Baby Problems : 4 Major Problems In The Summer And Its Best Prevention


Everyone is getting very upset in the summer and in which the heat bothers the children or baby a lot In summer, where some careless behavior increases the risk of diseases, due to which the innocent childhood has to suffer a lot, which is not tolerated. So, let’s know about some of the similar summer problems and their home remedies and methods of prevention. 

1. Hotness  

Baby gets prickly heat during summer or rainy season because this weather can be due to humidity. It occurs in most parts of the body because in children. The sweat glands are not able to develop and not fully decompose due when increase sweat which the sweat glands get blocked or due to some kind of infection, the rash also occurs.  


Try not to sweat the baby as much as possible and if the child has got heat stroke, then he should be kept in such an environment where ventilation is correct as much as possible and coming out of the hot environment. It should be kept in a cool place and the body of normal temperature should be kept the oil taken for baby’s massage should be very less greasy.

Because excess oil will cause increased sweating and heat rash and more and more water should be given to the child so that the water that has gone out in sweat can be replenished that is the body should not be allowed to dehydrate should be given lemon water, coconut water syrup for water purpose. 

There are many options by which water can be replenished. Babies should wear cotton only in summer because synthetic and silk do not absorb sweat properly. Cotton clothes absorb sweat, which is absolutely perfect. Baby’s cleanliness should always be taken care of baby should always take a bath and wear clean cotton clothes in the summer season and it would be better to wear some loose clothes which allow air to fall. 

2. Heat Stroke 

When the child gets burnt in the sun and the teams come in the sun visor the risk of heat stroke it can sometimes be due to viral, or it can be due to bacteria or many times. 


If the baby is feeling normal hunger, then you can get relief by doing some home remedies for 24 hours, otherwise, if the baby has more problems, then see the doctor only. In the event of heat stroke, the baby will try to bring its body temperature back to normal.

Take a lukewarm wet cloth and wipe the whole body and keep repeating this make a raw mango emerald and give to drink it to the baby and the child rubs the peel on the palm of the hand and the sole of the feet, which helps in reducing heat stroke.

If there is a shortage of water due to fever, then liquid food items should be given in moderation, because water starts decreasing due to excessive breathing. so of water soup can be given in the form of coconut water lemon water and wear very loose clothes.

Because in summer there is a lot of heat and perspiration comes out, in such loose clothes sweat will come in handy and you will feel sore. The atmosphere of the room should be kept cool so that the heat of the body can be released and there is no panic.     

3. Diarrhea  

In summer, the child also gets diarrhea many times. If he passes more thin stools than routine, then it is called diarrhea. Many times it also happens due to bacterial infection in summer, in which there is a lack of water in the body due to more frequent and thin stools and there is also pain in the stomach. small baby many times to mess up while playing baby takes dirt in the mouth, due to which it can also cause diarrhea or even drinking polluted water can cause it. 


As water keeps coming out from the body in the form of sweat already in summer, then in case of diarrhea, more water comes out. Give such food to children so that there is no shortage of water, give coconut water, lemon water and liquid food.

Only the messenger of the mother can give the new born baby, who can only give breastfeed to everyone. If vomiting is also happening, then liquid should be given in small quantity only. 

Save baby from eating stuff, always feed home cooked food. Make sure to cook fresh food at home too, don’t give morning cooked food. Whenever you want to say something to the baby, immediately make it fresh and the water should also be filtered.

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If there is no arrangement of fixtures in the house, then the water was whenever you want to say something to the baby, immediately make it fresh and the water should also be filtered. If there is no arrangement of fixtures in the house, then the water was boiled let it cool down so that all the bacteria get killed pay attention to the small child while playing that he does not eat dirt and keep it clean Somewhere the dirt of clothes and body should not enter the mouth. 

4. Malaria

Malaria is a common disease in summer, it affects both adults and children. Because malaria is caused by the bite of mosquitoes, then the chances of survival are very low. Due to malaria, there is a problem of very high fever, diarrhea and vomiting, sometimes the condition becomes very bad. Sometimes chills and shivering have also started. 


Malaria is caused by the bite of female anopheles mosquito, so its prevention is also in avoiding mosquitoes. So remove those factors which are responsible for the growth of mosquitoes. Do not allow water to fill in the place where mosquitoes are born around the house.

This mosquito bites only in the evening, so be careful at that time, if possible, avoid going out or make arrangements to get rid of mosquitoes at home. Keep the mosquito repellent burning from the evening itself. Before going out, apply anti mosquito cream all over the body and if possible, keep the body completely covered i.e. wear such clothes that the whole body is covered.

This mosquito bites in the night, you must apply mosquito net baby needs a lot of care if he is hungry and give only light food to eat, drink hot milk, you can give boiled eggs and keep seeing the doctor on time. 


As we understand summer, if a little care is taken, it can be made easier and we can enjoy the fruit and flower festival that comes in this season. So by adopting some precautions, the disease and problems caused by the baby can be avoided. 






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