6 Secret Treatment Of Knee Pain That Removes Your Pain Permanently


It is forbidden to get tired in a busy life, everyone must have heard this and differed because in today’s busy life, there is no time even to meet someone if you go to some program and on top of that there are many tasks which are full of rush and while all of us whether we are whether 70 years old or 40 years  young everyone is suffering from knee pain. Earlier the disease which used to come in old age, now it comes at any age. Today let’s talk about the cause and preventive measures of this knee disease.  

Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis

  • There is a lot of unbearable pain in this disease, it is so severe that people have to get knee replacement and have to get operation done. 
  • There is so much infection that there is a lot of swelling in the knee pain and this swelling causes redness in the entire infected area.  
  • Due to this disease, when all the activities of the body get affected, there is difficulty in walking and there is a lot of weakness in the muscles. 
  • Crepitus condition becomes in osteoarthritis that is, the sound of coot coot starts coming from the bones and it is due to the lack of lubricants, when there is a lack of it in the bones, then due to dryness, such a sound come.
  • When thigh osteoarthritis occurs, there is a change in the cartilage of the knee while walking because of knee disease the changes shape of the knee and started knee pain.

Causes Of Knee Pain

The cause of knee pain is due to a serious disease Osteoarthritis two bones join together to form a joint. The upper portion of the leg  the tibia and the lower portion of the fibula form a joint and there is a cushion in the middle which is filled with lubricants called cortisol. It is very smooth and strong, when its quantity is proper in the bones then the movement of the bones is correct. when it starts to loose, then the bones start colliding with each other and this causes pain and swelling.

What Is The Reason Of Knee Pain?

  • Arthritis is the main cause of this disease because due to this inflammation of joints starts and by attacking the inflammatory cells, chemicals are released from the attack in the adjacent side of the joint, as soon as the side effects of these chemicals result, the joint starts to deteriorate. 
  • When a person’s ligature breaks, their movement becomes abnormal instead of normal and the effect of this abnormal movement causes wear and tear of the knee and pain starts.  
  • Ovaries have to be removed in women due to menstrual cycle or any disease due to which the hormone estrogen produced. While the ovaries secreted estrogen to supply blood and estrogen hormones that keep bones strong without ovaries, estrogen cannot be produced and the gums lose their to strength, causing pain and swelling. 
  • Sometimes due to fracture in the bones, gap starts coming in them and this also causes pain. 
  • Obesity is a necessary factor when a person has too much weight to put all the pressure on the knee. There is a bad effect on the work of the overworked cortisol and it starts to wear out quickly.  
  • Diseases like thyroid and sugar also cause knee pain. There is calcium deficiency in thyroid and sugar in diabetics. Absorb of many vitamins reduces the deficiency of Vitamin D.  
  • Many times it also occurs due to  take in the knee joint In the event of a  infection, there is a problem of swelling and water coming out. 
  • The effect of our wrong diet also affects the skin, when toxins accumulate in our body, then it is more respected in the skin and due to the accumulation of fluid in the ankle, bones become swollen, flexibility comes in them, swelling increases. 

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Treatment & Precaution Of Knee Pain

  1. Exercise is very important to maintain the lubricants of knee pain. First of all, lie down on the ground by laying a mat, keep your thigh on the rower if there is no rower. So put a pillow, now lift your head up, only you have to lift your legs, you don’t have to lift your thigh, this exercise will help in blood circulation leads somewhere and the blood calculation increases.
  2. Keeping the exercise ball under the knee, straighten the leg and give it a push, which will strengthen the muscles of the knee. Keep the leg like this for a few seconds and do the same with the other side. 
  3. Stand straight and leave a gap of one inch join both the hands and stretch the whole body upwards, keep the pressure on the toes, exhale for some time, go up and come down while exhaling. By doing this tadasana, the blood circulation of the whole cells remains correct and pain is relieved, as well as cortisol remains correct.
  4. Stand straight, keep the hand at a 90 degree angle to the side and while breathing, raise the hand up from the elbow and while exhaling, bring down the hand and if the pain is more, then without jumping, otherwise do the exercise while jumping together do not open the hand completely. The arms will go down from the elbows. There is a big advantage of this contortion. If obesity is reduced by this and muscle will become strong, blood calculations will be correct in the bones of knee, the toxin will come out.
  5. Put garlic cloves and ginger in mustard oil and heat it well so that all these properties get absorbed in the oil. The effect of this oil is very hot and due to its anti fungal properties, the swelling of the muscles is reduced and help is needed to make lubricants & message your knee with the oil in circular motion.
  6. Eating licorice and black pepper mixed is beneficial drink lukewarm water or two after consuming half a spoon of licorice and two pinches of black pepper. Licorice helps in reducing grease and black pepper reduces inflammation.


So by adopting these few tips like before exercise, the strength of the bones remains good but no problem comes & removes knee pain permanently. Take care of your health in advance and avoid all diseases. Don’t avoid knee pain at all because its related to many other disease so be careful and give a best treatment of knee pain.


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