Sharp Memory : Follow These 8 Tricks For Sharp Mind For Older Age


World brain day is celebrated on 22nd July and the same theme was kept that keeping the brain healthy & sharp memory is important for everyone. In today’s world, there is a need for full attention or mind to do everything but many people have been found to suffer from amnesia.

It is common to often forget something or have trouble remembering something earlier this problem used to happen to old people, but nowadays anyone has the problem to which many If there can be reasons, let’s talk about similar reasons and remedies tricks to get rid of forgetfulness and sharp memory so that there is no problem in everyday work. 

Important Facts For Sharp Memory 

1. Exercise 

Any brain disease affects memory power so to keep the memory power strong, some measures can be taken so that the memory can be improved. 

  • Sharp memory for this at least 20-40 minutes daily exercise should be done with 5-6 days in a week  full body exercise reaches the oxygen in brain vessels while brain exercise helps in sharp memory of the brain. 
  • By activating old neurons in the brain, new neurons can be generated by neurobics exercise this exercise activates new sensory parts of the brain and challenges the brain as Right handed batsman plays with left hand, it confuses all the nerves of the mind and it is a very good exercise as well as doing some  works only on the strength of the brain, it is important to do them regularly. 
  • Math calculation also good brain exercise While doing any work so when you are doing some work and suddenly you start solving math’s questions, then pressure comes on the brain and it is beneficial for sharp memory. 
  • Play mind game there are many mind games to play for sharp memory playing all games like ludo, puzzle game, brain games helps in the development of neurons in the brain. 

2. Balanced Diet 

Diet also plays an important role in sharp memory mind diet should be taken to strengthen the brain, it is of the following types sharp memory is very important. 

  1. Mediterranean diet plant base is good for heart patients. 
  2. Dash diet is beneficial for high blood pressure patients. 

Together these two diets make prevents memory and disease like Alzheimer will not come. 

  • Quinoa oatmeal and brown rice rose should be mentioned, they are very high in fiber and antioxidants which increases the level of oxygen in the brain, strengthens hair brain function which increases the level of oxygen in the brain, strengthens hair brain function.   
  • Nuts, almonds, walnuts are the best source soak 5-6 almonds and 2 walnuts over night and eat in the morning. They contain magnesium and vitamins, which help in increasing brain power.
  • Berry’s their color and antioxidant level helps in increasing the capacity of the brain. Strawberry is more beneficial in these also blue berry, black berry, raspberry also acts as a retard developer they contain good amounts of magazines, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants are present, which increase brain power and strengthen cells.  Fish due to the quality of Omega 3, include fish in the diet. You can eat fish once in 7 days.  
  • Olive Oil is also very beneficial, due to the chemical of flavones, it is very beneficial.  
  • Leafy vegetables adequate amount of fiber, vitamins, calcium is used in these, which gives complete nutrients to the body, which is beneficial in sharp memory.
  • You can eat it twice a week, it has a good amount of calcium protein added to it can take it twice a week.
  • You can take red wine once a week beneficial due to the resveratrol content in it should not be more than 150 ml.

3. Meditation

Meditation is very beneficial to keep the mind sharp due to this, gray matter is more swollen. There are two tissues in the brain, in which white tissue is 60% and gray tissue is 40%. and this is where the neurons of the mind are, people who have gray tissue, their memory is more powerful. When we meditate, neutrons are activated and help in sharp memory. So the best samadha chakra sound track meditation for sharp memory is all beneficial when Drishti remains stable in meditation, then mind also remains stable and the whole heart relaxes the mind very much and the power to solve things increases along with it. 

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4. Yoga Or Pranayama

The deeper our breath, the sharper our brain when we take deep breaths, green noradrenaline hormones are developed, which increases the heart rate by reaching cortisol hormones blood, which increases due to heavy breathing then the right amount noradrenaline hormones are released and cortisol does not reach the blood and brain’s nerves do not get damaged and brain’s memory becomes sharp.

First of all, sit down after being normal and take a deep breath and leave it for a while, this makes the nerve active and all the organs get the right signals and become more sharp memory. So padmasana Shad mukhi mudra yoga is beneficial for sharp memory. 

5. Learn Something New  

Some pressure has to be given to the mind i.e. when the neurons of the mind are not to be let down. Along with physical work, the brain should also keep working. Instead of thinking useless things, the brain should see things of creativity so that the sharp memory of the brain is formed. 

6. Stress Free Sleep 

When we sleep we have dreams which helps to release the toxin that’s why stress free deep sleep is very important for sharp memory. 

7. Music Therapy 

When you do something of your choice, then the mind relaxes when the humming while listening to music so that there is pressure on the brain and the neurons can be activate and will be very helpful in making sharp memory. 

8. There Is No Shortage Of Water 

Most of our brain is made of water the whole body needs water every 15 minutes for hydration. When there is a lack of water, dehydration reduces the activity of the neurons of the brain, due to which the brain becomes dysfunctional. So keep drinking the right amount of water for sharp memory.  


In all these things, the brain’s neuron should be made active or the brain should be exercised properly, so that the mind’s tissue can develop or become sharp memory. 









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