Unlock the Secrets: How Hearing Loss Affects All Age Groups


Most have come to hear and see with age, the power of hearing loss starts to weaken. But in the modern era, this problem is seen in all classes, whether youth or children. Because in the noisy environment in which life is being lived, it is common to have the problem of hearing loss. Loud noises of factories, the loud noise of vehicles, DJ sounds and listening to loud music all the time for a long time cause hearing loss issues.

Unlock the Secrets: How Hearing Loss Affects All Age Groups
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In which even the sound of the outside is not detected, listening to music on headphones at such decibels also leads to the risk of hearing loss. Many times if you work after the traffic, then they’re also the loud sound of the vehicles provides the power to hear the ears. The easiest way to avoid this is away from loud noises.

Reason For Hearing Loss

Staying Loud Too Long

If we are exposed to very loud noise for too long, it also affects our ability to inside our ear cells and tissues with a loud sound, they get damaged which it becomes very difficult for the outside sound to reach the inner part of the ears and this is the reason for deafness. Once the hearing loss, it cannot be recovered.

Even if we do not have any kind of problem due to loud noise, it has a very bad effect on the inner parts of the ear. If we are exposed to sound in decibels outside the ear’s tolerance, then it directly affects our ability to hear. Staying in high decibels for a short time also affects the ear and staying in low decibels for a long time also reduces the hearing ability of the ear.

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Headphones On Loud

Most people like to listen to music and for this, they put headphones in their ears and enjoy the music for a very long time in a slow or very loud voice. When earphones are used for such a long time, it has a very negative effect on the hearing ability of the ear. Even if the voice is heard continuously, it reduces the hearing ability of the ear, so if the music is being heard for a long time and the outside sound is also not reaching, then it means that It has a very bad effect on the hearing ability of the ear.


Most people complain of accumulation of earwax This is not a matter of concern, but it is a natural process. This type of wax is formed to prevent external dirt from entering the ear. The fluid in the inner part of the ear starts accumulating outside to prevent it from stopping the inner part. The work of not allowing this dirt to enter the ear is done by the hairs and cells present in the ear and the dirt outside starts accumulating in the ear in the form of wax. If this dirt is not cleaned, then it starts freezing in the form of wax in the ear in a very hard condition that affects hearing.

Working In a Noisy Place

Many people have to work in very noisy places as traffic police have to work all day long in the loud sound of vehicles which affects their hearing ability, in the same way, the research sounds of factories, If you are working at a night club, DJ’s are very loud, or if you are working in a cinema hall, then the noise of a movie above 110 decimals affects or hearing loss the hearing ability of the ear. The longer we wait, the more our ears are affected and our ability to hear becomes impaired and gradually ceases to be heard at all. 

Growing Old

With age, the hearing ability of the ear also starts decreasing with ageing, there is a deficiency of nutrients in the human being and at the same time, there is an increase in the risk of destruction of the cells present in the ear, due to which the ability to hear starts decreasing and what else at this stage of age, the human body has gone through a lot of noise, due to staying in so many decibels, the capacity of the eardrum starts to weaken old age walking can affect the ability to hear.

Unlock the Secrets: How Hearing Loss Affects All Age Groups
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Nutrition Deficiencies 

Nutrients in food protect hearing power from damage caused by noise Sometimes nutritional deficiencies can also lead to deafness or hearing loss because of the amount of magnesium, potassium and Due to the lack of dirty nutrients, the amount of blood starts decreasing, due to which the blood does not reach of the ear, it affects the ability to hear.

Ways To Improve Hearing Loss

Adding Nutrients To The Diet

To improve hearing power, give more space to mineral elements in the food. First many vegetable beans tomatoes, almonds, and brown rice all nutrients will prove to be very beneficial,  masoor dal, chana dal, urad dal and meat can also be used. Because a mineral element is very helpful in fighting free radicals.These nutrients increase the power of immunity in the body and reduce the chances of infection due to the nutrients, the amount of blood increases, so that the blood reaches the ear in the right amount and also protects against all kinds of external free radicals, which improves hearing and auspiciousness.

