6 Best Health Benefits Of Strawberry In Our Body


The chemical name of the strawberry is Fragaria vesca. Strawberry is a little expensive same goes for buying. Usually, we get it quickly from any market. Strawberries are great according to the calories by eating 100 grams inside it, 40 grams of calories are obtained inside our body, which is very beneficial for our body. It is very beneficial for reducing weight if you are on a diet.

6 Best Health Benefits Of Strawberry In Our Body
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If you are losing weight here, then you must eat strawberries. This will reduce your weight. Inside this, by eating 100 grams of strawberries, we get 20 grams of carbohydrates which keeps the weight balanced inside our body and does not allow the weight to increase. If we eat more carbohydrates then we gain weight that’s why there are only 20 grams of carbohydrates inside it, which does not allow your body to grow quickly.

Inside 100 grams of strawberries have fat at 0.2 grams, which is very less. Because of this, our body weight does not increase quickly, so it works inside weight loss. It is highly recommended by doctors and dieticians, as it has a lot of benefits and no side effects.

Benefits Of Strawberry

1. Vitamin C 

Strawberries are excellent sources of Vitamin C. We need 40 mg of vitamin C daily but if we eat this berry, then we get 52 mg of Vitamin C from this berry, which is great. Approved vitamins for our body and inside our body. Vitamin C is supplied in our body, so the skin of our body always blocks it. We always remain children of their disease. We do not get sunburned easily.

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2. Antioxidants 

We get a lot of antioxidants from strawberries which are very beneficial for our body. If we eat strawberries, these antioxidants go inside our body and whatever bacteria enters inside our body, therefore kill or stop it. Antioxidants do another great job. The old age that comes into our body, reduces it a little which means old age starts appearing quickly in our bodies.

Antioxidants release or destroy the toxins that are inside our bodies, as well. It also protects our body from getting decay that is, if ageing comes quickly in our body, it stops it. Antioxidants attack quickly on bacteria and toxins and eliminate them from inside our bodies.

3. Heart Health

Strawberry is very beneficial for our hands because it contains such antioxidants which protect our hands also, there are fibres inside it that maintain the health of the heart as you must know that there is a huge role of oxidation inside the hand. Cholesterol gets oxidized for this reason, the antioxidants present in it prevent cholesterol from being deposited.

6 Best Health Benefits Of Strawberry In Our Body
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Antioxidants help if the health of our hands is maintained by maintaining the help of our heart, then whatever pair of hands we have will be less and these antioxidants help to prevent the cholesterol that is deposited inside the heart because if cholesterol is deposited inside our hand, then the health of our heart will be bad and we will get heart disease very quickly.

4. Gut Health

Strawberry also improves the health of my gut as it contains a lot of fibre inside it. If our stomach is upset or we are having trouble getting fresh, then it improves the digestive system inside our body. When your gut health will improve then So whatever your heart disease is, it works to prevent them at the same time, it is the health of your brain. It maintains your brain health and also improves your immunity system.

Sometimes our digestion is bad, so because of this we eat something, then our food poisoning happens inside the body. Because of this, our body starts breaking down a bit and we get sick, so this is the reason. If our digestion system is good, then we stay away from such diseases.

5. Diabetes 

Strawberry is very beneficial for diabetes as it has a very low glycemic index. Because of this, the sugar patient in it can eat it and it also works for diabetes patients to control their body weight because it has a 0.2 gram set inside it, which does not allow body weight to increase and maintains it. If our body weight is maintained, then our sugar level also remains maintained and blood pressure also reaches normal.

Along with this, our health remains the same as you must be aware that if a diabetes patient eats too much, then their weight increases, then it works very well and prevents them. This is because the set inside it is only nominal. Because of this, their weight does not increase quickly and they also give better health with diabetes.

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Even if there is a little more sweetness inside the strawberry, it will not have much effect. Sugar patients because it has a very low glycemic index and protects them. If a sugar patient eats strawberry, then there will be no effect on them due to this his sugar level will also remain normal.

6. Bones And Teeth 

Strawberry helps to strengthen the bones because the prebiotics of this is the absorption of calcium in our body. If the amount of calcium inside our body increases, then the strength of our bones will also increase and if the strength of our bones increases, then along with us the help of bones will also improve. Doctors advise the patient to eat more and more calcium and calcium absorption takes place inside strawberry for this reason, whatever food the patient needs, he will eat it very much.

6 Best Health Benefits Of Strawberry In Our Body
Image By Pixabay

Strawberry, his recovery will be quick and his fracture will heal quickly at the same time, if the amount of calcium inside our body increases, then the life of our past also increases, because our past is made of calcium and if calcium is obtained inside our body. Many times our teeth start moving and the grip they hold becomes weak. Because of this, sometimes the teeth are broken, then it provides calcium to them and strengthens our teeth and prevents this type of situation.




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