11 Unbelievable Treatment Of Diabetes That’s 100% Works


In the modern era, the number of diabetes patients has been very buffed and lakhs of patients of this disease will be found all over the world. In our country,”the number of diabetes patients is so high that it is called the capital of diabetes“. Our wrong lifestyle and food habits promote it So today we can know why we are suffering from it and how we can get rid of it.

What Is Diabetes?

Energy is needed for our body to work and  that we eat food and this food contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, glucose. Blood reaches the glucose in the whole body pancreas secretes insulin and excess glucose intake increases and the also helps cells to use glucose in the body. When the sugar level in the body remains low or high quantity then insulin is low the sugar quantity of our body the procedure of low of sugar and form of insulin called diabetes.

How Many Types Of Diabetes?

There Are Two Types Of Diabetes

 Type 1 :- Insulin reduces sugar and the process of reducing sugar and preparing insulin is reduced or sugar rises then insulin develop  Antibody against the pancreas and sugar increases like this level of the diabetes reaches 500-600. 

This diabetes is found in small children and sometimes in young people and patients are thin on that disease then pancreas secretes and decrease sugar level in body by insulin lack of insulin is causes by the diabetes

Type 2 :- Resistance to the insulin is causes by diabetes. The insulin prepared are does not work properly and the sugar level increases of body. It is very common in the patients over the age of 40 years.

Symptoms Of Diabetes

  • Blindness or the blurred of the vision ,” The biggest effect of the sugar and blood pressure can be the effect in eye. In this disease,” there is a recurrent infection in the eyes in which there are pimples in the eyes”.There is also another disease Glaucoma that can be cured in  first stage. Diabetic retinopathy cataract is also more in sugar patient. If the blood reaches less in the veins of the blood then it blocks the veins that causes blindness.
  • Kidney failure mostly seen in diabetic patients and there is no treatment other than kidney transplant or dialysis. Treatment can be done in the beginning by maintain sugar and correcting the amount of protein in urine. Protein is required for sugar absorption so keep its level maintenance.
  • Garegin also the biggest disease of increasing sugar. Due to the increase in the sugar level the nerves of the legs become numb and blood circulation decreases. Due to situation of injury, they are not able to observe and even a wound is formed in it. This garegin takes such a dreadful form that the leg has to be amputated.

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  • Due to the lack of oxygen and glucose in the cells of the brain. It has been affected and irritation and tension will remain. In this disease, if the blood brain does not reach properly then there is a possibility of brain stroke.
  • Liver removes toxins from our body and purifies the blood and in diabetes we can’t get the blood to the liver properly. The increased sugar is made by the liver in the form of glycogenic. Stored glycogen is used for glucose when needed and due to excess sugar, the liver gets loaded and gets damaged.   
  • Sexual disorders also completely affected to the increase in the amount of glucose and  many times the veins of the penis become narrow. There is no sensation in the veins of the blood and there is obstruction in the veins of the front tissue. 
  • Heart disease of the main reason for this is blockage in the veins which occurs due to improper circulation of sugar. 
  • There is a problem in coming to the toilet because there is pressure of the blood, then there is no control. Blood and oxygen cannot flow in the cells of the body, due to which the tissues are not able to heal properly. 

Reasons Of Diabetes

  • Stress
  • More carbohydrates
  • Consuming Tobacco alcohol cigarette
  • Genetic factors
  • Lack of exercise 
  • Drug overdose
  • Lack of exercise
  • Consuming more carbohydrates
  • Stress
  • Genetic reason 
  • Consume Tobacco cigarette alcohol
  • Bad lifestyle
There are many reasons due to which the body becomes a patient of diabetes. Along with the sick, there are some remedies to eradicate them from the root know some remedies 

Prevention And Remedy

  1. Full body corporate checkup should be done and right medicine should be taken. Get the brain liver kidney heart checked and keep checking the condition of the feet. Blood test and urine Should get tests done and take medicine to make them normal pay attention if the position of the feet is not detected due to numbness.
  2. Do not give place to excessive stress because in this condition the balance of blood and oxygen deteriorates and blood does not circulate properly in the cells.  
  3. Keep your BMI level correct and it should be 25% of body length. also causes diabetes.
  4. Lifestyle changes help in controlling sugar level Stop eating fast food spicy oily and more salt Drink the right amount of water so that the circulation of blood can be done properly. 
  5. Exercise should be done daily for 1 hour so that oxygen can reach all the parts of the body. Exercise brings flexibility in the stiffness that comes in the tissue. Exercise can reduce fat and it allows blood and oxygen to reach the cell properly. Yoga is also very effective, that’s why Surya Namaskar should be done till Kapalbhati till Anulom Vilom. Sun salutations Bow pose. Lying down boy twist leg up the wall. Bhujangasana corpse pose asanas are beneficial.
  6. Reduce body fat because fatty body produces more glucose which increases diabetes. Obesity increases cholesterol which causes blockage in veins and narrowing of blood. Therefore, by reducing it, you can reduce the disease. 
  7. Diabetic neuropathy treatment Instead of white poor vegetable soup, coconut water vegetable soup, brown rice, unpolished lentils, boiled vegetables, etc. should be eaten by diabetic patients.
  8. To remove diabetes importance, correct testosterone hormones, for which do right vibration exercise, take right medicine from the doctor.
  9. To reduce diabetes, roast celery, roasted gram, neem leaves in fenugreek and make powder after cooling. a spoonful of water every day.
  10. Grind gooseberry or wheat grass and take it in water or make juice.
  11. Apply cold and hot compress, which improves the circulation of the body give 3 minutes cold, 3 minutes hot compress. 

So we can control diabetes by making right changes in lifestyle, exercise, drink proper water, eat right Be happy by removing stress and be aware of your body With the right routine, you can beat even a major disease.


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