15 Super Ways To Treat Insomnia Sleeping issue Quickly


15 Super Ways To Treat Insomnia Sleeping issue Quickly

Sleep is an important part of our life. It prevent physical and mental therapy time this our brain are quite working during sleep our body restore energy this time. A sleeping persons is in the state of unconsciousness. Brain increasing neurotransmitter are chemical that help control awake or asleep. A full sleep cycle take about 90 to 110 minute.These cycles of sleep tend to repeat once or more time every night.

There Are Two Types Of Sleeping

1. Non-Rapid Eye Movement 

Non-REM. When we sleep deeply the sleep cycle through the first stage of Non-REM sleep full cycle 90-110 minutes we start slow down
and go to deep sleep this sleep cycle brain increasing chemical and maintaining physical and mentally repair.

2. Rapid Eye Movement

REM sleep about 1 hour and half we go to sleep. REM stage developed as our age like childhood, young and oldest. In this sleep eyes move rapidly in bursts. The usual requirement 7-9 hours of sleep night.

Why Necessary Sleeping

When sleep our body works to support healthy brain functions and physical maintenance and children sleep help to growth and development.

  • Weight maintain
  • Immunity boost
  • Healthy physical and mental health
  • Blood pressure control
  • Memory Restore consolation
  • Mood balance
  • Strengthens to brain
  • Restore energy
  • Hormones balance

What Reasons For Not Beings Able To Sleep In Insomnia Disorder

Most of problems falling the asleep. Most cases if insomnia are related to any other illness like depression or certain medications. It is often
associate with stressed anxiety.

Insomnia Are Two Types Of Sleep

1. Acute Insomnia

This can be short term mean 12 days or monthly sometimes, is not serious this type disturbance ends on its own.

2. Chronic insomnia

Some people have term insomnia these types lasts for a month and more time some people support the medicine to sleep.

What Happened In Insomnia

Asleep, waking up the night. Not feeling well, night sleep, anxiety, tiredness, depression, not attention in any work, may be full day irritability
Some reason not Being able to sleep.

1. Maximum Time Spend In Screen:- Digital time most of time keep looking at the computer screen, phone, mobile those blue light attract
mind cells and disturbance in sleep.

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2. Overthinking:- Some people have thought not necessarily think what happened, what not, should be done this type they think in full night and not to sleep .

3. Alcohol Habits:- Some people drink alcohol tobacco, cigarette, pan masala these secrets some harmful chemical like nicotine who disturb to deep sleep.

4. Night Shift:- Anybody worker, on night shift job do not sleep in night this way they goes to disorder.

5. Jet Lag:- Jet lag mean new shifting to one home to another home, or one place to another this new changing not comfort to brain and it grows disturbance.

6. Mental Health:- Some people already have mental health issues and take medicine. some These medicines chemical effect of the sleep.

Some Solutions For Sleeping

  1. Before sleep all gadget mean computer, phone, television switch off 1-2 hours before go to bed because mind take a time for relaxation so given time to brain cells secrets to relaxation hormones.
  2. Any type of tea, coffee should not be take 2-3, hours these things release a caffeine.
  3. Fix time to sleep we should not take a sleep regular fix time when we sleep our mind gives sign and when we don’t read command to brain then brain cells secrets not sleep as sign so keep fix time to sleep.
  4. Alcohol also effect to sleep. If have drink necessary so please take it in noon ,not in evening.
  5. Bathing with warm water we can take a bath with warm water, mean lukewarm after bathing feel fresh and relaxed mind our brain cell increase happy hormones that relief for deep sleep.
  6. Physical exercise every day should be some healthy fitness work when we tired, then become sleeping mode .
  7. Room should to be dark, and light colour and no any types noise pollution in room. Some people keep television In the room whatever we want to sleep and inter the bedrooms we thought turn on t.v and doing some entertainment. So bedroom should be only sleeping room.
  8. Sometimes talk with wife, child, mother or anymore person who have given you support for relaxation in homes you feel better than happy hormones developed and helpful to you in sleeping mode.
  9. Some should doing happy moment like if you feel better In shopping, so do anything window shopping and keep it mind in sing a song, doing dance do praise the lord all these things feeling well and fresh mind help you.
  10. You should do some meditation these release happy hormones yoga gives relaxation and mind fresh.
  11. Do not eat too much foods because if eating full stomach our sleeping cycle disturbance and you sleep already rather than sleeping period.
  12. When sleep not getting up we trying for sleep, and thought about it why we are in insomnia this over
  13. Thinking behavior more difficult for Sleep.
  14. Comfortable bed any one bed hard and small not support to sleep. Bed should soft and comfortable sleep score each night to help our improve sleep. All sleep cycle are important to our naturally regularly sleep overall body recovery period of sleep deprived.
  15. Deep sleep tissue and cell repair muscles relax and repair. Deep sleep made our agile and strength. All body perfectly maintain physical and mental health.


In this blog there are all the possible solutions for sleep try these all the things before going to doctor treatment because some issue resolve by this solutions these all the the natural solutions try these all these solutions of not work on you plz give your doctor advice because sleeping issue is causes by the some different issues also so plz don’t ignore it and treat it carefully because this issues increase time to time.

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