13 Best New Born Child Care That’s Really Help You


Every newly married couple wishes for a child. After great vows, when the baby had to go, then at the same time took child care of him. responsibility also increases worried about his overall child care and development for the new couple who have their first baby, the inferiority complex increases and on top of that If there is a single family, then it becomes a matter of more responsibility when there is a lack of grandmother’s advice. So today we are going to tell some tips for such mothers for child care.  

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Some Best Ways To New Born Child Care

  1. Make the mother and the best child care consume proper breastfed can be breastfed within 30 minutes of birth and breastfeed because mother’s milk  helps the baby to protect against infection don’t give any kind of liquid to the baby before 6 months and the baby’s stomach is very small so they is able to drink less food and gets hungry soon. That’s why you can give it in 2-3 hours as the baby grows in months, the feeding time should be increased 3 month old baby should be given two feeds at an interval of 6 hours and after 6 months you can breastfeed in 14-16 hours In this way. You can start small supplement after 6 months. 
  2. One should always take great child care of the hygiene wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly with soap whenever you pick up the baby for the sake of the child. Take child care of cleaning the dipper as well. Clean her private part with tissue paper or wash it in toilet tub whenever baby passes stool. New born baby wipe it clean with a wet sponge, bathe it in the bath tub when it grows up a bit. Keep in mind that the water should not be lukewarm and the soap should be baby shop only and do not get into the eyes. 
  3. New born baby needs 18-16 hours of sleep because this is how their brain develops. If the child is unable to sleep that much, then find out what is troubling him. Where is it getting hot or cold or environment or any other distribution bank If you do not know, you should see a doctor.  
  4. After 7-8 days of birth, the baby’s white decreases up to 5-7 kg. It lives in a different environment outside the mother’s womb, it is not a matter of concern, but it covers this weight in 10 days. If the weight does not increase and if it becomes dangerous, then show it to the doctor. 
  5. Baby should be fed milk in sufficient quantity If the baby passes urine 6-7 times in a day, then it is normal, he has got the baby right. If urine time is short then it needs more milk and if the time to pass the stool is 10 times, then it is normal if the If you are not passing stool even after 3 days then there is nothing to worry about.   
  6. New born baby is fed only milk as it may cause indigestion. The baby has to put pressure while drinking milk because even a little air gets sucked inside, so this reached gas makes it burp to come out. Whenever the baby is fed milk, burp should be done by hugging it to your chest or sitting on the knee and patting on the waist. 
  7. Sometimes the baby’s head tilts from one side only because baby most of them like to stay in the same position and turn their head to the same side from which becomes too flat for this, use baby head comfort pillow in the beginning. Mustard seed pillow is most successful And even after giving you time, you can get rid of this feeling with time you will gain strength in your back muscles and learn to balance your nose like this Lying down will not affect the head and will not make it flat. Do not let the baby sleep on one side for a long time, change its side once in a half hours.  
  8. Massaging the baby is also important to show relief nourishing the skin with massage helps a lot in blood circulation relaxation flexibility and helps to strengthen the whole organ. It also helps baby sleep Baby oil should be used for massaging the baby. Nourish the and body by patting with light hands.  
  9. While caressing the baby, many people do it by shaking or bouncing, which is absolutely wrong for the baby. Bones and muscles are not yet fully strengthened, so there can be a rash in them.  
  10. There may be problems like muscle strain or bone weakness or bone displacement whenever you lift the baby in your lap, keep the support of your hand under its neck and lift it slowly and in the same way while lying on the bed, take it back slowly this is the important part of child care. 
  11. Always dress the baby in clean cotton and soft clothes sometimes they wear fancy dress to go to some function. Which is not right at all, such clothes keep pinching the baby. He keeps getting irritated, keeps crying hard and tight clothes also give energy, sometimes redness and pimples come out. Even in winters, the inner cloth should be cotton then you can wear woolen cloth over it. They should be kept well covered in winter because they live in a warm environment in the mother’s womb. They are more afraid of infection in the cold weather of spring dress according to the weather.
  12. Small baby’s nails grow very quickly and baby can hurt himself because the baby moves its arms and legs all the time, due to which it can get hurt in the sensitive organs like eyes, ears and nose. That’s why keep cutting baby’s nails on time but do this only when the baby is sleeping soundly or else he may move and get hurt. 
  13. The baby is attached to the navel of the mother in the womb and has to be cut off from the mother’s navel at the time of birth and a knot is formed in the navel of the baby. So a lot of child care is needed until it dries There is no need to apply any kind of oil, turmeric, ghee on it. It dries up on its own, until it falls off after being satisfied, the baby should be picked up slowly and its guard should not be picked too much.  


Simple things should be taken child care of very carefully. Because the baby is very delicate, it should be handled delicately. Pay close attention to everything. child care is very tough for new parents but don’t worry here we have 13 best child care that’s really help a lot.





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