7 Most Research Best Tips To Reduce Cholesterol Fast In Just 30 Days


Cholesterol has a lot of effect on our body, it is the biggest cause of heart diseases, it is cholesterol in animal food or it is  also increases due to genetic. When cholesterol accumulates more in the heart causes problems in its work and gives rise to many diseases to know the tips to reduce cholesterol fast. 

What Is Cholesterol 

It is a kind of waxy fluid made in the liver which is in the blood animals and humans are still in it. Cholesterol helps make good cells hormones tissue or vitamin. 

What’s Good Or Bad Cholesterol  

There are many types of nutrients in the body such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Cholesterol is one type of nutrition is fat, which can be used to send blood from one organ to another organ. When their quantity in the body is at the right level then there is normal cholesterol and when their quantity increases which can block the body’s heart causing heart problems 

How To Get High Cholesterol? 

When it increases more than the level of normal body then to know that high cholesterol mean exceed the amount of normal body and if it increases more, cases like heart disease.  

Due To Increased Cholesterol 

1. High Fat Diet 

People eat more animal food like meat, egg, fish are eaten, then they take the fat of the membrane of animals, which increases the fat because they also take animal fat. 

2. Eat Fatty Foods 

Apart from animal food, when taking more fatty food items which are not digested quickly. Their fat gets accumulated in the veins and more cholesterol becomes one. 

3. Less Exercising And Working 

When doing very little physical work or workout then the energy of the body is not utilized, and fat gets accumulated in the husband and body, which increases high cholesterol. 

4. Genetic Reasons  

If someone in the family  had heart disease or heart attack, then there are more chances of it happening because the genes generated in our body depends on the same thing that goes on continuously. 

5. Junk Or Saturated Food  

When fat is taken in the body in a bad way, then in the form of bad cholesterol like junk foods, fried food or sweet etc. that is, if you are used to eating wrong, then bad cholesterol is formed, which increases the disease by blocking the nerves. 

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6. Obesity 

When body fat is large and extra fat goes into the body along with food, then this fat takes the form of high cholesterol, which causes problems. 

Symptoms Of High Cholesterol 

  • Swelling of the legs 
  • Cold feet  
  • Night cramps  
  • Change in skin of the eye 
  • Ulcer that does not heal 
  • Chest pain  
  • Heart attack 
  • Skin color change 

Tips To Reduce Cholesterol Fast  

1. Eat Balanced Diet 

Eat a diet that contains plenty of healthy fats saturated with them tips to reduce cholesterol fast. Means good fat can be taken up to 25% because when fat is obtained from good diet then good fat will be like add green vegetables and fruits and fat obtained from wrong eating burgers like spicy or fast food So always take healthy food which has combination of green vegetables dal fruit milk etc. such a diet is tips to reduce cholesterol fast. 

2. Control Obesity 

If the weight has increased, then it is very important to work on it. If there is already fat in the body when we keep lying in eating fat from outside, then obesity increases which increases the cholesterol. So first of all we tips to reduce cholesterol fast and reducing the fat of our body.  

3. Quite Alcohol And Smoking  

Cholesterol can be controlled only by leaving all kinds of bad addictions as we know liver is the manufacturing function of good fat and alcohol and smoking produce nicotine which when nicotine reaches the liver disturbs its work function and increases cholesterol in the liver. So quit alcohol and smoking adopt tips to reduce cholesterol fast.

4. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables 

To reduce cholesterol, increase the amount of fruits as much as possible that is, eat such fruits which are high in good fat, which helps in getting rid of bad fat from the body. Means the fruits and vegetables which have more soluble fiber increase the good cholesterol like spinach, whole grain beans, beetroot cucumber, tomato, avocado all green fruits and vegetables are beneficial tips to reduce cholesterol fast. 

5. Exercise Or Yoga 

To control cholesterol, the body should be active, for this it is very important to exercise daily for 45-60 minutes. Tips to reduce cholesterol fast because when we do walking jogging running then body fat comes out in any form urine and sweat and when the fat comes out, the cholesterol will also reduce. Some types of yoga are also helpful in reducing cholesterol. Shining breath alternate breath bellows breath bumblebee all yoga poses will benefit in cholesterol control 

6. Avoid Saturated Fat 

Fat is made according to the need of our body avoid eating any food that does not contain saturated fat. Should not saturated oil never be used in cooking, such oil increases bad cholesterol in the body. Don’t eat any kind of more stem roasted food, because bad fat is made in the body, otherwise it can make blockages in the cells of the fat body. If possible, use only unsaturated cooking oil, if we can cut it effectively then only it will be possible tips to reduce cholesterol fast line perfect. 

7. Proper Water Use 

Hot water is also very beneficial in reducing cholesterol from the body. Due to the combination of minerals or food elements present in the water, it can remove the bad cholesterol accumulated in the body or it can help to improve the good cholesterol in the body.

Tips to reduce cholesterol fast Grinding garlic in hot water and drinking it makes cholesterol work very quickly. Most of the body is made of water, all cells contain water. Drinking hot water helps to remove cholesterol stuck in the veins and tissues. Drinking a glass of hot water even after eating prevents the fat present in the food from freezing, it is absorbed properly.

Tips:- Hot water is essential for tips to reduce cholesterol fast if you want, you can add lemon to it to increase the taste and benefits, which will be even more beneficial. 


Increase of cholesterol in the body promotes high B.P and heart disease So to reduce the cholesterol, you can keep such a big problem away only by keeping your lifestyle right. For this, control over wrong eating and more of natural things can save him from this trouble all these things solved this tips to reduce cholesterol fast. 








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