6 Best Prevention Tips Of Diarrhea That No One Know About


Diarrhea is the name of one such disease. Diarrhea is such a problem in which there is a lack of water in the body and due to not paying attention to it, the situation can be dire at times. This disease too much to spoil the condition when the condition worsens. This disease is caused by eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water.  

What’s Is Diarrhea 

When there is loose stool more than 3 times a day, which is thin like water and have to go to the lettering again and again, then it is called diarrhea. epigastrium is more common in old or younger children.  

Symptoms Of Diarrhea 

  • Watery diarrhea  
  • Stomach cramps 
  • Unbearable pain in stomach 
  • Having a fever 
  • To vomiting 
  • Dehydration  
  • Fever 

Reasons Of Diarrhea 

1. Drinking Contaminated Water 

Most of the time it has been seen that the cause of diarrhea is due to drinking contaminated Septic water. When this infected water enters the body, then these bacteria attack our immune system. 

2. Weak Digestion 

Many people take a long time to digest food and only after a little bit of food, it becomes prime in the stomach that is, those who have trouble digesting food or slow so people who have less digestive power, if they eat some heavy food then they are more likely to get diarrhea. 

3. Bacterial Infection 

Many times, if there is a bacterial infection in the stomach, then because of that many times diarrhea also occurs. 

4. Worms In The Stomach 

The child dies mostly there is a problem of worms because sometimes due to lack of calcium, the child eats soil or dust due to the filth in them, they get stomach infection and it is called diarrhea. 

5. Canker Sores  

Many people get blisters in the intestines due to prolonged infection, due to which diarrhea can also occur. When an intestinal infected person eats some fat or spicy food, there is a wound in the intestine and blood can also come along with the diarrhea. 

6. Contaminated Foods 

Eating wrong food is also the reason for stomach upset. Many times, to change the taste, when we have eaten outside food, on which flies and mosquitoes keep coming and if you keep getting dirty or eat stale food, which gets infected when such infected food is eaten, then the infection spreads in the stomach and becomes a problem of diarrhea. 

Symptoms Of Diarrhea

1. Water Like Loose Motion 

When there is diarrhea, thin watery stools come, which keep coming continuously and repeatedly and the stool does not take the name of stopping till the patient gets upset. 

2. Unbearable Pain In Stomach 

Diarrhea patients have a lot of pain in the stomach, so much pain that even walking becomes difficult. This pain suddenly becomes intense even the patient becomes very irritable. 

3. Stomach Cramps 

There is a feeling of a different kind of pain in the stomach as if someone has squeezed suddenly there are cramps in the stomach and this happens continuously. 

4. To Be Weakness 

The movement of the bowels reduces the water level of the body by decreasing the amount of mineral or food elements or feeling weak. 

being The movement of the bowels reduces the water level of the body by decreasing the amount of mineral or food elements or feeling weak.  

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5. Lack Of Water

Due to frequent diarrhea, there is a lack of water in the body and there is a lack of water in the body. Because diarrhea does not get the liquid he needs and there is a fear of dehydration in the body. Due to which some other disease complains of high or low blood pressure. 

Prevention Tips 

1. Take Care Of Cleanliness 

There is a need to take care of personal cleanliness and kitchen cleanliness while cooking. Many times, due to not keeping oneself clean, one becomes a suffers from bacterial infection. Before cooking, take a good bath and clean the kitchen, how to cook food in clean clothes, otherwise the fear of infection remains. 

2. Avoid Fried And Spicy Foods 

Do not eat any such food which is more fried, roasted or whitewashed, in which the amount of oil and chili is more, which increase bacteria and causes infection . 

3. Avoid Street Food 

Eat only homemade food many people eat outside food to replace medicine and food prepared with dirty hands causes infection in the stomach and increases diarrhea. Avoid the food from market and eat only home made food. 

4. Take Enough Fluid

In case of diarrhea, excessive loss of water should be taken as much as possible to avoid dehydration. Water should enter the body in any form as much s possible so that there is no feeling of weakness due to lack of water. Coconut water, pulse water, juice soup should be drunk in these, because it contains all the minerals and nutrients and fulfills the nutrients lost in diarrhea keep drinking lemonade. 

5. Eat Nutritious Foods 

In Diarrhea, light food which gets digested quickly and all the nutrients should be eaten. Weakness is felt in the body every time we pass the stool, because every time we pass the stool, the body’s nutrients like sodium mineral get reduced. You should eat and banana apple curd with rice, which are high in fiber and have the right nutrients.  

6. Drink Clean Water

Always drink only filtered water, drink filtered and purified water only if there is no purifier in the house. Water should be boiled well and cooled before drinking. Many times in giving canned milk, give the without boiling the water to the child, due to which gets diarrhea. So be careful, drink small or big person water, always clean and clean. 


So diarrhea can be big or small, and the main reason for this is drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food. Which causes infection in the body So always take care of cleanliness and use only clean food and water and as much as possible avoid outside fast food etc and don’t let small children put any dirt in their mouth while playing by keeping all these things in mind, you can be saved from problems like diarrhea.  



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