Healthy Brain: 7 Best Foods You Should Consume


The Brain does a lot less in doing our daily tasks because everything is done after thinking carefully with increasing age, the ability to forget starts increasing, which is not right for a healthy brain. Any food goes into the gut and signals the brain to have an effect on the body and the energy got in the body to develop weight loss, improve infection, and recover from illness So, just like the nutrients you eat in food, you will get energy in the same way, so there are many such foods and fruits which will increase brain power and will also improve memory and prove to be helpful in the healthy brain.

Healthy Brain: 7 Best Foods You Should Consume
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Antioxidant Foods 

Dark-coloured grapes like black and purple contain antioxidants for a healthy heart, such foods should be eaten in which antioxidants are found, because of these poverties, it maintains blood circulation in the brain and encourages the cells and nerves of the brain Memory boosting and protects against Alzheimer’s disease. Apple, Banana, Orange, Pineapple, and Avocado is a very good antioxidant that makes a healthy brain perfect. 

High Fiber Food 

Eating high-fibre foods in high amounts for a healthy brain is necessary because by eating high-fibre food, cholesterol does not get absorbed in the body, triglycerides are reduced, and diabetes is also maintained. All strawberries, raspberries, pears, isabgol, apples with peel and all fibre foods should be included in the diet.

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Men need 38 grams of daily fiber, women need 25 grams and children need 14-30 grams of fiber. Guava, black gram, lentils, dates, bananas, pears, guar pods, orange peas, popcorn, carrots, and pomegranates are rich in fiber, which is good for a healthy brain. In such food, it is easy for homocysteine ​​to get out of the blood Which helps in removing any inflammation from the brain and sharpening the brain’s memory. 

Foods For a Healthy Brain

1. Oats 

It has the highest amount of fibre complex carb and contains many components. Contains beta-glucan soluble fibre which helps slim blood flow and increases neuron and blood vessel & blood flow and increases neuron and blood vessel function to increase memory power oats meal bound to the intestines prevents acid from accumulating in the body and is cut out of the direct digestive tract. Whole oats are beneficial in reducing inflammation and ageing of the brain.  

2. Sprouted Pulses 

Soaking any part or grain and keeping it outside, it becomes sprouting. Immunity properties are very high It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and fiber reduces body weight, it has the properties of proper flow of blood, which is beneficial in a healthy brain. 

3. Dark Chocolate  

Contains up to 50% cocoa which is a rich sample of antioxidant compounds. The flavonoids present in it play an important role in sharpening memory while learning. This is a great source of upliftment by using it, happy hormones increase, and the mood becomes happy, it gets rid of stress. 

4. Nuts 

Consuming nuts sharpens memory power and the Vitamin E antioxidant present in it is very beneficial for a healthy brain. This protects cells from radicle-free damage. 

Healthy Brain: 7 Best Foods You Should Consume
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5. Olive Oil 

Eating the right kind of oil also keeps the healthy brainy perfectly. Olive oil has anti-flaming and antioxidant properties which prevent free radical damage to tissue and Vitamin E and Vitamin K present in it help in maintaining memory in old age. There is no stickiness in it, which reduces the chances of brain blockage. Olive oil is very light and easy to digest and has an effect on the digestive system and keeps the brain perfect.  

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids  

Omega 3 fatty acid is very beneficial for the brain oily fish tuna salmon is more useful because the antioxidants present in it reduce cellular inflammation by reducing the stress cellular corrects brain ageing and neurogenerative Alzheimer’s, and is helpful in reducing depression. The positive effect of eating fish is seen on the body of those who call crawling fish, their memory is sharp, and their brains improve.  

7. Green Tea  

It is good in tests as well as it also has properties of healing power. Green tea is very beneficial for the brain by absorbing food in the gut and having anti-inflammatory and anti-flaming properties. Feels relaxation by reducing anxiety and contains enough caffeine to relieve brain fatigue. 


Always eat a balanced and nutritious diet for a healthy brain. Antioxidants and fibre-rich foods that’s food should be digestible and light, which is easily digested, which does not have to be digested which includes green leafy vegetables fruits whole grains pulses omega fatty acids Dark chocolate so that the memory of the brain becomes sharp and food energy is given by removing anxiety and tiredness. 


Q1. What are 10 healthy foods for your brain? 

Ans1. Healthy foods for the brain 

  • Fish salmon tuna omega 3fatty acids  
  • Oats 
  • Orange 
  • High fiber food  
  • Green leafy vegetables 
  • Nuts 
  • Green tea  
  • Olive oil 
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Papaya  
Healthy Brain: 7 Best Foods You Should Consum
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 Q2. What food reduces brain problems? 

Ans2. The best diet gives strength to the brain and keeps the healthy brain from diseases. Fruits Vegetables Whole Grains Nuts solve all heart-related problems.

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Q3. Which drink is best for the brain? 

Ans3. Water is the best drink for the heart. Keep drinking water according to your needs and when you feel thirsty. Also, coconut water, lemon water, syrup, tea, and coffee can also be drunk. 

Q4. How can you improve your healthy brain? 

Ans4. Eating balanced food in the right amount which includes green vegetables fruits and nuts Eating the right kind of oil and getting some exercise can improve a healthy brain.  

Q5. What is a brain-healthy life? 

Ans5. A life in which there is no risk to the brain of any type, that is, a healthy brain is absolutely perfect. Eat good fibre antioxidant food. Proper exercise should also be included in life as well as the brain should be completely healthy by avoiding an unhealthy diet. 



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