14 Super Methods For Normal Delivery That’s Really Works


While there is a wave of happiness on becoming pregnant. The worry and responsibility for the safe birth of the child also increases and due to today’s lifestyle, Caesarean delivery has increased. If the first baby was born through caesarean section then the chances increase more then .They will discuss about having a normal delivery without c section.

How Is Normal Delivery?

In normal delivery, a woman gives birth to a child through her vagina, no operation is done in this. First normal delivery takes place in 10-14 hours and second time it may take 6-8 hours.

In the first stage, the baby moves towards the uterus and the opening of the uterus dilates and says there is contraction in the lower part of the abdomen at the time of the baby’s movement and every 5-10 minutes contractions come  which is very unbearable.

When  mouth of the cervix opens 10 cm. and the child comes out of the vagina. Many times an incision is made to enlarge the cervix. There is unbearable pain in this delivery, to reduce which many techniques are being used. 

How To Do For Normal Delivery?

Exercise And Yoga Tips

  • Although everyone needs daily exercise but a pregnant lady much more required because it keep normal blood circulation B.P which occurs in pregnancy remains normal without being high or low.
  • Exercise should be done already in pregnancy. Do the exercises prescribed by the doctor. You can do hip opening exercise like sumo  squared duck walk child pose. So that at the time of delivery pelvic cardan become bigger and the baby’s head can come down. Sushravyayam, Butterfly, Sheetkari, Anulom Vilom, Surya Namaskar should be done at a slow pace according to self capacity for flexible pelvic Cord.
  • Walking is also a good exercise, it keeps blood circulation right. Keep it slow in the initial days, later you can increase it to 20-45 minutes. Walking should be done from the beginning of the first 36 months. This keeps the blood circulation correct also remains flexible which opens easily at the time of delivery.
  • Flexibility also helps in resilience in the uterus helps at the time of delivery due to the good flexibility of muscles, the problem of stiffness can be avoided during pelvic enlargement during pain.
  • Breathing exercise should be done to bear the pain by this will be no shortage of oxygen to the baby. Modern Lamaze Technique of Breathing  The new way of exhaling fast at the time of delivery is to inhale and exhale fast when there is labor pain. Due to which the oxygen level is tolerated and pain is felt.

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How To Eat For Normal Delivery?

Labor pain starts at the time of delivery But uterus mouth won’t open everyone wants the mouth of the cervix to open within 10 seconds. First delivery takes 10-14 hours and second delivery may take 6-8 hours.

To get the first delivery done in 6-8 hours, there are some things that lubricate the body then do this remedy from the 9th month, drink one spoon of castor oil mixed with 1/2 glass of milk or water or tea, it will clean the intestines, constipation will be long and Making space for the child will help. The baby will come down quickly during labor pain.

If constipation is more then take 1-2 spoons. Eat sesame oil  start eating hot food like little ghee & jaggery. Homeopathic medicine also helps in normal delivery. Start medicine from start medicine from Start medicine from 8th month. There are no side effects from these medicines and they affect the delivery. These claims also increase flexibility.

  • Epidural technique given to the patient in the spinal cord to reduce pain. For a long time, drugs are also given to the patient through a tube or catheter. Heart disease or high blood pressure is medically and It is used to prevent pain in sick patients. In order to stop the pain of delivery, she has started to know that if there is any desire, then the doctor has to be informed to push at the right time.
  • Stress should be kept free. In pregnancy women should not take any kind of stress, otherwise this stress also goes towards the baby, or the baby reacts in advance or the contractions of the uterus become abnormal.
  • The hemoglobin of women should also be correct during pregnancy. The amount of calcium should remain good quantity in the bones that baby’s body diabetes helps in development Thyroid should be normal. Eat eggs and green leafy vegetables to prevent iron and calcium deficiency. Keep taking calcium and vitamin iron medicine given by the doctor on time.
  • From time to time, they keep getting routine check up from the doctor, this will know the time of delivery and also the condition of the baby. 
  • Seeming If you know how to do it, then definitely start it from the 8th month. This increases the efficiency of the lungs and gives flexibility to the muscles. This increases tolerance which gives the power to tolerate labor pain.
  • Drink plenty of water to fulfill amount. The amount of water should not decrease on the sides of the baby and flexibility should remain in the body. Due to lack of water, many times the baby becomes dry and does not develop properly. That’s why there should be no shortage of water. Do not let the body dehydrate, drink 1-2 coconut water daily, this will also keep enough water and there will be no shortage of water for the child’s movement.
  • Relaxation at the time of normal delivery women takes a too much tension, how will it be or will the baby be born properly? By thinking like this, there is a danger of getting BP and soul vision. Dehydration is felt and the normal delivery becomes complicated.
  • Keep smile on even in times of such pain, the labor room lady should maintain courage, even if the pain is increasing, smile so that BP remains normal in normal delivery. Hormones are balanced and flexibility is maintained without tension and the cervix opens quickly and helps the baby’s head to come down.
  • By paying attention to all these small things and adopting them, we move towards normal delivery. It is possible to do this by adopting some grandmother’s tips and doctors’ instructions. So by adopting all these tips and taking care of yourself a normal delivery can happen.


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