor. Otherwise, they can get addicted and more caffeine causes harm.


We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of tea and coffee, so we should take them in the right quantity so that they continue to get their benefits and not suffer losses by increasing the limit. So make these drinks in different flavors and serve them. 




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