8 Best Tips To Get Rounder And Bigger Biceps In Just 30 Days


Many the peoples want bigger biceps in just 30 days. Rounder and bigger biceps is looking good and gives best impression in the peoples. Rounder and bigger biceps change the personality of any peoples and you look like bigger. If you also want to rounder and bigger biceps your need to read this all the points carefully.

Get bigger and rounder biceps in just 30 days is not possible but you will just got some muscles in 30 days but you need to work hard.

1. Double Body Parts

If you want to get rounder and bigger biceps in just 30 days you need to follow dual body parts in a week for better result. Do biceps exercise twice a week 5-6 exercise. Double body parts is very important if you want more muscles. Double body parts is best for your body for short period muscles growth but always be in your mind complete your exercise in just 45 minutes only because short period of rest emphasize your muscles and gives best results for short period of time.

2. Train Your Triceps For Bigger Biceps 

This is a best technique that’s no one know about this because training your triceps twice a week with biceps improve your muscles size . Many peoples always focus on bigger biceps and not enough training triceps results not get bigger arms.  According to professional training triceps and biceps together twice a week got bigger and rounder biceps in just 30 days training both muscles together increasing your biceps size in just 30 days.

3. Creatine Supplements

Creatine is the one of the best supplement in the world that help to gain your 2x muscles size in just 30 days. The work of creatine supplements is holding waters in your muscles and increase strength, size, endurance, power that’s why muscles look like bigger in 30 days. But take creatine supplements if you already workout for long then you can start creatine otherwise no and always start 3-5 grams of creatine in a day and you can take in you pre and post work at your choice but if you drink 4-5 liter of water daily then you start taking creatine.

4. High Protein Diet For Bigger Biceps

For rounder and bigger biceps your need to follow high protein diet you need to take 150 to 200 grams of protein for lean muscles mass take 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per kg body weight of quality of muscles mass but don’t forget to change your diet in every month’s because our body use to that diet and not potential to give best results in the short period of time. Taking high protein diet improve your body muscles size and improve your metabolism then Your body will start feeling the food and give best results.

5. Change Your Workout Plan

Peoples doing workout and taking best diet for long periods of time but not get enough result because of your body use too with that workout plan for best results you need to change your workout plan every month’s for best results many of the big athletes change their workouts plan daily for best result and they do 6 exercise daily for 4 sets for maximize the muscles growth.

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6. Take a Rest For Rounder And Bigger Biceps

If you want to get rounder and bigger biceps you need to take a rest for best muscles growth not getting enough rest causes the muscles lose and started muscle soreness you need to taking a 8-9 hours of rest daily for maximum muscles growth. Less sleeping causes the many health issues so rest is very important. Always taking 1-2 days off from gyms and taking proper rest at this time for recovering the breakdown muscles. 

7. Protein

Protein is very important if you are an athlete. Main work of protein is to recover the break down of muscles and build up lean muscles. You don’t complete your daily protein requirements with the foods so that’s why protein is important for athletes and this is instant protein drinks that complete your protein requirements.

There are 4 main protein that’s available in the market:-

  • Whey protein
  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Casein Protein
  • Whey protein concentrate

8. Focus On Your Position

Many of the peoples don’t focus on range of motion and doing their workouts for wrong way causes the injury or not achieve enough muscles size so always follow ROM in your every exercise for best result but don’t perform this exercise in fast forward always focus on your muscles and do muscle mind connection for rounder and bigger biceps.

9. Drop Sets For Fast Muscle Growth

If want to rounder and bigger biceps for short period of time you need follow drop sets in stating sets just in your weight and at last sets you each plates perform 5 reps each plate drop is workout is followed by big athlete for put tensions in your biceps and increase the growth of biceps.


1. How to get bigger biceps at home without equipment 

Ans. You need to follow some exercise at home such as dumbbell curl, biceps curl, bar curl you perform these exercise with bricks and home made dumbbell for best results try to increase the weight in every sets.

2. Why my biceps stops growing?

Ans. There are many reasons behind this you followed same diet and same workout for long periods of time try to change your workout for best muscles growth and follow double body parts.

3. How can I grow my biceps in just 15 days

Ans. This is not possible to grow your muscle size in 15 days but if someone doing gym for long and leave after they started again in 15 days they got some muscles due to muscle memory.

4. Biceps workout at home for ladies

Ans. There is not specific biceps workout made by ladies you can follow any workout of biceps that all of them followed.

5. 6 best exercise for rounder and bigger biceps 

Ans. Follow these all the exercise and perform these exercise in 3-4 sets

  • Ez bar curl
  • Dumbbell curl
  • Biceps curl
  • Preacher curl
  • Cable biceps curl
  • Concentration curl


If you get rounder and bigger biceps you need to following these all the tips. All the tips is followed under the nutritionist for best results because some beginners not known about nutrition diets, workout more so always take advice to your gym trainers or nutritionist.


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