16 Superior Ways To Reduce Yellowness Teeth In Just 30 Days


16 Superior Ways To Reduce Yellowness Teeth In Just 30 Days

Everyone wants a healthy and bright smile but someone feeling of yellowness teeth or some carious teeth and has to be embarrassed in front of everyone in many social or matrimonial programs or shy away from going to events If so instead of hiding it, pay attention to its treatment.

Why Do We Get Yellowness Teeth

Yellowness teeth is caused by friction in the topmost layer of our teeth which is called enamel. Below this layer is dentin yellow then the colour of the teeth starts to look yellow.

16 Superior Ways To Reduce Yellowness Teeth In Just 30 Days
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In this disease, digestive saliva releases acid and balances the acid and this is called pH level this pH balance removes the top layer of the tooth and turns yellow teeth.

Reasons For Yellowness Teeth

  • Acidity is what causes yellowness teeth don’t know how the gas digests, due to which acidity is formed. Due to this, many types of acids are formed, which spread throughout the body and give birth to many diseases, yellowing of teeth is also a reason.
  • Many harmful enzymes are formed in the body due to which there are side effects. Alcohol contains a large amount of chemical substance which is harmful to the teeth.
  • Any other disease yellowness has also affected the teeth or there are many such diseases that directly affect the whole body, Diabetes liver is one such disease. When these diseases fluctuate, many harmful acids are produced which also cause teeth to turn yellow.

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  • During pregnancy, there are changes in many hormones and fluctuations in blood pressure and there is an effect of taking many types of medicines.
  • Consuming cigarettes and tobacco affects teeth and cigarette smoke releases harmful chemicals which damages our teeth liver kidney all applying too much pressure while brushing causes yellowness teeth. Brushing with strong pressure damages the annual and the lower yellow layer starts appearing.
  • The teeth are not cleaned properly due to which the dirt is not cleaned properly and yellowness comes in the teeth.
  • Drinking tea and coffee in excess increases the amount of coffee in the body and the acid released from it has a bad effect on the teeth.

When all these reasons lead to the formation of yellow patches in the teeth but this can be avoided by taking some precautions. They can be prevented by taking some precautions beforehand.

Some Precautions Or Treatment Of Yellowness Teeth

1. Consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol should be completely reduced. All these things make caffeine or alcohol which affects the body’s organs. The side effects of these acid chemicals have a bad effect on the teeth, so first stop or reduce their intake.

2. Teeth should be cleaned properly because the food gets stuck in the smallmouth due to which the bacteria present in it continue to harm the teeth. So brush well for proper cleaning from between the teeth.

3. Constipation is caused due to lack of water in proper quantity and constipation is the excretory of many acidic substances which create acidic effects in the whole body and these are also causes of yellowing teeth.

4. Tobacco cigarette smoking cessation Many harmful chemical acids are made from these, which give rise to dental disorders and the teeth are not cleaned properly, due to which bacteria grow, so leave it completely.

5. Excessive consumption of alcohol promotes alcohol in the body, due to which its bad effect also falls on the teeth. When we consume alcohol, the alcohol produced by it goes into the enamel of the teeth and causes side effects yellowing the teeth.

16 Superior Ways To Reduce Yellowness Teeth In Just 30 Days
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6. In most pregnancies, there is a problem with yellow teeth. It has to be taken care of properly and keep regular checkups done by the doctor on time so that timely treatment can be done.

7. Don’t use too much pressure every time when brush or it can be said that at least do it for a long time and do not do it too loudly. Excessive pressure wears down the animal’s coat and damages it.

8. Do not use more chemicals Do not do too many chemicals for any external texture, like bleach does not do too much for teeth whitening. Always don’t bring it into trend otherwise it can be harmful Chemicals should not be used in food items as well. If there is a chemical diamond in market-made food, in chlorinated food or drink bricks, then reduce their intake to a minimum.

9. Turmeric contains antibacterial elements which help in removing bacteria, so apply turmeric paste to the teeth 2-3 times a day if possible. Turmeric mixed with lemon can also be applied to the teeth. Mix a few drops of lemon in it and apply it to the teeth. Salt, Neem leaf powder in Turmeric, people can only apply all together on the teeth, this prevents the upper layer of the tooth from damaging the enamel.

10. Gargling with salt water is also beneficial lukewarm water will kill all the germs in the teeth.

11. Mixing alum in salt and applying it also cleans the teeth properly and the dirt comes out of the teeth. Mix mustard in salt and massage cholera with your hands applying lemon mixed with salt also helps in it.

12. Do not eat such things in food that are too hard or tough which have a bad effect on the tissue. Such food spoils the enamel of the teeth, due to which the teeth lose their shine and look lifeless.

13. Lemon also helps in reducing the yellowness teeth. Take a few drops of lemon and mix mustard oil in it and brush it, it will be beneficial immediately. The antifungal properties of lemon kill all the germs of the teeth completely.

16 Superior Ways To Reduce Yellowness Teeth In Just 30 Days
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14. Hard and chemical-made brushes have a very bad effect on the teeth. Brushing with a hard brush increases the chances of wearing away the enamel of the teeth. Use a soft and natural brush so as not to damage the enamel and prevent discolouration So choose a soft and chemical-free toothbrush.

15. By applying powder of turmeric and neem leaves mixed with Triphala powder, the teeth can retain their shine.

16. Extracting ginger juice and adding salt to it also reduces yellowness teeth it’s a miracle cure.


So we have come to know why teeth turn yellow and how it can be cured. Jaundice can be prevented by taking some precautions. So these measures can be used to save yellowness teeth. 

Yellowness teeth also causes by the family genetical but there are many types of treatment there, so don’t worry and stay smiled.

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