Heals Your Cracked Heels With 6 Natural Ways


Heals Your Cracked Heels With 6 Natural Ways

Cracked heel of the feet is a common thing and most of the people have this problem. This problem is found more in women. It is mostly seen that the explodes in winter mostly seen that the idea explodes in winter but many times the heels starts bursting throughout the year, which can be thinking nutrients, or any disease or cavitation. Let’s know about it.

Due to rough skin and cracked heels one of reasons roughness. Our body made a sebum, which protect to skin from dryness and when body made not properly sebum and skin not protected  upper skin layer. Skin does not know how to make its own natural oil so which is required by the skin. When the requirement of skin oil is not met then the skin becomes dry and looks cracked not see dull and hard and this dull skin made crack. Many people have rough skin due to which fissure creates cracks.

  • Dirt and Dust:- Many people don’t care about the dirt and dust they are not careful with cleaning. Due to not cleaning properly, the dirt keeps getting accumulated and due to the accumulated dirt, the heel gets cracked in them. Many people ride bike without wearing shoes. In such a situation, dust keeps getting stuck in the feet.
  • Lack Of Vitamin:- Cracked heels sometimes due to lack of vitamins. Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3. If the intake of these vitamins is reduced, then its side effects have to be suffered. Vitamins are very important for the skin, because due to these vitamins, cologne is produced which gives protection to the skin and the deficiency of these vitamins is the cause of heel crack. Vitamin C reduces dioxygenase
  • Lack Of Calcium:- Calcium is the main part our body. Calcium in our body helps in building the bones why is an increase of cortisol for the bones and when it starts working, the skin’s drainage increases.
  • Hormones Disbalance:- Hormones effects all our body works when hormones disable or out of control then secrets estrogen hormones which made the dull skin and become caused of heels crack.
  • Insufficiency Of Water:- Due to lack of water skin starts to become dry. Due to the lack of water, the fluidity of the skin decreases. Due to this, the natural smoothness of the skin becomes useless and the skin becomes dry.
  • Eczema:- Cracked heels is one of the reasons this type of disease can also occur. In this most of the parts get itching and wounds, then due to this there can be crack in the heel as well. 
  • Diabetes:- Patient’s chest starts getting dry such a diabetic patient whose feet have started to remain numb, most of them are unable to pay attention to their feet.
  • Aging Obesity And Neuro Disease:- Sometimes, due to increasing age, the skin reduces the production of oil, due to which the skin becomes dry. The whole weight of the body falls on the lower part and the blood circulation of the heel is affected. In many other diseases like leprosy, cracks are the initial symptoms. Pay attention, don’t become dangerous.

Apart from all these, there can be many other reasons for heel cracking. Some remedies to prevent cracked heels and tips to cure cracked heels.

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Correct treatment of diseases that If the disease due to which the cracked heals & then the disease should be treated first as in debates or if the heels crack due to eczema, then get the treatment of these diseases done so that there are cracks in healing.

  • Proper supply of vitamins that many times heels crack due to deficiency of vitamins in the body. It is due to deficiency of Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A. So amla, orange to cure vitamin C deficiency. Seasonal, Vitamins are available in all citrus fruits, consume them. For vitamin E, eat green leafy greens like spinach, fenugreek, beetroot. Vitamin b3 for this, brown rice, chickpeas, groundnut, broccoli, dates, milk, cauliflower, sweet potato, tomato should be consumed.
  • Take calcium right quantity that to avoid heel cracked heels, take the right amount of calcium so that cortisol can be manufactured properly and prevent cracked heels. To remove calcium deficiency, you can take tablet given by the doctor.
  • Moisturizer immediately after shower that Heel remains dry due to dryness in winters, or feels fatty in summers too. So the best way for this is to apply moisturizer immediately after bath so that the skin does not become dry. The remedy is very effective and it gives good results.
  • Water should be drunk in the right quantity so that there is no shortage of it in the body and the skin does not become dry. The skin maintains natural oil with the right amount of water and the skin avoids drying.
  • According to daily routine, a little exercise should be done with exercise, the functioning of the body becomes correct. The skin continues to get proper oxygen and the blood reaches the whole body which is less known to reach the upper part of the skin without exercise. So the right oxygen also reaches.
  • Dust, the heels bursting from the soil should be kept away from all these. Use shoes while going in the dust, riding a bike, playing running games. Laborer’s, cleaning workers whose work is heavy, they should cover their hands and feet properly.
  • Sometimes a wound occurs in the heel, it becomes difficult to walk. In this situation, see the doctor and use the medicine, lotion, cream given by him.

Some Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

  1. If the pain is less then you can use crack cream, Vaseline, paraffin basic lotion. 
  2. Keep cleaning the feet from time to time. Dirty feet tend to get scaly and it takes the form of cracks for its cleaning, deep the feet with lukewarm water for 20 minutes so that the heel becomes soft, then remove dirt part with scrub, then the crack on the heel is cleaned with dirt. 
  3. Coconut oil massage is also very effective in correcting cracked heels.
  4. Mixing a small mount of honey in ghee and apply it on the heel and wear socks by doing this the cracked heels becomes soft and starts to heal.
  5. Cut a candle and measure it with a spoon. Melt the same spoonful of mustard oil and candle and store it and apply it every night and wear socks.
  6. In the beginning, we pay attention to the heel, we can stop the crack. It is easy to treat the crack. If due to vitamin deficiency, due to any disease, or due to dust among all these factors should be selected and rectified so that the treatment of the cracked heels will be done.
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