Ice Apple : 12 Incredible Benefits Of Eating Tadgola Daily


Ice apple is a type of fruit it starts appearing in the market in the summer season. It is also called tadgola in Hindi. it is very beneficial for our body that’s we discussed today so read this blog carefully.

Benefits Of Ice Apples

  1. Vitamin B11 is found in it which is useful in acidity. 
  2. As good as it is in food, equally it works in the body to provide coolness.
  3. It also helps in removing dehydration.
  4. If there is a problem of acidity in the stomach, then the juice of apple ice can also be drunk.  This is very beneficial.
  5. It also works for the benefit of fighting the toxic substances of the body.
  6. It is also beneficial for stomach pain.
  7. Ice apples can be consumed to remove liver problems because there is a lot of potassium in this fruit.
  8. It removes all the dirt from the body and protects the liver by killing many toxic substances in the body and protects our body from many diseases.
  9. On consuming a glass of apple ice juice, new energy is created in the body.
  10. If you have any skin problem, then you can also consume it or drink it by making juice. It is very beneficial for you.
  11. If you eat it, you can add a lot of nutrients to your body.
  12. It will also benefit you a lot during pregnancy because the water load will be more than it and your energy will remain.

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Ice Apple : 12 Incredible Benefits Of Eating Tadgola Daily
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Is Ice Apple Heat And Cold For The Body?

In the summer season, the skin of many people is sensitive, which burns a little due to the heat and starts getting rashes. Some people also start getting boils due to heat. To avoid all these, try consuming them. It is beneficial for you and it also produces coolness in your body which can save you from heat.

What Is Ice Apple Called In India?

It is called tadgola inside India and in Hindi. It provides nutrition to the body, which is useful in fighting diseases. apple ice is consumed more in south and southeast India because it is mostly hot in this area and people are suffering from the heat as we know that it helps in getting water in the body and it also cools the body.

When Should We Eat Ice Apple?

We should eat it because inside apple ice we get nutrition, vitamins, calcium and photochemical intake inside our body. Due to this, we get fewer calories but we get a lot of potassium which is very beneficial for our bodies. We should eat it in the morning on an empty stomach. This will increase the amount of energy in our body and we will also get benefits from the disease. By eating the sample have come in the morning, the body will get maximum health.

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Ice Apple Side Effects?

If women have the problem of white discharge, then stay away from it because it can harm them more. If apple ice has many benefits, then it also has some disadvantages which we have told you about. if you have the problem of white discharge, then do not eat it at all, because the more it will benefit you, the more it will harm you.


It is the best fruit for summer because it helps to remove heat from the body that’s why it’s called ice fruit.



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