12 Super Treatment Of Kidney Stone Which Will Removes Your Stone In Just 30 Days


If seen, whether it is a child or an adult, everyone is prone to kidney stone due to many reasons, water shortage becomes this, so let us know why it happens and how to treat it. But the most interesting thing is that today we are going to tell such a thing, by which the stone will come out of the body without any operation or medicine.

Why & Where Are Stone Made In The Body ? 

Due to drinking less water Inside the urine there is a saturated mixture of calcium oxalate and uric acid and kidney stone start forming in the kidney. 

Kidney is also the place for stone formation in the body because food is digested here and from here the stones pass through the urinary tract into the urinary bladder. 

Symptoms Of Kidney Stone

  • There will be pain in the back of the waist, coming from back to front urine will go towards the track.  
  • Sometimes the pain occurs only in one place and will remain in the waist.
  • The pain of kidney stone is so treatable that to get rid of it, an injection has to be given to get rid of the pain. 
  • It becomes difficult to stop the toilet. There is pressure to go to the toilet again and again, but if there is infection in the worm then bleeding starts in the urine.  
  • In case of severe infection, fever also occurs no medicine has any effect on pain and fever. 
  • In the routine check up, the amount of waste material of the kidney the kidney that comes out of our body If the amount of creatinine in those elements is large then can be stones and become kidney failure .
  • Sometimes vomiting also starts happening. 

Reasons Of Made Of Kidney Stone 

  • Drink lack water this is the biggest reason because whatever is the waste material of our body, it comes out of the body through water by urine and because of drinking less water, it becomes more saturated and takes the shape of a stone. 
  • Eating too much salt or food that contains salt foods such as spicy or fast food which contain more salt and  increase oxalate. 
  • Saying excessive amount of dairy meat and red meat can also cause stone. Due to the increase of calcium in more meat, it does not get digested waste material in urine.  
  • People with diabetes are at higher risk because in diabetes, more sugar is made, which increases the completion by increasing the more saturated. 
  • Due to high cholesterol, stones also start forming. Due to its quantity in the body, it accumulates in the kidney, it is not absorbed.  
  • Hormonal disorder stone formation also start due to this, a toxin called cortisol which obstructs the removal of waste from the kidney. 
  • B.M.I also have a direct effect If the size of the stomach is more than the length, then there are more chances of being stone in the body. 
  • Accumulation of fat in the body due to obesity materials are unable to come out of the body due to the oozing element from which the kidney stone forms.

Which Person Gets Kidney Stone And Why? 

Stone is mostly seen in people of 20-40 years of age but can be in any age when oxalate build up in a person due to less water so stones are formed and due to lack of nutrition in children. 

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Some Prevention And Treatment  

  1. A person should drink 2 liters of water daily if If the swelling of stone is up to 5-7 mm, then it will easily come out through urine. Drinking more water will break down the accumulated uric acid and come out in the urine. Doctors also remove kidney stone of this size by giving medicine through urine without any intervention. In case of large size, laser or binocular operation is done.
  2. Sides food should be eaten in abundance has absorbent property which helps in removing waste and increasing water content. 
  3. Eat less oxalate foods like spinach nuts chocolate etc high amount of oxidants in these, it is not known that there is saturated or help for become kidney stones. 
  4. Any other disease like diabetes patient needs more care that’s why keep getting routine check up done and if there is stone then start medicine immediately so that the stone should come out of the urine, otherwise there is a risk of kidney infection and failure. 
  5. Don’t take any kind of meat, red meat, chicken, fish, egg, cheese, it contains high amount of uric acid and calcium which increases the risk of stone due to accumulation in the kidney. 
  6. Exercise and yoga also help to increase kidney strength and remove stones. First of all, we will practice camel pose kneel down, take the back of the head with the hands and touch the feet with hands, stop in this position and repeat twice with this asana, the bleeding conditions remain correct and by maintaining water flow in the kidney, it helps in stone pass out. 
  7. Consuming the leaves of biphyllid pinnatum is the cheapest treatment for stones. It is also called stone slab  chew two leaves on an open stomach and drink water or after crushing or extracting the juice, make it stand and drink it. 
  8. Antioxidant properties are found in radish leaves, which helps a lot in removing stains. Boil radish leaves in a glass of water and add lemon juice to it. Drink it twice empty stomach, small stones will come out within 10 days. 
  9. Corn silk tea also removes stones boil corn fiber in water and mix black salt and lemon juice in it. Can drink twice a day on an empty stomach.  
  10. Beneficial elements like flavonoid steroid phenolic are found in horse grass, due to which It has so much power that it can take out the stone. Soak horse grass overnight and drink its water and eat cooked dal this quickly finishes the stone. 
  11. Multigrain wheat is beneficial in stone from anywhere fiber protein antioxidant or antifungal in this flour. 
  12. Ladyfinger boil and filter and drink its water drink plenty of lemon water, its antibiotic and antifungal properties are very beneficial by drinking more water, the ends of the kidney come out of the kidney. 


So the size of the incoming kidney stone should be small and these remedies can save your kidney from the need of operation and the kidney stone can be removed completely.  






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