What To Do For Healthy Pregnancy Keep These 4 Things In Mind


What To Do For Healthy Pregnancy Keep These 4 Things In Mind

Being a mother  is a matter of great fortune. Every woman prays for this auspicious moment in her life  the first step of becoming a mother she becomes pregnant then with the presence of the child expected that child will be healthy and happy. Every mother is worried about how the unborn child will how to keep it healthy, what precautions should be taken at the time of birth?. So today let’s discuss on this how is the child growing in the womb during healthy pregnancy? How to keep it healthy and how to take it to the world through safe delivery.

Things To Pay Attention To During Healthy Pregnancy

1. Which Side To Sleep On During Healthy pregnancy 

  • There is no fixed position for the lady to sleep till the 3rd month of healthy pregnancy, as she can sleep on her side or on her back.
  • Care should be taken after 3 months of healthy pregnancy. One should always sleep on the side whether it is on the right side or on the left side.
  • By sleeping on the side, the weight of the belly is removed from the backbone, it is removed from the intestines. So the child gets proper blood and nutrition.
  • One should never sleep on the back, it harms the child. By sleeping on the back, the weight of the baby bump falls directly on the blood vessels and intestines and baby gets less supply of oxygen and nutrition.
  • Just below the cervix is ​​the duct of vena cava Which provides nutrition to the whole body. Sleeping straight puts pressure on Vena cava.
  • Sleeping back is the problem of blood pressure increases and back pain increases.
  • The complaint of vomiting acidity increases by sleeping on the back.

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2. How To Get Good Sleep?

  • Good pillow should be used to maternity pillows are available. 
  • For correct position sleep with a pillow under the foot and between the knees.
  • In the 8th and 9th month of healthy pregnancy, you can also put a pillow under the support for stomach.
  • Drink the lukewarm turmeric milk sleeping night time.
  • Coconut oil massage therapy should be feet.
  • Don’t eat spicy food in dinner.
  • Bath should be taken before sleeping in the night.
  • Do some exercises and yoga to become a Relax.
  • Wear cotton and loose clothes in the night time.
  • Don’t take any stress before going on bad.
  • The environment and temperature of the room should be conducive to good sleep.

3. Signs Of a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Usually the first month itself, a pregnant lady is worried about whether the child is growing healthy or not. So you can know about it from some symptoms.
  • After 3 months of  pregnant women’ s weight increase every month from one and a half increasing till 2 kg then it is a sign of a healthy child and if the weight increases more than 2 kg, then it is not a right sign, there may be some complications.
  • If the blood pressure of a pregnant woman remains normal without medicine, then it is a good sign and if you are already a diabetic or a thyroid patient, you don’t have to take extra medicines apart from the regular medicine for blood pressure your baby is healthy. You are tension free.
  • In the case of blood pressure, if the blood pressure suddenly increases in the 7th or 8th month, then early delivery may have to be done.
  • The fundal lateral of a pregnant lady should grow 4 inches from the navel to know that the water around the baby is in the right amount. If the water or lubrication is in the right amount then the child is growing. Sometimes, the fundal lateral does not grow but the baby is healthy. The height of the lady depends on the shape of the fatness of the Fundal lateral.
  • If there is less water around the baby in the womb, then the baby will dry up without water, its growth will be less and medicine has to be given for the safety of the baby otherwise weak baby will be born his chances of getting sick increase.
  • The health condition of the pregnant baby is known by sonography. If the date of birth within a 10 days of sonography then the baby is healthy.
  • If the date of baby birth is less or more then it can be a matter of concern. 
  • In census, women face the problem of sequence curation or they have to go to toilet again and again. This happens due to congestion on the bladder. This is a normal diet that there is no lack of water in the body of the lady.  
  • For some months of pregnancy, the feeling of the baby is not known, gradually the movement increases with the growth of the baby. In 5-6 months, there is a feeling of slight movement, in 7-8 months there is a feeling of no kick, this is a good sigh that the baby is healthy.
  • If there is no movement till 6-8 months then the baby’s girth is not correct or the baby is not safe and has to be delivered by premature delivery.
  • In during healthy pregnancy, There is pain and swelling in the women’s breasts. Water or milk starts coming from the nipple, the color of the nipple becomes dark and its becomes a little brown in color.
  • Craving is caused by eating food. Favorite food items also seem like a non-favorite acidity is the burning sensation in the throat. Sometimes vomiting is more in the morning.
  • All these symptoms are signs of healthy pregnancy. All these symptoms are signs of healthy pregnancy. It is known from the changes taking place in the body that the baby bump is growing and changes are coming in the mother in preparation for it.

4. What To Eat In Healthy Pregnancy

  • In pregnancy, the most worried thing is what to eat so that the child’s growth is good or if there is a lack of nutrition for the mother.
  • During 3 months i.e. 13 weeks of healthy pregnancy required more nutrition because at  the time baby grows very quickly. Mother and baby need more nutrients. At this time, you should eat almonds, cashews and walnuts in dry fruits you can eat apple, banana, orange in fruits.
  • How will be normal delivery If you eat a lot of pitted vegetables like spinach, Cabbage, fenugreek, carrots, you will not eat any fiber or if you eat more fish then you will get enough calcium. 
  • Whether the baby is born in a normal way depends on certain criteria. 
  • At the time of delivery, the baby’s head should be facing down.
  • Labor pan itself and the more severe the pain, the more the chances of normal delivery will increase.
  • Women’s 1cm Cervix dilation should be detected. If the doctor’s medicine to open the cervix so there are chances of rupturing of the uterus and placenta will separate and baby’s blood flow will stop. In such a situation caesarean may have to be done.
  • Sonography is done a few days before the completion of 9 months, in which the white of the baby is 3.5kg. If yes then there will be chances of normal and safe delivery.
  • At the time of delivery, the position of the baby should be on the correct head-down side. 
  • The pelvis of the woman should be big and open at the right time. When the pain becomes intolerable without any medicine 
  • All these conditions are considered perfect for normal delivery.


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