Laung (Cloves): 9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Daily


(Laung) cloves is a spice whose medicinal properties are more important than enhancing taste. It helps in curing many diseases due to antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to resolve your liver kidney diabetes oral and digestive problems. The clove tree is evergreen, clove prepares it by drying its flower buds. Clove bears fruit in 9 years flower buds dry up and become clove. Its scientific name is Syzygium aromaticum. Its benefits are numerous, which is very important to know so that it can be taken advantage of.

Laung (Cloves): 9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Daily
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Benefits of (Laung)cloves  

Stomach Ailment Treatment 

It helps remove all kinds of problems related to the stomach. It makes all types of enzymes active, due to which the digestion process becomes very good, due to which the food gets digested quickly. It works to increase the golic mucus in the stomach, which ends the complaint of indigestion and gas in the stomach and improves the digestive system. Removes the gas present in the stomach and also eliminates the burning sensation in the intestines of the stomach. For this, making powder of 2 cloves and taking it with warm water proves to be very beneficial. 

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Benefits In Diabetes  

Consumption of cloves also proves to be very beneficial for diabetic patients. The antioxidant hypolipidemic and hepatoprotective properties present in it prevent the amount of glucose from increasing in the body. As the amount of sugar in the blood does not increase much and as a result of which diabetics or diabetic patients get the benefit of reducing sugar levels. This improves the lipid which is beneficial in diabetes. Absorbs the level of glucose thereby preventing the increase in the amount of sugar in the body. Due to this sugar does not increase in the body and the risk of diabetes can be prevented. 

Cold Sore Relief  

Cloves have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which prove beneficial in curing colds and coughs. Laung (clove) have proved to be very effective in curing seasonal cough and cold, it is beneficial in curing viral infection very quickly and it also removes mucus so that the respiratory system becomes clear. By which the blockage in breathing is also cured. For viral infections occurring in cold weather, people are used a lot. Because clove proves to be beneficial in curing all kinds of infections. In the cold season, drinking a decoction of clove is also very beneficial, it cures sore throat, cough and cold. 

Laung (Cloves): 9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Daily
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Better Oral Health  

Laung (cloves) also proves to be very beneficial for oral health. It protects the mouth from periodontal and pathogens dental bacteria that harm the mouth and cause infection. These bacteria make their home by eating the dirt in the mouth and phlegm starts coming. Due to this the complaint of tooth decay infection and breakage. Consuming clove curbs this bacteria and throws it out.

Laung (cloves) contains eugenol which prevents the formation of freckles. Also prevents cavities from laung (cloves) and has proved to be very effective in protecting against toothache and infection. Long is also used to remove the bad smell coming from the mouth, for this it is added to the toothpaste. This makes it easy to wipe off the gums from the mouth in case of severe toothache in case of emergency, applying oil and keeping cloves between the teeth in the mouth gives great relief. Clove oil is effective in all types of infections and prevents. 

Anti-ageing Formula 

Many antioxidant substances are found in people, of which plantain is the most effective antioxidant today. Which work as anti-ageing in our body, they prove to help reduce whatever problems occur in the body due to increasing age. Repair damage caused by free radical cells protects and helps fight cell-damaging free radicals. So that protects the body from many types of chronic disease. Diabetes cancer liver disease and enables them to fight against these. So this antioxidant strengthens the whole body by keeping it healthy. 

Cancer-Fighting Aid  

Anticancer properties are found in cloves. The eugenol present in it prevents cancer cells from growing and also works to eliminate fellow tumour cells. To avoid diseases like cancer, people should consume it regularly, it prevents cancer cells from forming in the body to a great extent and proves helpful in eliminating them. 

Antibacterial Agent 

Laung (cloves) is antibacterial properties, it contains an element called antimicrobial that’s why using clove proves beneficial in avoiding any kind of infection. It is beneficial in protecting against any kind of seasonal infection. 

Laung (Cloves): 9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Daily
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Keeps The Liver Healthy 

Laung (cloves) also prove to be very beneficial for the health of our liver. Laung (cloves) proves to be very effective in correcting all kinds of diseases in the liver. Reduces oxidative stress in the liver and regulates its enzyme along with this, the problem of fatty liver inflammation is also corrected by stimulation regeneration in the liver. So we can say that it is necessary to consume people regularly to prevent liver diseases. 

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Bones Reinforcement Aid  

Magnesium and eugenol present in laung (cloves) are very beneficial for the strength of bones. If the bone density has decreased then the clove increases. There is a lot of importance of clove in curing serious bone diseases, like osteoporosis and arthritis. Magnesium is also found in plenty, which is very effective for strengthening bones. 


You will be surprised to know how a can be beneficial a spice. Along with increasing the taste of food rich in so many qualities, it drives away so many diseases, as well as strengthens the body to deal with them. The antioxidants present in it strengthen the immune system and prevent damage caused by free radicals Strengthens bones, is a good alternative to oral hygiene and cures diabetes by lowering sugar levels Along with being an immunity booster, it is also capable of defeating chronic diseases like cancer. Everyone must consume 2 laung (cloves) daily so that the ability to fight against all diseases will increase and it is very important to avoid diseases.  


Q1.What happened if we eat laung (cloves) daily? 

Ans1. Cloves are an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and also removes chronic diseases heart cancer lung and liver. 

Q2.What happens if you eat laung (cloves) every day? 

Ans2. Cloves are rich in antioxidants and help fight free radicals Heart cancer and Lungs liver protection from diseases.  

Q3. Who should not eat Cloves? 

Ans3. Young children should not eat cloves, it slows down blood clotting, which can cause liver damage. 

Q4. Is laung (cloves) bad for your liver? 


Ans4. Uganal present in it is very helpful for the liver, which reduces the risk of fatty liver disease.  

Q5. Is clove water bad for the skin? 

Ans5. Drinking laung (cloves) water reduces swelling, wrinkles, and spots that are cloves very helpful for diagnosing beauty problems.

Q6. Is too many cloves good for hair growth?

Ans6. The antioxidants present in cloves help in the development of hair. The nutrients present in it prevent dandruff and makes thin hair thick. 









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