Avoid Being In Loud Noise

Maximum sparring power is affected by so loud noise so should be avoided as much as staying away from the noise, as many decimals should not be harmed the ear, then should remain in volume only. If you have to live in the noise of loud DJs at the festival if the traffic police are on duty, they should not pass through the noise of the vehicles, So should use earplugs or ear protectors.

Stay Away From Smoking

If smoking is used, it damages the auditory nerves and nerves of the ear. Due to this this intoxication does not reach the signal in the brain and there is a problem of hearing loss. Hence neurasthenia can be improved hearings by quitting smoking.

Exercise And Yoga

They can be cured by exercise and yoga. Exercise improves the blood circulation of the body, which can easily reach our brain and the ear is able to do its work smoothly. Yoga improves the nervous system of the ear .yoga is the easiest way for the signal to reach the mind and gives strength to the nerves By doing yoga, the fine cell also gets protection in the ear, it prevents any kind of ear infection and helps to improve hearing.

Taking Care Of Health In Old Age 

In old age, we need to improve our health, nutritious diet, exercise, cleaning from the wax ear, we can protect ourselves from free radicals occurring in our recruitment age. Yoga can also improve cardiovascular health so that this blood supply can be well due to proper blood circulation. Strength can be built up in the nerves of the ear and improve hearing.

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Keeps Cleaning Ear

Sometimes due to the accumulation of dirt in the ear,  for this the accumulated ear should be cleaned properly and ear wax should also be cleaned, otherwise, they get stuck on the nerve and there is a risk of damaged cells and effective hearing loss there is any kind of problem or pain, then the doctor should be seen. So always keep the ear clean and improve hearing.


Many people have very low hearing or hearing loss capacity due to which they have to face inconvenience in doing all the work and the main reason for this is a loud sound, genetics, increased growing old age, lack of nutrition, smoking and ear cell damage also reason hearing weakness. Exercise should be done for hearing impairment because it improves vascular health, which keeps blood circulation correct so that blood circulation is good in every part of the body and when the blood reaches the ear properly then the ear can work properly.

Along with this, the right amount of nutrients should be in the diet, so that protects the ear from free radicals damage and increases the ear rings, the most important thing to improve hearings that always keep yourself away from loud noise causes hearing loss, if you have to go fast loud noise then use ear protector. All kinds of wrong addictions should be avoided as it affects body movements and can also lead to hearing loss. For hair improvement, eat good nutritious food, stay away from smoking, drive away all kinds of worries, and at the same time, exercise should be done to improve hearing.


Q1. Does ear exercise improve hearing?

Ans1. Exercising avoids all kinds of danger related to age. Exercise also improves our vascular health, which improves blood circulation and allows blood to reach the ear easily. Whose reason is able to do its work easily and its cells also improve and strengthen and donate the improved hearing.

Q2. Can I improve my hearing naturally?

Ans2. By removing any kind of tension, exercising and taking all kinds of nutrients, we can also increase health power which helps improve hearing.

Unlock the Secrets: How Hearing Loss Affects All Age Groups
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Q3. How can I improve my hearing sound?

Ans3. Many ways can be taken to improve the hearing capacity, in these, we should leave smoking, do yoga, correct the ear wax of the ear and keep the volume of the sound low.

Q4. Which Vitamin is good for the ear?

Ans4. Magnesium, Potassium, Mineral, Iron All vitamins are very much needed with the help of vitamins all kinds of this pressure are relieved and very useful for the protection of very delicate cells of the ear. 

Q5. Can Ayurveda cure hearing loss?

Ans5. Ayurvedic is a very old and very popular method, it has the power to cure hearing loss through very useful herbs.

Q6. Why is my hearing weak or hearing loss?

Ans6. Hearing loss is usually caused by loud noise ageing disease and genetics, increasing age can also be considered as the reason because during this time there is a deficiency of Vitamins in the body, and fellow cells also get damaged.

Q7. What foods improve hearing loss?

Ans7. Formulated to be rich in the minerals potassium, magnesium and omega-3 acids. May contain a Balance flaxseed, chia seeds, orange, salmon fish, tuna fish, spinach, salad, eggs, and milk.

Q8. Can I put coconut oil in my ear?

Ans8. Coconut oil maintains softness and moisture in the ear and this companion also works to clean the earwax.



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