14 Exciting Benefits Of Shilajit For Women


Nature has given us a very important heritage whose consumption is very beneficial for us In these invaluable things, many herbs can be taken advantage of in a very beneficial way. In all these herbs, Shilajit is also a very beneficial element for the body, it is a very important treasure that comes from nature. Shilajit is used by men to increase workout stamina and sexual arousal but women also get tremendous benefits from it proven to be very helpful in removing many types of physical problems.

What Is Shilajit

Natural Ayurvedic herbs are found in mountains like the Himalayas. They are found in the form of coal tar in the mountains. The plants, minerals and herbs of the mountains melt due to strong sunlight and start. They start turning black every time they regenerate, and when there is severe winter, they become hard like stone. So this organic compound is a combination of herbs, plants, minerals and biomaterials substance it’s like a sticky substance.

14 Exciting Benefits Of Shilajit For Women
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How To Know The Properties Of Shilajit

The quality of its properties depends on the type of herbs mineral or plant on that mountain, which is made of the same type of compound in them.

Types Of Shilajit

It is of four types:-

  • Silver (White)
  • Gold (Red)
  • Copper (Purple Blue)
  • Iron

Treasure Of So Many Qualities

Contains 70-90% organic acid, 25-35% mineral or 5% trace mineral, and also contains fulvic acid or humic acid, which acts as a very beneficial antioxidant also silver copper iron zinc calcium magnesium are available in plenty. It has a sticky texture and is a very absorbent organic herb.

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Benefits Of Shilajit

1. Gut Improvement 

Fulvic acid is found in it, which increases the capacity of the gut’s immunity absorptive. Due to having more immunity, health will also improve and immunity will be boosted in the body.

2. Brain Health Improves

The humic acid found in it is a very effective antioxidant that improves brain health

3. Regulates Menstrual Cycle And Helps In Conception

It is helpful in regularizing menstruation in women because it balances the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones produced in women, which leads to regular periods. Along with this, it also helps in conceiving and improves the fertility of women, which fulfils the hope of becoming a mother.

4. Promotes Stronger Bones

Gives strength to the bones of women, while their bones become weak during menstruation. Improves the absorption of calcium in the bones,  and magnesium in it also helps in making the bones strong Proper absorption of calcium and vitamins in the body automatically leads to strong bones

5. Relieving In Stress

Shilajit also works on the stress level of the mind. A hormone called oxytocin is released when it is consumed which reduces the stress hormone and releases the happy hormone. Due to this, the anxiety will go away and all the tension will go away from the mind. This will get rid of all kinds of mental disorders and will feel healing.

6. Treat Piles Tumor

Helps in correcting any type of disorders present in the body helpful in treating piles despite the hot effect.

14 Exciting Benefits Of Shilajit For Women
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7. Improves Memory Power

This organic medicine can reduce all kinds of disorders in the mind and helps in increasing memory. The antioxidants present in it relax the cells present in the brain and improve its functioning.

8. Reduce Fatigue

The body and mind get relaxation by consuming which helps in getting rid of any kind of laziness and fatigue. No matter how tired the body is, the organic herbs present in it reach the body.

9. Hair And Nail Strength

It contains a compound of all types of vitamins, and herbal minerals, which are completely free from chemicals, by the use of which the nutrients of the body become nutritious which is beneficial in hair and nail growth

10. Control Diabetes

The fulvic acid and humic acid present in it are there is a lot of antioxidants in the body, it controls the glucose level in the body, maintains insulin resistance and controls diabetes.

11. Boost Metabolism

Its use improves the energy level present in the body. Digestion of food is fast and metabolism in the body is correct. When metabolism improves, the body will be helped to fight against diseases.

12. Energy Booster

Its use emits antioxidants called mitochondria which help in boosting energy. All the herbs present in it are organic, which gives benefits without any harm. Its antioxidant properties act as an energy booster in the body.

13. Prevent Cancer Cells

Its use does not allow cancer cells to grow in the body. The ultimate anti-carcinogenic antioxidant is fulvic protects the body from cancer by repairing cancer cells Due to this the body gets prevention from cancer cells.

14. Stop Iron Deficiency

The organic mineral biomaterial present in it, copper, magnesium, zinc, and iron increases the circulation of blood in the body, due to which iron deficiency does not occur.

People Also Ask

Q1. Can women take Shilajit?

Ans1. Women also get a lot of benefits from its use. Improves fertility in women and relaxes the mind by reducing stress Helps in weight loss by removing toxins from the body, and improves metabolism along with an energy booster

Q2. In which disease is it useful for women?

Ans2. Women who consume estrogen or progestin hormones are controlled by the use of hormones, which control the menstrual Women who consume estrogen or progestin hormones are controlled by the use of hormones, which control the menstrual cycle and fertility power are improves

14 Exciting Benefits Of Shilajit For Women
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Q3. Who should not use Shilajit?

Ans3. People suffering from thalassemia skill cell anaemia or hemochromatosis should avoid its use. Even if there is high blood pressure or dizziness, avoid it, otherwise, there can be a possibility of any allergy.

Q4. How long does it take effect?

Ans4. It definitely takes at least 5-8 days to get benefits in any type of body. In so many days the result of its use is visible. It has been seen by research in many diseases

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Q5. What is the cost of 10 grams of Shilajit?

Ans5. The price of 10 grams in India can be between 200-900 rupees: it depends on the quality silver, the gold price is different from copper iron the more jaggery the higher the prize

Q6. Why does Shilajit stink?

Ans6. It is a natural substance that is automatically formed from plant minerals and all of these bear the cold and the heat, it stinks


We all know that Shilajit is a naturally occurring substance which is beneficial for the body, because it is a natural biotic, which does not have any side effects. It is helpful in strengthening all the organs of men and women and in removing diseases.





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