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Tiredness is forbidden in today’s fast-paced world, similarly falling ill is also forbidden. Because it is very difficult to take even a day’s leave and on that one has to work while sitting at one place from 7 to 12 hours. It is bound to fall ill in such a situation. If the disease is like piles then Can’t even sit for a long time and have to face a lot of trouble.

Leprosy is a sin it is not a curse. Everyone must have seen this slogan written in any public place at some time or the other because in our country, there is a thinking about leprosy disease that affects only a sinner which never gets cured and the leprosy disease patient dies but there is nothing like this

Everyone wishes to have a dense strong tall hair but at present in time everyone is troubled by the hair problem Be it untimely graying of hair and hair fall, breakage, falling or baldness of the hair. Hair has started turning white in old age itself. Or hair fall at a young age there can be many reasons for this lack of vitamins and nutrients, thyroid, stress, anemia Use Chemical-rich shampoo oil Treatment of alopecia areata

Motherhood means the happiest moment in the life of any woman. The most important and happy moment for any family is when In the courtyard of the house, there is a squealing tribe of small children. But sometimes such happiness is not found in some premises. Many women are not able to have children. But Now a child can be had through IVF that is to have children and complete the family there is hope for the childless couple